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Tuscany is one of the most iconic landscapes in Italy. Not only are the views picture-perfect, but the whole area encapsulates so much history and culture. Spend a couple of days exploring Tuscany and you will be inebriated with art, architecture, good food and good wine. The locals who live among the hill tops and vineyards will welcome you with open arms, and are always excited to show you the best of rural Italy.

Located between Rome and Milan, Tuscany is an area that was built on Etruscan and Roman roots. Its name was believed to be derived from an Etruscan tribe that habituated the countryside around 1,000 B.C. Tribes and local people have lived on these hills for centuries, attractive not only because of its picturesque landscape, but also its access to nearby Italian cities Florence and Pisa.

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The beauty of Tuscany is that it offers something for everyone. In the spring and summer months, the rolling hills and expensive countryside attract thousands of hikers every year. Of course a good hike cannot be enjoyed without accompanying good food and wine, which Tuscany certainly provides. Among others, some of the most iconic foods to try during your stay include stews, bread, and pasta dishes like pappardelle al cinghiale.

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Florence and Pisa are two destinations often included in an Italy trip, and all for the right reasons. Florence is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, and renowned for its many masterpieces of Renaissance architecture, dating back to the 15th century. Churches, museums and galleries across Florence showcase this, in both subtle and glaringly obvious ways. Either way, art enthusiasts across the world come to Florence for this very reason.

As part of Tuscany, Pisa is also an iconic destination. Of course the most recognizable icon is the leaning tower. Standing at a height of 60 meters, the tower started to lean dramatically to one side, and consequently, it is one of the most photographed landmarks in all of Italy. Aside from the tower, Pisa has so much more charm and beauty to offer. Other attractions include the Duomo, Baptistery, and the Camposanto Monument.

As well as good cuisine, Tuscany also has a long history of wine making and production. Agriculture in Tuscany has historically focused around grapes (for wine), olive trees, and wheat. During your stay in Tuscany, we can arrange vineyard tours and tastings. Get in touch with our destinations specialists to recommend some fantastic day trips to include throughout your Tuscany trip.

What to do in Tuscany

While in Tuscany, take time to wander through the rolling vineyards, admire the breathtaking art and architecture in Florence, and savor authentic Italian cuisine in cozy trattorias.

  • Enjoy art in Florence

    Enjoy art in Florence

    Florence is regarded as one of the best destinations in Italy for art and architecture enthusiasts. The city has a wonderful collection of museums, historical sights, and charming cobbled streets that you could spend hours wandering through. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, spend time exploring the entire Duomo Complex. The construction of the Florence Cathedral began in 1294, and although it took almost 150 years to build, today it is a work of art, showcasing the dome engineered by Filippo Brunelleschi.

  • Photograph the leaning tower of Pisa

    Photograph the Leaning tower of Pisa

    Arguably the most recognized and photographed attraction in all of Italy, the leaning tower of Pisa is a medieval structure, famous for its 5.5 degree lean. Although efforts have been made to resurrect the tower into its original stance, it still remains tilted and today, has become a symbol of Pisa. You can easily do a day trip to Pisa from other areas in Tuscany, and a common excursion to do if you are limited with time.

  • Ride a vespa

    Ride a vespa through the countryside

    Ride through the Tuscan hills on a classic Italian vespa to get the full experience of local living. As well as bike tours, you can also explore the countryside in a classic Fiat 500. In the heart of the Chianti region, exploring the stunning landscape and the freedom of the open road is something that our clients never forget. The routes are endless, and you’ll drive through olive groves, medieval hamlets, and picturesque vineyards. The bikes are automatic so they can be enjoyed by everyone – those experienced and those first-timers.

  • Hike the Tuscan hills

    Hike the Tuscan hills

    Often a luxury trip to Italy can be quite fast-paced, especially as there are so many destinations to see and explore. A visit to Tuscany is a great way to change the pace, and slow it down. The Tuscan hills are varied, so whether you are looking for challenging ascends and mountains, or leisurely strolls through along pathways, there is something for everyone. The best time of year to hike is the shoulder months of May and September. The summer months of June – August are also good times to hike but it does get hot.

  • Wander the picturesque San Gimignano

    Wander the picturesque San Gimignano

    The town of San Gimignano is famous for its 15 medieval towers that dominate the Tuscan skyline, this area is certainly worth visiting. Wandering at leisure through the streets of San Gimignano is a nice way to spend a morning or afternoon, but I would also recommend an experience truffle hunting. On this excursion, you will accompany an expert and his dogs, who have been trained to find truffles in the Earth, among the grounds of an oak forest.

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When to go Tuscany

Tuscany offers warm and reliable weather from April to October. That said, the most comfortable conditions, where the temperature is not too hot and there are fewer tourists, are the shoulder months of April, May, September and October. The peak summer months of June, July, and August offer plenty of sunshine, but temperatures often range from 82-95°F – which can be quite uncomfortable especially if you are planning to be active, and complete some of the beautiful walks and hikes across the Tuscan countryside.

Your Tuscany questions answered

What is the most beautiful part of Tuscany?

Tuscany as a region is all beautiful. When you think of the Tuscan countryside, you may envisage sunsets over rolling hills, iconic cypress trees and vineyards. And this is exactly what you’ll see. Across these picture-perfect landscapes, you’ll find cobbled tracks, beautiful farmhouses and hamlets. Some of the most quaint and rustic villages here include Lucca, Cortona, and Montepulciano, known famously for its vineyards growing red wine in particular.

Where is the best place to stay in Tuscany?

The region of Tuscany oozes character and beauty, and is a great place to be based for a couple of nights. When it comes to accommodation in Tuscany, there are some really charming boutique hotels on offer, showcasing the best views, food, and ambiance. We would recommend staying in Siena if you want to be near a larger Tuscan city, but arguably the most picturesque area in Tuscany would be Pienza. This is within the Val d’orcia which is a vast green valley, encompassing the Orcia River.

What is the best month to visit Tuscany?

Like much of Italy, Tuscany can get very hot during the peak summer months of June, July and August. The best months to visit are arguably the shoulder months. April and May fall before the peak season, and temperatures are still warm and pleasant. After the season, the months of September and October are also gems.

What food is Tuscany known for?

The food and wine in Tuscany is often raved about, especially because it boasts unpretentious dishes and productions of wine. A lot of the food found in Tuscany centers around bread, pastas and stews. Local Tuscan people worship their bread, so you’ll see a lot of bruschetta and toasted bread, drizzled with local olive oil and served with fresh salads. Panzanella and ribolita are two must-try Tuscan specialities, both centered around bread.

How long should I spend in Tuscany?

Like many other Italian destinations, there is really no maximum time you can spend in Tuscany. I would recommend at least 3-5 nights in Tuscany, but you could easily spend a week here, taking in all it has to offer. For those looking to be more active, I’d recommend 5 or 6 nights to enjoy hiking through the picturesque landscape.

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