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Issue Five - Winter 2022

It’s a great thing – our modern-day world of influence. We have so much inspiration readily available – from magazines like ours, to the creative world of social media. As we scroll through beautiful imagery and videos, we start to build a collection of experiences and destinations that we would like to visit one day. You might have noticed this issue has been given a little makeover? As we step into 2022, we wanted to showcase some aspects of travel that interest many of you. In each issue of our quarterly travel Unforgettable Travel Magazine, we will include regular features including Explore, Experience, Sleep, Eat and Cruise.

In this issue, we explore the wild parks of Zambia. We collaborated with conservationist and photographer Pie Aerts towards the end of last year, and helped facilitate his exploratory trip across the Lower Zambezi and the South Luangwa National Parks. In this issue, we explore Zambia’s safari scene in other ways, beyond the game drive. We experience the treasure of Angkor Wat. Modern-day Siem Reap is Cambodia’s leading destination and sees the vast majority of its international arrivals. Angkor Wat is the big draw – and with good reason; the ‘mother of all temples’ is a genuinely breath-taking experience.

Read on, and we sleep in the most beautiful of mountains: the Dolomites in north-eastern Italy. In this issue, we take you to a beautiful retreat named Forestis. In this issue we ‘eat‘ in Greece, and explore why Greek food is one of the world’s favourites. And finally in this issue, join us on a cruise through the Galapagos Islands in South America. The Galapagos is a one-of-a-kind destination, a microcosm of evolution situated 600 miles off the Ecuador mainland.



Krabi Thailand


Editor's Letter: Gemma D'Souza on Issue 5

Zambia South Luangwa Pie Aerts


Explore Zambia's most renowned safari destinations

Greece food


Find out why Greek food is one of the world's favourites

Forestis Dolomites Italy


Spend a night in a luxury retreat in the Dolomites

Galapagos Cruise


Cruise through South America's Galapagos Islands

Angkor wat Cambodia


Why Angkor Wat should be on your bucket list


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