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Portugal is a wonderful destination: beautiful and varied coastlines, a world-renowned food and drink heritage, interesting architecture and history, and a famous surf location (the wild west Atlantic coastline), to name a few. It is one of the oldest countries in Europe – its borders have pretty much remained unchanged since 1297. In fact, the oldest bookshop in the world, named Bertrand, is located in Lisbon and has been doing business since 1732.

Like it’s neighbour Spain, Portugal has been undergoing a revolution of winemaking over the last twenty years or so. The country, with its warm climate and varied topography, houses a wealth of indigenous grapes. During your stay in Portugal, we recommend indulging the wine scene. Whether that’s visiting rural vineyards, learning about wine history in a guided tour, or simply raising a glass of your favourite wine in a local bar or restaurant, you must give Portugal’s wine a try.

Torre de Palma

We speak to Luísa Rebelo, who is the owner at The Torre de Palma wine hotel to get under the (grape) skin of it all.

In your opinion, what is so special about Portugal’s wine industry?

Portugal is full of beautiful and diverse landscapes where wine production plays an important role. The grape varieties behave in many different ways all over the territory, form North to South. Alentejo in particular, is a region known for its ancient wine production and tradition. What makes it so special is that in our region the wine tradition comes from the Romans, that produced wine in this land 2000 years ago.

How can you describe Portuguese wine to someone who has never tried it?

Portuguese wines are usually blends of different grapes varieties that combined create a unique balance. In Portugal we have very ancient varieties that have produced amazing wines for centuries. Portuguese wine has to be shared around the table, it is a social asset, together with food and shared stories.

Image: Torre de Palma Hotel, Portugal

Torre de Palma Hotel Portugal

How can travellers experience Torre de Palma’s wine?

At Torre de Pama travellers can have a complete and authentic wine experience. The travellers can go the vineyards with the wine-maker to learn about the terroir, the behaviour of the different grape varieties, the cycle of the vineyards… Participate in the wine harvest by picking the grapes manually, stomping the grapes with the feet in the lagares, taste the must (the freshly crushed fruit juice that contains the skins, seeds and stems) and finally taste the wine from the barrels. It is a complete and unforgettable experience! To add to this wine experience they can include a gastronomic experience with our Chef with a Torre de Palma wine pairing.

Which is your favourite wine from your winery and why?

My favourite is the Torre de Palma Red Wine 2018 because it is round in the mouth, balanced, and with notes of black berries and pepper which I love! It pairs perfectly with my favourite Torre de Palma dish which is the Loin of Veal marinated in Alicante Bouschet grape must.

What makes the room interior stand out?

At Torre de Palma Wine Hotel we have 19 rooms and suites, each one designed in a very different way. The designer Rosarinho Gabriel, brought to the interiors all the history of this property, from the Romans who lived here, to the Royal Family and the farmers. The rooms are decorated with pieces of elegant furniture and rustic materials. Each room was considered to be authentic, comfortable and creative.

Torre de Palma Hotel, Portugal

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