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A safari in Kenya is truly a special experience. It is one of the most established destinations for a safari – in fact, travelers have been visiting Kenya for a safari in the continent for several decades. While there are over 54 national parks and reserves in Kenya, the destination that always sits at the top of the list is the Masai Mara National Reserve, and rightly so.

Sitting in the southwest of the country, the Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the most famous in all of Africa. At a size of around 1,500 km², it is certainly not the largest reserves in Africa (the Serengeti is 5 times bigger than the Mara) but this just makes it incredible dense with wildlife. Whether you are in the Mara Triangle, the Ololol Escarpment, or the Great Conservancies north of the reserve, the plains will be teaming with exceptional wildlife sightings.

During the months of July to October, you can see the wildebeest migration herds in Kenya which is a phenomenal sighting. If timed correctly, you may also get the chance to see a famous river crossing on the Mara River. This is a once-in-a-lifetime sighting, as over 1.5 million wildebeest and around 200,000 zebras make a dramatic attempt to cross the river. Crocodiles lurk in the waters and big cats wait for their opportunity to strike at the top of the riverbanks.

Although the Mara is truly special, there are many other destinations in Kenya that offer fantastic safari experiences. These include Amboseli National Park (famous for its iconic backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro), Samburu National Reserve, Tsavo East, the Laikipia Plateau and Lewa. All of our itineraries are tailormade so we can combine multiple parks and destinations across the country for the ultimate Kenya safari.

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Luxury Kenya Safari Packages

We have put together some luxury safari tours and itineraries to give you some inspiration. All of our trips are tailor-made and can be customized to suit you – our aim is to curate the perfect luxury safari for you, and with our friendly and knowledgeable specialists, we are confident we will.


Kenya Safari Q&A

Gemma NEW Q&A

Gemma our Safari Specialist

Which Kenya safari is best for me?

With over 50 national parks in Kenya, there is plenty of choice for your Kenya safari. A great place to start would be to decide what sort of safari experience you are looking for. For example, do you want to see a particular animal or sighting, like the great migration? Or are you looking for a safari experience where you can try lots of activities, such as walking safaris, night game drives and hot air balloon safaris? Once you have narrowed it down to the type of safari experience you are after, we can advise which time of year to go, which parks to head to and which camps to stay in.

How long should I go on safari for?

The answer to this is subjective but, as a guideline, I would recommend a safari between 3-6 nights is a sufficient amount of time. I would always recommend a minimum of 3 nights on safari in one lodge or camp. This gives you enough time to experience fantastic wildlife sightings, but also get to know the staff, managers and your safari guide who will ultimately become a friend. If you have traveled on safari before, you will know what a safari is like so we would recommend longer periods of time.

What is a typical day on safari like?

A safari is unlike any other holiday as you are usually up every morning around 5.30am. Although this sounds quite intense, your wake up call is very inviting – as a hot cup of tea or coffee is brought to you in your safari tent and served to you in bed. You will head out on your morning game drive around 6.30am, as the sun is rising. The reason for the early morning starts is that the wildlife is at its most active, so you get the best interactions and sightings. You will return to camp for the middle of the day, to enjoy lunch, a swim or a siesta, before heading out on an afternoon game drive around 4pm. On average, a luxury Kenya safari will include around 7-8 hours on safari.

How much is a luxury safari in Kenya?

The answer to this question depends on many factors: which type of year you travel, which destinations you visit, and which camps and lodges you stay in. Generally speaking, a luxury Kenya safari can be anywhere from £3-4,000 per person. That said, there are some luxury tented camps and lodges which can charge anywhere from $1,000 per person per night, so it really does fluctuate based on the accommodation and itinerary you go with. If you have a budget in mind, it’s worth speaking about it to us on the phone so that we can recommend particular properties and curate your itinerary to come within your budget.


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