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Many visitors make pilgrimages to Israel to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and his disciples, with Christians, Jews and Muslims all considering Jerusalem the Holy Land. History buffs will love learning all about the sacred sites and religious landmarks, from the pathways and ancient walls of Nazareth, Jerusalem and beyond.

Today the call of the muezzin and quiet prayers of Orthodox Jews at the Western Wall reflecting the devotion of those from the three monolithic religions continues through every facet of daily life. But Israel, located along the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt and Lebanon offers much more.

For such a small country, it boasts spectacular and diverse landscapes from vast swaths of desert and coastal plains to lush valleys and one of the world’s saltiest lakes, the Dead Sea, with such a high salt content that people float atop the water like a cork. Nearby you’ll find Masada, King Herod’s fortress/palace. Hike or ride a cable car to the top where you’ll find excavations of the last stronghold in the Jewish freedom fighter’s insurgency against the Romans.

Tel Aviv is an incredible city, modern and full of street art, open-air markets, trendy cafes and fabulous restaurants, with its 1930s Bauhaus architecture numbering in the thousands. A UNESCO-listed lite, the structures on Rothschild Boulevard are especially impressive. At Haifa, you an explore the sacred Bahai Gardens and take in a panoramic view from Mount Carmel. Nearby is the Bahais’ holiest city, ancient Acre, the former capital of the Crusaders kingdom.

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Where to visit in Israel

Our travel experts have collated their top recommendations of where to visit in Israel.

  • Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv

    This modern city on the Mediterranean coast offers glimmering shores with beautiful beaches, from Alma in the south to Metzitzim in the north, all framed by stunning turquoise waters. It’s renowned for its nonstop nightlife, with outdoor beach cafes and underground clubs hosting international DJs that spin bumping beats, along with swanky lounges and themed cocktail bars. The central area of town, known as the White City is home to more 1930s Bauhaus architecture than any other city, earning it UNESCO status, while cultural attractions abound. Discover everything from a rich theater scene to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

  • Jerusalem


    Every year thousands travel to Israel’s significant religious sites to retrace the steps of Jesus, with Jerusalem’s Old City the center of it all, sacred to Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Pilgrims arrive in droves to worship at locations connected to the foundation of their faith, from the Western Wall to the site where Jesus was believed to have been crucified. Visitors savor delicious eats from tehini to seasonal fruits and buy unique items like handmade Armenian tiles at family-owned shops in the Armenian Quarter or spectacular tapestries with bright, tightly woven detail from Druze village stores.

  • Galilee


    One of the most beautiful areas in Israel, the Galilee in northern Israel is a mountainous region known for the Sea of Galilee where Jesus is said to have walked on water. Made up of the Lower Galilee and Upper Galilee, its famous for its natural springs, hiking trail, wildlife reserves, beaches, historical sites, and religious attractions. The city of Tiberias is home to the Church of St. Peter with art depicting the 4 Gospels and the tomb of Jewish sage Maimonides. The Mount of Beatitudes is said to be where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount.

  • Eilat


    The southernmost city of Israel is a resort town on the Red Sea near Jordan. It’s known for its pristine beaches, calm blue waters and year-round mild climate. Especially popular for snorkeling and Diving, at Dolphin Reef, marine mammals are often spotted. Coral Beach Nature Reserve hosts underwater trails marked by buoys set among reefs teeming with hundreds of fish species. At the Coral World Underwater Marine Park, visitors can view the underwater world without getting wet at the glass-enclosed observation center submerged offshore.

  • Sea of Galilee

    Sea of Galilee

    The largest freshwater lake in Israel, the Sea of Galilee is the place where Jesus is said to have walked on water. Much of his ministry was carried out around its waters, and today it’s considered an important Christian pilgrimage site. It’s believed to be the place where Jesus met the first of his disciples, Peter, James, John, Matthew and Andrew, and where he healed the sick. The well-preserved remains of a white limestone synagogue dating to the 4th-century can be found here too. Many also come to walk, bike and enjoy the beaches.

  • Nazareth


    Located in the Galilee region, Nazareth is the largest Arab city in Israel, home to more than a dozen important Christian sites. It’s the childhood home of Jesus and enjoys a spectacular setting too. It’s especially famous for its traditional market, or shuk, which draws Israelis from across the nation seeking to buy traditional Arabic produce. One of the holiest Christian sites in Israel is found here, the Church of the Annunciation, located on the spot believed to be the house of Mary, where she announced that she would give birth to God’s son.

  • Haifa


    The third largest city in Israel, Haifa sits on the slopes of Mount Carmel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It has a mixed population of Jews and Arabs all peacefully co-existing for an interesting fusion of Jewish and Arabic cultures. Some of its most popular attractions include the Bahai Gardens and German Colony with restored templar buildings. It also hosts some outstanding museums like the Haifa City Museum, focused on the arts, and the Madatech Science and Technology Museum, the country’s national museum of science with its many interactive displays appealing to kids and adults alike.

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