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India is a country of astonishing diversity and experiences.

Imagine gazing at the mighty Himalayas which grace the northern horizon
or at one of the inviting beaches which stretch for miles, lining the extensive 7,500 km coastline. In between the variety ranges from vibrant jungles teeming with wildlife, such as leopard, one-horned rhino, elephants, and tiger to the stark beauty of its deserts whether the sand and scrub deserts of Rajasthan or the high altitudes of Ladakh.

Relish the verdant beauty of Kerala’s tea plantations or marvel at the temples in Tamil Nadu, awash with color and vibrancy. One can’t help but be intrigued by the former colonial hill stations of Simla and Darjeeling or the tribal regions of central India and the Northeast. You can stay in former regal palaces and be in awe of the majestic forts in Rajasthan, or take a luxury river cruise to visit the oldest living city in the world, Varanasi.

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India tiger

Then there’s city life! The capital is Delhi, where Old Delhi and New Delhi
couldn’t be more different. Mumbai, the financial capital and home of
Bollywood is a city which never seems to sleep. Bangalore, the IT capital,
is renowned for its pleasant climate and for being the gateway to the
extraordinary ancient civilizations of the south, whereas Calcutta takes you on a journey into the past retaining, as it has, its old-world charm.

Finally, there’s Chennai, one of the first major colonial outposts established by the British in India (in 1640) yet which today remains true to its Tamilian culture and roots. Every one of these cities is bustling with seemingly everlasting energy, showcasing India’s position in the 21st century. If that all sounds fabulous but a little hectic then we also highly recommend take a detour into the tranquil rural villages at India’s heart, where time seems to have stood still and which provide not only the perfect contrast to the urban  hustle and bustle and where the charming boutique hotels are bound to be a highlight of your stay.

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There’s something else we want to mention. There’s a new buzzword in the travel industry – sustainability. Now we don’t want to harp on about this, but we also don’t want to ignore it. So, we started out by taking a closer look at what makes travel sustainable, and whilst there’s a lot of information out there, there are three main guidelines.

  1. Your money goes directly to the local economy and the people.
  2. You leave a minimal carbon footprint on the environment.
  3. Your holiday is immersive and encourages ‘authentic’ interactions with the local communities.
India in Style
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The question was, how could we be different, and not just different, but better. Travelers are now interested in more immersive experiences and learning all about the culture and in this India excels. Every town in India has a multitude of religions, and its own variety of foods, arts and crafts, surrounding villages and local artisans. These are all the bits that contribute to making India, well India, way beyond UNESCO. Which got us thinking. What if we also showcased what makes India, India to you?

Did you know for example that Jaipur is also famous for its textiles, block printing, blue pottery, jewelry making, horse polo, and has a fascinating old town with countless ancient arts and crafts being created in its streets? It is where you’ll first get to sample some wonderful Rajasthani food whether you want to try head out on a street food walk, join a cookery demonstration, or indulge in a royal dining experience.

Introducing India
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Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, has one of the best-preserved cantonments in the country, fascinating churches and cathedrals, intricate zardozi embroidery work, a bird sanctuary and the wonderful Wildlife SOS bear and rescue sanctuaries close by. There are so many more monuments than the Taj Mahal and the Fort, most of which, are quieter and equally as interesting.

In all of India’s cities there are local artisans, restaurants, the chai wala that everyone knows has the best chai and, with India being the birthplace of yoga, the option to include a morning or evening yoga class.

The best way to be able to give you the opportunity to experiences some of
these experiences was to slow things down a little, add an extra night here
and there, allow you to pause, explore, ask questions, and
seek a deeper experience. And by doing so, not only would we be enriching your trip but also automatically making your journey more sustainable.

Classic India
India Agra

There is so much more to India than its big-ticket attractions, there are
so many authentic experiences that align with your personal interests
that can easily be incorporated into your itinerary. Whether you’re eager
to dive into specific interests like culinary delights, art, wildlife, or
adventure sports such as trekking, paragliding, or white-water rafting
in the Himalayas—India has it all.

With some thoughtful planning, we can tailor your trip to encompass your unique passions. So, let’s strike that balance between the iconic and the niche, ensuring you have a memorable journey through the kaleidoscope that is India.

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