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Thailand is one of the world’s top travel destinations, and with good reason: millions are drawn each year to its breathtaking beaches, delicious cuisine, and renowned hospitality. Thailand is justifiably famous throughout the world for its magnificent beaches, but there’s more to the country than (just!) white sand and azure seas.

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They don’t call it the Land of Smiles for nothing. A tour of Thailand will take in all the big-hitting Southeast Asian experiences: atmospheric temples, teeming jungles, bucolic farmland, and majestic hills.

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Curated Thailand Tours, Exquisitely Crafted for Your Exploration

Our specialists have put together a range of sample tours, illustrating the best routes for exploring Thailand in comfort and style. Please check these out below, and remember that all can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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Why we love private tours of Thailand

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Asia Specialist

This sultry Southeast Asian destination hits all the big notes. Tours of Thailand will typically take in electrifying cities, heritage sightseeing, incredible street food, jungle adventures…and that’s before you get down the islands, with their azure blue, bath-like waters and powdery white sand. Take it from us…Thailand is never a tough sell!

Despite Thailand’s popularity, we here at Unforgettable Travel Company – like millions around the world – keep coming back year after year and never fail to be surprised on each new visit. There is always another island to visit, a gorgeous new resort to shout about, or the next hip district of Bangkok to explore.

Although the country is always changing and always developing, the biggest draw of Thailand – the warmth and vibrancy of the Thai people – never, ever changes. Wherever you travel in the country, whatever adventure you’re pursuing, you’ll be made to feel right at home. Read on for our guide to luxury travel in Thailand, and how we can shape your perfect itinerary.

Best places to go in Thailand

Wherever you travel through Thailand you’ll find highly-polished service and guiding and the warmest hospitality. High-end tourism has been established for some time now: the Thai people are used to looking after guests and take it as a matter of pride that international travelers leave the country with broad smiles, and making plans to come back again as soon as possible.

  • Bangkok, Thailand


    Ever-busy, ever-bright, and ever-changing, Bangkok is one of the world’s great cities offering an incredible blend of atmospheric ancient temples, soaring skyscrapers, and world-class dining.

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Chiang Mai

    Thailand’s northern capital, Chiang Mai exudes charm with its ornate temples and attractive ancient center, surrounded by adventure-rich mountains with tropical jungle, authentic villages, and elephants-galore.

  • Golden Triangle Borders, Thailand

    The Golden Triangle

    In the far north of Thailand, the Golden Triangle is a captivating intersection of borders, where Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos converge, known for unspoiled scenery, cultural diversity, and opulent accommodation.

  • Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

    Thailand’s Jungles

    Dive into central Thailand’s lush landscapes, which combine high-class accommodation with incredible natural beauty, and endless opportunities for adventure. Ask us about Kanchanaburi, Khao Sok, Khao Yai, and more.

  • Phuket, Thailand

    The Andaman Islands

    Phuket, Krabi, Koh Yao, Khao Lak…the Andaman coast and islands grace azure waters with palm-fringed beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and a paradise-like setting for sun-seekers and divers.

  • Koh Samui, Thailand

    The Gulf Islands

    Over to the east, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, and the Gulf coast resorts of Hua Hin are equally enchanting with swaying palms, laidback atmosphere, and high-class accommodation.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Best time to visit Thailand

As one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, Thailand can be visited year-round and truly offers something for everyone. The classic high season runs from November through to March (we personally love late October / early November – especially in the North) but there are advantages to travel all round the calendar.

Thailand’s southern islands have a wide and varied climate, with at least one tropical idyll at its best in any month. We can help you map out the perfect Thai sojourn whenever you’re free to travel.

Check out The Best Time to Travel to Thailand for more details.

What to do in Thailand

You’ll never run out of adventures in Thailand. A foodie haven, on city streets you’ll find delectable food stalls with plates that burst with delicious flavors, balancing sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. Street food tours are an absolute must, with your guide helping to seek out dishes and stalls well beyond the main tourist areas. Get stuck in yourselves: a cooking class is often the highlight of a trip, providing the perfect souvenir – the ability to reproduce authentic Thai dishes when you get back home!

  • Street Food, Bangkok, Thailand

    Bangkok street food tour

    As the sun sets, Bangkok really comes alive, and just about every street is filled with the great smell of delicious food that really ignites the taste buds. An evening food tour takes you on a voyage of culinary discovery.

  • Hiking Paths, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Hike with hill tribes around Chiang Mai

    The hills around Chiang Mai are rich in lush tropical scenery and authentic rural Thai culture. There are multiple ways to explore this fascinating region: hikes, cycling, boat tours, and even by tuk-tuk or vintage Vespa.

  • Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

    Boat tour of Phang-nga Bay

    Embark on an enthralling day tour around the spectacular islands of Phang Nga Bay. Visit a series of remarkable limestone outcrops, and enjoy ample time to sunbathe and to swim and snorkel amongst incredibly clear waters and pristine coral.

Thailand advice from the experts

  • Cooking class Thailand Listing

    10 Authentic Cooking Classes in Thailand


    Ask any returnee from Thailand what their favorite memories are - and it’s usually not the magnificent beaches, gracious hospitality, or incredible hotels that will come first...it’s delicious, sensational Thai cuisine! 

    Food and cooking are an integral part of Thai culture, and enjoying traditional Thai food will be a huge bonus on your trip, so why not combine the two? With an authentic Thai cooking class you’ll learn about local ingredients and cooking techniques, and pick up skills along the way. You’ll also be able to take your knowledge home with you and impress your friends and family when you return! 

    There are excellent cooking schools all around the Land of Smiles, but we’ve picked out our top ten favorites across the key locations.

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  • Untitled design 2023 09 26T125827.005

    Best Beaches in Thailand

    There is one thing that gets few arguments when it comes to Thailand – the country is home to some of the most spectacular beaches on the planet, framed by waters so clear you can see right down to the bottom. Visitors come from across the globe for its pristine beaches, with more than 2,000 miles of coastline and some 8,000 islands, many offering seductive, soft white sands. For the best of the best in Thailand, you’ll want to head to these destinations.
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  • Untitled design 2023 09 26T130227.226

    Best Time to Visit Thailand

    One of the world’s most popular destinations, Thailand can be visited year-round. It offers something for everyone, from culture vultures and foodies to outdoor adventurers, partiers and those seeking enlightenment. It’s not a question of whether to go, but when is the best time to visit Thailand.
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  • Untitled 210 × 210 px

    Top 5 Places to have Pad Thai in Thailand

    Thailand is one of the world’s favorite tourism destinations, with thousands of satisfied visitors returning home year after year, telling tales of magnificent beaches, pulsating cities, generous hospitality, and delicious food. 

    Thai cuisine has become a travelers favorite around the world. Green curry, massaman curry, papaya salad, sticky rice...all now household names, and extremely popular takeaway choices! 

    The one dish that many Thailand returnees miss most however is pad thai. This street food favorite of stir-fried rice noodles, laden with peanuts, egg, bean sprouts, dried shrimp, and vegetables was allegedly created by 1930s Prime Minister Plaek Phibunsongkhram as an attempt to unite the nation under one national dish. 

    Our specialists have done the hard yards here, traveling up and down the Land of Smiles in an attempt to locate the best pad thai in the country. Our rundown of great gastronomic locations across Thailand is below.

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  • Untitled design 2023 09 26T130407.421

    What To Do in Thailand: The Highlights

    Thailand offers it all, as a country with striking contrasts, the busiest streets of Bangkok with skyscrapers, ancient temples and shopping malls. Brilliant green rice paddies, mountainous landscapes and stunning islands. No matter where you go you’ll find a wide range of delectable cuisine to fuel outdoor adventures. Like snorkelling, diving, sea kayaking, hiking, mountain biking and wildlife watching. See our what to do in Thailand: The Highlights Guide.
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  • Tourist son buying food in night market Bangkok Listing

    10 Best Night Markets in Bangkok

    There’s one thing we can guarantee for all our Thailand clients - you’ll never run out of things to do in Bangkok. 

    As well as a mesmerizing selection of historic sites, cultural attractions, fantastic hotels, and world-beating spas, Bangkok is a shopping and dining paradise. 

    While the city’s shopping malls are cool and sanitized, here at UTC we have a particular penchant for Bangkok’s popular night markets. Found all across the city, these markets serve up a wide variety of stalls, great food, live music, and entertainment - great for a full night out!

    Here’s our guide to the best night markets in Bangkok!

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Your Thailand questions answered

When is the best time to visit Thailand?

Thailand’s high season is from October through to March. At this time travelers can expect warm weather, low humidity, and clear skies wherever they are in the country. These months are the busiest for international arrivals, with visitor numbers (and hotel rates) reaching a peak over late December, when thousands escape the cool winters elsewhere in the northern hemisphere and descend on Thailand for guaranteed winter sun.

Is it possible to travel in the off-season?

Temperatures then build through late spring, marked by the ‘Songkran’ water festival in April, before rains sweep across the country from June through to September. Thailand is a large country however and there are outliers: the eastern Gulf islands are gorgeous in May when the rest of the country is baking; Koh Samui has great weather during July & August while other islands are drenched; and if you’re focused more on interior exploration then September and October can be lovely. With careful planning and well-managed expectations, it is definitely possible to travel in Thailand year-round.

Do you promote elephant interaction tours?

Elephant tours are a controversial subject. Although elephants (‘chang’ in Thai) are the country’s much revered national animal, Thai elephant tourism has a poor track record, with exploitative training, overwork, and appalling living conditions unfortunately common finds. Recent years have seen a backlash against such practices – from both tourists and Thai tourism providers alike – and we are pleased to find a shift from ‘park’ to ‘conservation center’, where you’ll find animals treated with respect and care, and physical interaction (particularly riding which as a company do not support) kept to a minimum. This is a big deal for our consultants so please be assured that any elephant interaction included in your itinerary will have been personally vetted.

How long should my tour of Thailand be?

All our tours are 100% bespoke and we’ll put together an action-packed tour regardless of how much time you have. Typically we’d recommend at least 9-10 days, as this will allow you to experience three distinct locations: Bangkok, followed by time up in the north or the rainforest, closing out with time on a beach. Longer tours of 14 days or more can combine multiple destinations in the north – Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai, and/or the Golden Triangle – take in some of Thailand’s rich history – in Ayutthaya and perhaps Sukhothai – or visit two or more islands.

How long should I spend in Bangkok?

Thailand’s pulsating capital is one of the world’s great cities. Cosmopolitan travelers will be in heaven here, especially those who love the sultry chaos of a tropical Asian city. Bangkok offers non-stop nightlife and shopping, the world’s best food scene, and heritage sightseeing for days. The convenient metro system and an endless swarm of taxis will also make it quick and easy to get around independently. We’d typically recommend no less than two full days to explore the Thai capital, but you could spend a week and not run out of things to do.

What are the must-visit places for a first-time tour?

A classic Thailand itinerary covers the capital Bangkok, the northern capital and second city Chiang Mai, and a beach (or two!). Chiang Mai offers both urban and rural attractions, with beautiful surrounding countryside to explore, and classic Thai experiences such as elephant interaction, cooking classes, bamboo rafting, and jungle hikes. For maximum efficiency, a similar city-nature-beach combo can be put together overland, with Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, and Hua Hin offering a similar variety of experiences without involving any domestic flights or boat transfers.

How about off-the-beaten-path areas?

Thailand may see millions of visitors each year but this doesn’t mean the whole country is busy – far from it! Step away from the most popular tourist sites and you’ll quickly find a whole new world of adventure opening up: just north of Chiang Mai are hills, villages, and forests aplenty, with numerous isolated lodges to cater to you. Further north still – Pai, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Khong, Chiang Saen – the mountains open up, and although the accommodation standard drops off the adventures just keep on coming. Out to the east, the flatter and drier Isan provinces have long been a treasured destination for domestic tourists, offering backwater escapes and distinctively fiery cuisine. And down in the south, you’ll never run out of new islands to explore!

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