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When to go to Kenya

Kenya, located on the Equator, boasts warm temperatures and abundant sunshine year-round. While there are months to avoid, such as the rainy season in April and May, you can visit at any time, especially for capturing dramatic photos with a dramatic backdrop. The optimal time for a Kenyan journey aligns with June to October. This period falls between the heavy rains of May and the lighter rains of November, offering dry weather and ample sunshine. Ideal for game viewing, mornings may start cool, so layering is recommended, and blankets are usually provided for the initial game drive hour. As the sun ascends, you can comfortably enjoy your safari in shorts and a t-shirt.

Mirgation Mara River

Dry Peak Season

June to October

This period is ideal for East African safaris, marked by dry, warm weather and exceptional game viewing. Explore the Masai Mara National Reserve and its conservancies in southern Kenya to witness abundant resident wildlife, including elephants, hippos, leopards, crocodiles, lions, and giraffes. It’s also prime time for the Great Migration, an awe-inspiring journey of over 1.5 million wildebeest, 200,000 zebras, and numerous gazelles crossing from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya, grazing in the region until around October when they return to Tanzania. Migration timing varies yearly based on rainfall patterns.

Nyali Beach Kenya

Short Rainy Season

November to December

In mid-November, the short rains begin, typically lasting a few weeks, with sporadic, brief daily downpours, often in the afternoon, creating dramatic landscapes. Game viewing remains good, but denser vegetation makes wildlife sightings more challenging. By mid-December, the rains cease, providing warm and comfortable weather. For a Christmas getaway, consider a twin-center safari and beach trip, but plan well in advance, as it’s a busy time.


Shoulder Season

January to March

Between the rainy seasons, mid-March onwards gets hot and humid. Excellent birding opportunities arise as migratory birds arrive. Combine a safari with beach stays in southern Kenya, like Watamu and Diani.

Lion Rain 900

Long Rainy Season

April to May

East Africa’s rainy season is typically avoided, with many lodges closing and reduced flights. However, it’s a unique opportunity for photographers, capturing stormy scenes and resilient wildlife.

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