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Unforgettable Travel Magazine is here, and we couldn’t be more excited. This is our new, complimentary magazine which will be available to download and read bimonthly. Inside, you will find inspiring travel stories, captivating highlights and expert advice. Each issue of the magazine will be based on a different theme. The destinations will be different. The experiences will be different. However, like the world’s ancient forests that stand tall and strong, our roots will remain the same. We at the Unforgettable Travel Company are passionate and knowledgeable experts, and through the magazine, we will continue to deliver unparalleled travel joy and inspiration.

Your complimentary travel magazine to new experiences, destinations and travel insights

  • Discover unforgettable travel experiences
  • Meet local guides and conservation projects that are making a difference
  • Get inspired by new destinations and travel insights
  • Let us start planning your tailor-made adventure
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Unforgettable Travel Magazine Content

Expert Inspired Stories

Everyone travels for a different reason or purpose. Interests can be in culture, food and wine, adventure, wildlife, history, water sports, and architecture to name a few. We appreciate that not everyone is interested in the same thing, so our expert inspired stories will be focused on different elements. For example, in the first issue of the magazine, we focus on food and wine experiences in Japan. In the next, we may feature historical tours in Poland. As a result, we hope that our varied stories will interest all travellers in different ways.

Unforgettable travel Magazine - Costa Rica

Family Adventure Ideas

It can be overwhelming to choose a destination for a special trip – like your big family holiday, or your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon. To help, our magazine will include a feature called ‘13 reasons why’. In our first issue, we outline 13 reasons why Costa Rica is the ultimate family holiday. Of course, our lists are subjective, but they have been designed by our expert travel designers who know the country like the back of their hand.

Unforgettable Travel Magazine Content

Safari Insights

We are so excited to expand our portfolio into the beautiful African continent. In each issue, we will try to answer more of the questions you may have surrounding safari: when should I go, what animals will I see, how much does a safari cost, which national park is best for me, how much do I tip… the list goes on. If there are still other questions on your mind, both Gemma and Elaine are always available to speak to you by phone, email or even over a zoom video call – to discuss your safari ideas at your convenience.

Unforgettable travel Magazine - Portugal

Unique Accommodation Options

As we introduce new destinations in each issue of the magazine, we will include some of the most sought after lodges, hotels, camps, and resorts to stay in. Whether it is an intimate safari camp in a private game reserve, or a luxury retreat on a private island, these accommodation options will certainly deliver the wow-factor. We are able to book all of the accommodations that we feature in Unforgettable Travel Magazine, and it would be our pleasure to combine it in a luxury itinerary for you. So do not hesitate to get in touch.

Unforgettable Travel Magazine

Destination Features

With so many bucket list experiences and destinations across the world, how on Earth do you do choose where to go? Our detailed editorial features will give you an insight into particular countries, outlining the best time to go, the activities on offer, and the logistics of getting there. The team at Unforgettable Travel Company work closely, and each article is lovingly put together – combining expert knowledge from our travel specialists and innovative ideas from our creative content team.

Unforgettable travel Magazine - Conservation

Conservation & Sustainability Efforts

The protection of our global ecosystems and the reduction of global warming has never been so critical. In the words of Sir David Attenborough “Although the world is in trouble, we know what to do about it. And communication and education is key”. Following this message, we include an article in each issue of the magazine that is focused on a conservation or sustainability project. In doing so, we aim is to educate and raise awareness to specific projects, regions and dedicated teams across the world.