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Where to stay in Zambia

A safari in Zambia is one of the most authentic and wild experiences across the continent. Of course, the wildlife populations and the safari activities play a huge part in the success of your Zambia safari. But the safari accommodation and the guide you are get given also contribute enormously.

The most important things to consider when deciding where to stay in Zambia is the type of safari accommodation you are looking for and that you will be comfortable with, the location of the camp, and your budget.

Most of the accommodation in Zambia is tented camps. These are canvassed tents, often with modern amenities like flushing toilets and ensuite bathrooms with hot showers. However, there are some camps which are a little more authentic, featuring things like a bucket shower. This is essentially a shower that is filled up with hot water before you plan to take your shower.

Our recommended lodges and hotels in Zambia

With so many safari camps, lodges and hotels across Zambia’s national parks and reserves, we have put together some of our favorites and recommended options. Our specialists have stayed in the majority of camps and hotels across the country and islands, so please get in touch with any questions you may have.

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