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Where to visit in Rwanda

There are four national parks in Rwanda –  Akagera, Nyungwe, Gishwati-Mukura and the Volcanoes National Park. From the largest national park in the country (Akagera), to the oldest rainforest in Africa (Nyungwe), each park is special in its own right and warrants a visit. The great thing about Rwanda is that, although it is a relatively small country (26,338 km2), so you can combine multiple destinations in a driving itinerary. We can organize private driver/ guides to take you between the parks, stopping as much as you like on route, to admire or photograph the views. 

Leopard Akagera NP

Akagera National Park

Rwanda’s largest national park, Akagera, faced ecosystem degradation after the 1994 genocide but has seen a remarkable transformation under the stewardship of organizations like African Parks. Notably, the successful translocation of southern white rhinos from South Africa brought hope for the park’s future. While Akagera may not match the game viewing of East African counterparts like the Masai Mara or the Serengeti, the rhino project reflects optimism for its conservation.

Virunga volcanoes in Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park in northwest Rwanda, part of the Virunga Massif, boasts awe-inspiring landscapes, including dormant volcanoes and crater lakes. The main attraction here is the habituated mountain gorillas, with fewer than 1,000 left globally. Guided treks range from 30 minutes to 6 hours, typically lasting 2-4 hours, and offer a truly humbling experience, making it a must on many safari bucket lists.

Colorful hillside homes in Kigali Rwanda


Kigali, Rwanda’s capital and largest city, surprises visitors with its cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere. Despite the dark history, locals openly discuss the past, reflecting the city’s optimism and resilience. Kigali is experiencing an artistic and architectural boom, with places like the Kigali Cultural Village showcasing local talent. As a typical starting and ending point for your Rwandan journey, we can assist with excursions and accommodations in the city.

Rwanda the Nyungwe rainforest

Nyungwe Forest

Nyungwe Forest, in southwest Rwanda, stands as one of Africa’s best-preserved montane rainforests, rich in biodiversity with 13 primate species, including chimpanzees and golden monkeys. Guided walks reveal various wildlife, from antelope to larger mammals. The forest offers comfortable lodging and complements other Rwanda destinations.


Lake Kivu Rwanda 1

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu, bordering Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, lies among stunning mountains and dormant volcanoes. As Africa’s sixth-largest lake, it spans 2,700 km2 and offers picturesque relaxation spots and activities like canoeing, biking, and hiking. It’s an ideal destination for post-safari relaxation.


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