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For those seeking something different than simply sitting on a tropical beach with a cocktail in hand, Japan is a top destination to consider. It even offers pristine white sands if you want to mix things up a bit. In this country with its rich history and deeply rooted traditions like tea ceremonies, kimonos, and samurai sword fighting, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for romantic moments. In the northern Ginzan Onsen, visitors can enjoy soaks in hot springs and even don a summer kimono known as a yukata to stroll along the Ginzan River. The buildings date to the 1920s and will take you back in time. In July or August, nature lovers might climb Mount Fuji, Japan’s symbol, to take in a glorious sunset at the top. In the tropical islands of Okinawa, you can enjoy clear blue waters and white sandy beaches, immerse yourself in the local history, and get a taste of karate in its birthplace. 

There are exciting, ultra-modern cities to explore as well. In the midst of bustling Tokyo, Tokyo Tower is one of the most romantic spots in the capital. From its height of nearly 1,100 feet, the views of the night sky and the city lights are dazzling.

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    It's the little details that matter most

    When it comes to planning your dream honeymoon it is the little things that make it truly unforgettable, like private experiences, complimentary couples’ massages, champagne sundowners, candlelit dinners, and sunset sails. Our travel experts can help create these unique experiences and even add a little extra through our contacts for that extra special honeymoon.

Suggested Japan Honeymoon Itineraries

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Where to Go in Japan

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    Tokyo is an amazing place for a honeymoon, with more Michelin-starred restaurants than Paris, some of the world’s best luxury hotels, and gracious service. More traditional experiences can be enjoyed in intimate ryokans. Enjoy romantic strolls through the Imperial Palace East Gardens, Hamarikyu Gardens, or Shinjuku Gyoen. Head to any of the temples and shrines like Meiji-jingu and wish for a happy life together. There is a wide range of spa services available when you want to treat yourself to some decadent pampering, along with gorgeous lanes like Ginza and Kagurazaka that become ultra-romantic after the sun goes down, perfect for an evening stroll.

  • Kyoto Gion District Japan


    Japan’s former capital is the historical and cultural heart of the country as well as being one of its most enchanting. It’s made up of centuries-old gardens, atmospheric temples, castles, traditional teahouses, and lively markets while having managed to preserve a fabulous historic ambiance. Couples can stroll the historic cobblestone streets lined with narrow wooden machiya shophouses selling tea and local crafts, walk through a storybook-like bamboo forest with giant trees soaring over 65 feet, watch geishas as they scurry through the streets, and meditate on tatami-mat floors. You’ll find a fantastic culinary scene with the chance to sample all the main Japanese classics too.

  • Hakone Japan


    Hakone is the gateway to Mount Fuji as well as being home to Hakone National Park, part of the wider Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. This famous resort area offers many varied accommodations for taking in jaw-dropping views of the mountain and there are natural hot springs to soak in too. There are also lakes that are reached by pirate ships, cruises on Lake Ashi, and opportunities to ride the Hakone Ropeway which climbs 3,425 feet, providing a fabulous view of volcanic activity below. This is also a great destination for staying at a ryokan with many outstanding options while enjoying traditional Japanese fare and hot springs.

  • Hida Village Takayama Japan


    Takayama in the mountainous Hida region has an Old Town that is crisscrossed with narrow streets lined with Edo-era merchant homes, a traditional house of ancient and medieval Japan. Incredibly romantic, you can peek inside the heritage homes with many open to the public. This is a place to slow down and go at your own pace, with a morning market for browsing crafts along with fresh produce. There are many sake breweries where you can raise your cup exclaiming kanpai (cheers) and nearby is Shirakawago, a UNESCO-listed historic silk-farming village with thatched Gassho-style homes providing an authentic glimpse of the past.

Autumn in Kanazawa Japan

When to Visit Japan

As Japan is such a diverse country, the climate varies depending on the destination. The best time to visit Japan, in general, are the shoulder seasons of spring and fall, meaning March through May and September through October. The cherry blossom season, peaking around late March and early April, enjoys warm, dry weather while the parks and gardens are often blanketed in pink and white. As this is one of the busiest times of the year, you’ll want to book your trip well in advance. Autumn can be lovely too with colorful foliage and the crowds will be thinner than they are in the spring.

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