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Culturally and historically, it can be argued that Siem Reap is the most important settlement in Southeast Asia. Translating roughly as ‘Siam defeated’ in reference to the centuries-long conflict with its rival to the west, you may know the city by its former name: a single word which immediately conjures mystique and majesty – Angkor.



Cambodia Angkor Wat

Exploring Angkor Wat

Between the 8th and 14th centuries CE the near-entirety of Southeast Asia was ruled by the immense Khmer empire. One of the greatest dynasties the world has ever seen, the Khmer’s oversaw all of what is now modern Cambodia and Laos and also much of contemporary Thailand and Vietnam.

The empire’s capital and greatest citadel was found here in mighty Angkor. At its peak, home to around one million people, and the largest and most technologically advanced city in the world. The engineering skill of the Khmers was unrivaled, witnessed today in a catalogue of endlessly breathtaking temples, palaces, agoras. With major archaeological work still ongoing, the ultimate scale and achievement of Angkor is yet to be discovered.

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Modern-day Siem Reap is Cambodia’s leading destination and sees the vast majority of its international arrivals. Angkor Wat is the big draw – and with good reason; the ‘mother of all temples’ is a genuinely breath-taking experience. What many do not realize however is that it is just one element within the wider Angkor Archaeological Park, which includes the stupefying fivetiers of Ta Neo, the infamous ‘Lara Croft’ jungle temple of Ta Prohm, and the placid waterways just as the reservoir of Srah Srang and the moat of Angkor Thom.

But there’s much more besides temples. This contemporary, cosmopolitan city also offers village walks, zip-lining, hiking, contemporary art tours, culinary discovery, circus shows, wildlife adventures, and epic day trips to dense jungles and hidden ruins. Its eclectic center has fantastic markets catering for both idle souvenirhunting to high-end art and design – and everything in between. After dark, you’ll find a busy, buzzing nightlife scene, and an enticing selection of dining destinations. Siem Reap also offers an extensive, ever-developing array of high-end accommodation, housing some of the finest luxury boutique properties in all of Asia.



Our Recommended Hotels for exploring Angkor Wat

During your exploration through Angkor Wat, we recommend staying in the below hotels for a relaxing and luxurious experience.

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