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Latin America boasts some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes, from glistening glaciers to the soaring Andes, and remote sandy beaches. Toss in the incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites and outstanding array of cuisines, and one could spend a year or more here and just barely scrape the surface. It’s ideal for a relaxed retreat or an adventurous getaway with stunning natural wonders matched by the vibrant and diverse cultures. With 20 countries to choose from, there’s a destination for everyone, making for a challenging decision, but we’ve listed some of the standouts, what to do and more to help you plan your visit.

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Latin America is one of my favourite destinations due to its diverse landscapes, vibrant cultural heritage, and historical significance. Its unique ecosystems, such as the Amazon, are truly humbling. The region’s fusion of indigenous, European, and African influences is evident in its lively arts and traditions. It’s a captivating part of the world and I can’t help to be on hand to plan your trip.

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Why we love private tours of Latin America


Maite Paz

Latin America Specialist

Private tours in Latin America can encompass a wide range of experiences. We love to design them for our clients as it can mean everything from exploring the exotic wildlife in the Galapagos to dancing the tango in Buenos Aires. With a private tour, you get to see it all through the eyes of a local bringing the opportunity for an authentic, in-depth look at the culture.

If you enjoy gazing out at magnificent scenery, you’re in for a treat. In the extreme south, you’ll find blue-tinged glaciers while the dramatic snow-covered peaks of the Andes, the world’s longest mountain chain cover seven different Latin American countries. Beach lovers can discover remote and beautiful sandy beaches framed by the dazzling blue of the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the Atlantic. 

Countless UNESCO World Heritage Sites await, like remarkable Macchu Picchu, while the diverse landscapes provide a long list of possible outdoor adventures.

Best Places to go in Latin America

It would take nearly a lifetime to see and do everything Latin America has to offer, from the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru and the unique and biodiverse paradise of the Galapagos to the Chilean Lake District and Argentina’s wine country.

  • Argentina


    Argentina offers everything from the Andes’ majestic peaks and glaciers to gaucho culture, wine country, and South America’s largest and most cosmopolitan center, Buenos Aires, with tango dancing in the streets.

  • Chile


    Chile boasts wild Patagonian landscape providing an outdoor adventurer’s paradise, while Easter Island draws those seeking to learn the mystery of the Moai and the Atacama Desert is renowned for unrivaled stargazing.

  • Peru


    In Peru, one can gaze upon the remarkable ancient ruins of Machu Picchu and discover an astounding range of landscapes, from the arid plains of Nazca with mysterious geoglyphs to lush Amazon jungle.

  • Quito Ecuador 429 x 429


    In one day you can drive from Ecuador’s Pacific coast with spectacular beaches for surfing to the Amazon Rainforest, passing Andean volcanoes, while the extraordinary Galapagos lies 600 miles off the mainland.

  • Galapagos


    One of the world’s top spots for viewing unique wildlife, in the Galapagos one can see everything from the largest tortoise species to sea lions, penguins, marine iguanas, blue-footed booby birds, and more.

    Galapagos Islands

Best time to visit Latin America

With its vast size, varying weather, and altitude contrasts, there is no single best time of year to visit Latin America. Southern Patagonia is best visited during the warmer months from November to February with this region experiencing Scandinavian-type weather conditions. Further north toward the equator, the climate is much warmer. May through September is best for Peru as the driest season, while the summer months of December through March bring warmth and long days to Chile’s Atacama Desert. 

What to do in Latin America

It would take a book to include everything there is to do in Latin America. Whether you’re looking for cosmopolitan cities and an array of rich cultural attractions or nature and outdoor adventure, the sky is truly the limit here. 

  • Macchu Pichu

    A bucket-list journey to Macchu Pichu

    Whether embarking on an epic four-day life-affirming hike or an easier train ride, one can discover one of the world’s most captivating “lost cities” in Peru. Machu Picchu is home to the Inca’s magnificent former palaces, temples, and living quarters, all set against a backdrop of lush and dramatic craggy peaks.

  • Galapagos

    Discover the Galapagos and its Unique Wildlife

    The Galapagos is a veritable living museum as an isolated archipelago 600 miles off the Ecuadoran mainland. Discover mammal, reptile, and bird species that exist nowhere else – enjoy encounters with giant tortoises that live up to 200 years old, snorkel alongside marine iguanas and penguins, and saunter quietly through lounging sea lions.

  • Argentina

    Tango, Food & Wine in Argentina

    In the cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires, dine on juicy steaks in renowned steakhouses and then watch the sultry tango dance in legendary venues or even impromptu performances in the streets. Afterward, head to Mendoza for some touring and tasting in the continent’s capital of wine production with over 1,200 wineries.


When is the best time to visit Latin America?

The best time to visit Latin America varies depending on the specific countries and regions you plan to explore. Generally, the dry season, which typically falls between November and April, is ideal for most destinations, as it offers pleasant weather and fewer rain showers. However, keep in mind that Latin America’s vastness means varied climates, so research the particular places you intend to visit. For instance, the Andean highlands are best visited during the dry season, while the Amazon Rainforest may be more accessible during the wet season. Always consider your travel goals and preferences when deciding on the best time for your Latin American adventure.

Where should I travel in Latin America?

Latin America boasts a wealth of incredible destinations to explore. Machu Picchu, nestled high in the Peruvian Andes, offers a glimpse into the ancient Inca civilization. For beach enthusiasts, the stunning coastlines of Brazil, with destinations like Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis, beckon with their beauty. Argentina’s Buenos Aires combines rich culture, history, and vibrant nightlife, while Chile’s dramatic landscapes include the otherworldly Atacama Desert and breathtaking Patagonia. Don’t forget the Galapagos Islands, part of Ecuador, where you can get up close to unique wildlife and pristine landscapes. Each Latin American destination offers its own enchanting charm and adventures waiting to be discovered.

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