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Our guide on where to stay in Kenya

Whether it is your first luxury Kenya safari, or your tenth, where you stay is very important. There is so much more to a camp, lodge or hotel than a good night’s sleep. Of course, that’s essential, but the facilities, location, service and general ambience all play a huge part in your Kenya safari experience.

On safari, there are various types of accommodation to choose from. Luxury tented camps are a style of canvas tent that are popular on safari. This is because of their authentic accommodation offered, and the connection you have to the wilderness. Some tented camps even have mesh-covered tops to the tents which allow you to stargaze in bed. In these tented camps, you can also hear sounds of the bush which makes it extremely exciting.

Although the name ‘tented camp’ sounds quite basic, these camps are extremely luxurious. All of the tented camps have ensuite and well-appointed bathrooms, some with free-standing baths or copper baths under the stars! Others can have private butlers, minibars, breakfast-in-bed services and chandeliers.

The other type of accommodation you can stay in on safari, as well as during your time in Nairobi and the beach, is larger lodges or hotels. On safari, while the larger hotels have more facilities (like a swimming pool, air conditioning, spas), the service tends to be less personal. That said, these are often more attractive to families with younger children, or to travellers who may be nervous about the tented camp experience.

On the Kenyan coast, the southern beaches like Watamu and Diani are great places to stay after your safari. There are a mix of hotels here – from smaller boutique hotels to larger, chain-like hotels. We can advise on the best places to stay in Kenya to suit your trip, requirements and preferences. Image: Angama Mara

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Our recommended lodges and hotels in Kenya

With so many safari camps, lodges and hotels across Kenya national parks, reserves and beaches, we have put together some of our favorites and recommended options. Our specialists have stayed in the majority of camps and hotels across the country, so please get in touch with any questions you may have.

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