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Morocco is in North Africa, only eight miles from Europe, Spain is just across the Straits of Gibraltar. Morocco borders Algeria to the east and the Sahara Desert to the south. The word Morocco in Arabic means ‘the place where the sun sets’. Its unique location at the crossroads of many empires means that there has always been extensive migration through the area.  In many ways, Morocco is a very modern country, but it has areas where the way of life has been virtually unchanged for 100s of years. The mountain ranges of the Rif Mountains and the Atlas Mountains run down the centre of the country and are home to the Berber people. In the winter these mountains have snow-capped peaks and you can even ski in Morocco!

Morocco was on the camel caravan routes for the transport of goods from Africa to Morocco’s ports so it could be shipped to Europe. Gold, salt and even slaves were commonly transported. The last of these caravans journeys was in the early 1900s but the infrastructure from this route is still visible today. Many of the buildings or Kasbahs where the caravans would break their journeys have been preserved and turned into hotels.

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There is so much to learn about the history and culture of Morocco. Therefore we have put together a collection of travel guides for you to read, whatever you may be interested in.

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