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How forests have inspired the culinary genius

Yoshihiro Narisawa is a celebrated gastronomic genius. Narisawa has had over three decades of providing fine dining experiences and owns a Michelin-star restaurant in Tokyo called “Les Creations de Narisawa”. More recently, he has become more prominent after being featured on the successful Netflix series The Final Table.

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Like all culinary masters, Narisawa spent many years developing his personal style of cuisine. Being particularly interested in the natural environment and sustainability, he was initially inspired by the rawness of a forest and started experimenting using things that grow there – such as leaves, flowers, vegetables and herbs – to create elaborate edible food. He calls his particular style “innovative Satoyama cuisine”. Narisawa featuresa famous 15-course tasting menu which includes some of his signature dishes, including. ‘Moss Butter’ and a vegetable creation called ‘Soil Soup’.

Rich earthy flavours and vibrant colours are purposefully used to transport diners out of their comfort zone, and to connect them with the natural forest. As well as creating exquisite recipes, Narisawa has a deeper aim. Using inspirational, emotive food and presentation, he aims to highlight the underlying environmental issues that Japanese society is facing

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On the theme of Japanese cuisine, we have put together five food and drink experiences you should try during your time in Tokyo.

Izakaya –  Informal and very popular Japanese bar that serves alcoholic drinks along with a wide range of local and Asian-Western fusion dishes. They are widespread throughout Tokyo but part of the fun is finding them – they are often hidden and without English signs.

Skytree – Treat yourself to lunch in Tokyo’s tallest tower. Standing at a height of 634 metres, the Tokyo Skytree towers over the city, offering panoramic views and a romantic ambiance. Restaurant 634 offers exquisite, memorable French-Japanese fusion cuisine.

Golden Gai – In a hidden corner of Shinjuku, Golden Gai is an area best known for Tokyo’s backstreet drinking dens. The narrow pedestrian streets are filled with little huts where you can perch on a bar stool or stand on the street drinking and interacting with other locals and travellers.

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Tskuiji – This is Tokyo’s famous fish market and one you simply have to visit. With a fantastic range of sushi offerings, made with fresh prawn, tuna and the catch of the day, a fishy breakfast/lunch/ dinner has become a vital experience in the capital.

Kappabashi Dori – A street in Tokyo dedicated to kitchenware. Japanese knives are world-class and are designed for specific purpose – from everyday use in the kitchen to boning certain types of fish.

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