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Zambia Travel Guides

If you have seen Zambia featured in nature or wildlife documentaries, it is usually because of its unique walking safaris in the South or North Luangwa, its wildebeest migration in Liuwa Plain National Park, or its exhilarating canoe safaris in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

While these are all fantastic safari experiences, Zambia is a country of well-rounded activities, offering something for everyone. 

Although there is lots of literature and advice surrounding your Zambia safari, there is still so much to consider when it comes to planning your trip.

Is Zambia the right choice for you? Which camps are best suited for you? What time of year should you visit Zambia? The list goes on.

Our safari specialists have traveled extensively around Zambia. Not only have they experienced safaris in the different national parks, they have also stayed in the majority of safari camps, and know the quality of the safari and guiding first-hand.

We’ve put together a collection of travel guides to help you plan your Zambia safari, but please do get in touch with our specialists to discuss ideas, options and logistics for your luxury Zambia trip. Image: Tongabezi, Zambia

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There is so much to learn about the safari destinations and other spots in Zambia. Therefore we have put together a collection of travel guides for you to read, whatever you may be interested in. Our specialists are always available to discuss all things Zambia, so do get in touch.

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