• Where to stay in Morocco

Our guide on where to stay in Morocco

Morocco is a diverse country filled with mountains, deserts, beaches and ancient cities, therefore the range of accommodation is extensive. Morocco has western-style hotels and resorts with all the facilities and amenities you would expect, it also has some more unique accommodation that we encourage our guests to try.

In the cities we highly recommend you stay in a riad, a riad is a traditional Moroccan house that has been renovated into a small boutique hotel. Riads are generally built around an inner courtyard or garden, some have swimming pools and hammams. These old houses are usually built in the medina area of the city so you are in the heart of the old town and can really experience the history Morocco is famous for.

Spending the night in the Sahara Desert in one of the many camps is a popular addition to any trip. The camps range from the very basic through to the super luxurious, many include a camel ride through the desert to the camp. At night the camps will put on a show of local music and dancing under the bright nighttime sky. At the top end of the market, the tents have private ensuite bathrooms and four-poster beds.

All over Morocco, there are Kasbah’s which are old fortresses that were originally built as a place for travellers to take shelter for the night. They had high walls and were fortified to keep out invaders. Many of these old Kasbahs have been turned into hotels and are an amazing way to experience Morocco’s heritage.


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Our recommended hotels in Morocco

With so many beautiful hotels across the country, we have put together some of our favourites and recommended options.

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