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With Chile’s diverse landscapes providing nearly an endless list of things to see and do, a trip to this spectacular country may be most memorable by including some time on your own to explore combined with tours that provide expert insight into the destinations. Tours run the gamut from exploring the rich history and culture of Santiago, the cosmopolitan capital, to hiking through the wild Patagonia region and its famous Torres del Paine National Park. You might take a trip to the Atacama Desert where you can watch the sun go down from the moon-like landscape in the Valley of the Moon before staring up at one of the world’s most stunningly clear skies. Far from light pollution, the stargazing is unrivalled. If you’re into wine, you can take a wine tasting tour through the Winelands near Santiago, visiting boutique wineries and palatial estates while sipping some of the country’s finest and learning how it’s made.

Perhaps you’ll travel to the Lakes District enjoying its magnificent sights, including a dozen large lakes, waterfalls, and snow-covered volcano peaks. A tour can take you to see Osorno volcano up close while enjoying a view that overlooks it all. The opportunities for adventure are many throughout Chile, but Patagonia may be the ultimate adventurer’s paradise with plenty of luxuries to be found too. You can even stay in an all-inclusive lodge with jaw-dropping views of the Paine Massif mountain range right in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. During the day, experience authentic Patagonian gaucho culture on a gaucho-guided horseback ride and then come back to soak in an open-air Jacuzzi with views of the crystal-clear waters of Lake Pehoe

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Sarah Deutsch

Latin America Specialist

My love for South America started when I was living in Lima, Peru, and family and friends came to visit. That year I went to Machu Picchu 5 times! I do not have one drop of Latin blood in me, which is painfully obvious if you see me dance, and yet without realizing it for the past 15 years South America has been my home.

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Luxury Chile Itineraries

Please take your time to look over the itineraries below, remembering of course that all of our trips are 100% bespoke and can be customized to suit – our aim is to curate the perfect itinerary for you, and with our friendly and knowledgeable specialists, we are confident we will.


Chile Tours Q&A

Christy 500 x 475

Christy our Latin America Specialist

Easter Island – What are the Moai?

The Moai statues are located on Easter Island which sits 2,200 miles of the mainland. These massive megaliths are what the island is famous for, built by the Rapa Nui natives around 1400 to 1650 AD. Also known as the Easter Island “heads” that was a misnomer due to photos taken with the statues in the Rano Raraku volcano partially covered in soil, but all they statues have full bodies. There are nearly a thousand of them, weighing up to 86 tons and measuring up to 13 feet high. Most were carved from that volcano as its tuff, compressed volcanic ash, is easy to carve without metal. The Rapa Nui people had no knives, only stone tools. The statues have puzzled archaeologists, ethnographers, and visitors ever since the first Europeans arrived and saw them. The reason for their massive statue building effort is still unknown as no written record was left behind.

What is a gaucho?

Gauchos are sometimes thought of as the Latin American version of the North American cowboy. These colourful, nomadic horsemen flourished between the mid-18th and mid-19th-century and there are still some left today. While most visitors come to Patagonia to witness the glistening glaciers and waterfalls, hike the trails, and climb the challenging peaks of the Torres del Paine, it’s outside of the national parks that the authentic culture can be witnessed. The gauchos rule here, having developed exceptional horseback riding skills and unbreakable bonds with their horses, along with the ability to endure the weather extremes that include freezing winter temperatures. Many take tourists out riding. As they know the lay of the land arguably better than anyone else, heading out with one on a horseback riding excursion is sure to be unforgettable, for an authentic glimpse of the culture and the chance to discover some of the most enchanting sights on Earth.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

There’s nothing quite like experiencing other walks of life and different cultures first-hand while traveling, which means being able to communicate with the locals offers an undeniable advantage no matter where you go, including Chile. But if you don’t speak Spanish, you have nothing to fear. English is widely spoken in most tourist destinations, including Santiago, the Lake District, the Winelands, and beyond. Of course, the ability to speak the language will take you far and making an attempt is almost always appreciated by the locals, which means you shouldn’t underestimate the power of knowing even just a few phrases and words. Keep in mind that Chilean Spanish is spoken here, used to refer to the many distinct regional dialects spoken in different parts of the country, but you won’t be expected to know the difference. Simple phrases like “por favor” meaning please and “muchas gracias” for “thank you” are the same.

How do you get around Chile?

Chile has a good road network and Santiago has a metro network. Chile is a very long, narrow country so internal flights are very common.

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