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Bali stands out among the Indonesian archipelago’s 17,000 islands, a paradise for those seeking nirvana with diverse landscapes that include everything from exotic postcard-perfect beaches to soaring emerald mountains laced with waterfalls, sparkling lakes, and lush rice fields.

The so-called “Island of the Gods” is often equated with bliss, synonymous with wellness transformation. Travelers from across the globe and all walks of life are often drawn here to experience a deeply healing journey alongside outdoor adventures, cultural activities, mouthwatering cuisine, luxurious facilities, and warm hospitality delivered with a smile.



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Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali and a place that’s been a setting for many novels and films like Eat Pray Love, thanks to its seductive nature with magnificent temples, art, and a strong spiritual presence. The climate is cooler here, while the lush and vibrant greenery provide an idyllic respite from the heat. It’s a place to relax and rejuvenate while being a showcase for mindfulness, sustainable design, and time-honoured traditions like the mesmerizing Balinese dance.

Tropical Views and Memorable Adventures

The photo-ops in Ubud and its surrounds are nearly endless, but you might want to put your phone or camera away to soak up the moments that can include stunning sunrises over the Tegalalang Rice Terraces which cascade down the sides of a verdant valley. There are countless waterfalls spilling into serene pools, while over a thousand Balinese long-tailed monkeys roam freely in and around the banyan trees and spectacular temples at The Monkey Forest.

Exciting adventures can be enjoyed too, from volcano hikes and river rafting to ATV tours and the famous jungle swings for a thrill while gazing over the rice paddies and jungle.

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Delving into Culture

As the centre of art and culture in Bali, you’ll find many captivating cultural activities in Ubud. Not only can you purchase handmade souvenirs in the traditional market, but learn to make them yourself, with opportunities for everything from crafting jewellery out of silver pottery- and batik-making.

At Ubud Palace, enjoy one of Bali’s most popular performances, the Ramayana Ballet through a story that inspires the life of many Balinese Hindu, performed against a majestic backdrop. And don’t miss the beautiful Balinese dance, an ancient art form that’s emblematic of the island with unique movements inspired by tradition and nature.

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Capella Ubud: The Ultimate in Wellness and Sustainability

A stay at Capella Ubud ensures the ultimate Bali experience, complimenting all that it has to offer, with a focus on wellness and sustainability. Nestled in the dense Ubud jungle, the setting is like something out of a dream, with ‘tents’ overlooking the lush surroundings along with the occasional artefacts. It’s been said that architect Bill Bensley created the ideal tropical playground, managing to blur the lines between the organic, surrealism, and maximalism while mastering the art of storytelling through interior design and architecture.

Rooms are tent-style, but this isn’t like your typical family camping trip. Ultra-luxurious, they’re themed on members of an old-world expedition party, such as the Cartographer’s Tent with hand-carved headboards and doors, copper tubs, and floors made of dimpled teak. Even the toilets are antler-topped thrones. All have their own saltwater pools, some just outside with infinity views over the valley below while others sit just above. If your own pool isn’t enough, there’s a beautiful shared elevated pool in a cistern paying homage to the old water collection systems.

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Capella Ubud’s sustainability commitment reflected in both the environment and its delicious food. This is true farm- and sea-to-table, with dishes utilizing poultry and hand-harvested vegetables, spices, and herbs from neighbouring farms along with the freshest seafood from regional waters.

Five-star service is taken to an entirely new level with Capella Culturists (butlers) ensuring a personalized stay and the utmost in comfort. They can arrange for unique tours, special dinners, and much more. The friendly staff members are all smiles, revealing a genuine delight in working here, with most coming from the immediate area.

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Architect Bensley noted that building a standard hotel not only would have meant destroying the forest but witnessing the sun as it creeps across the forest floor and enjoying the magical morning concert of the birds would have been missed. With the conscious idea of minimal intervention, all local plants and trees were left untouched and protected.

There are no single-use plastics here, while the beehives, crayfish farm, and organic garden are used for menu preparations.

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Transformational Experiences

Entering Capella Ubud can be a transformational journey into another world. Adventures are tailored for each guest and can even bring you to the summit of sacred Mount Batur where you’ll climb to the peak to soak up the jaw-dropping scenery and an unforgettable sunrise before being served breakfast here at the ‘top of the world.’

The Auriga spa is an oasis for indulging in bespoke treatments using organic products and signature techniques exclusive to Capella. A total wellness journey like the Auriga Divinity includes the New Moon or Full Moon massage, chakra healing session, and a soul reborn water purification ritual at Wos River.

Of course, complimentary yoga is available and one can even workout through Balinese dance combined with traditional yoga poses. Jungle HIIT training, aerial yoga, bike riding through rice paddies and many other active experiences are just a few of the offerings here.


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