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Argentina Honeymoons

Argentina covers nearly 1.1 million square miles, a vast and diverse country with everything from beautiful beaches and jungles to towering mountains and even desert terrain. It also boasts some fabulous cities like Buenos Aires where you can learn the romantic tango dance and enjoy fine dining in renowned steakhouses. Wine enthusiasts will find plenty to love too, the Mendoza area has more than 1,200 different wineries for touring and tasting. And, if you’ve ever wanted to step into the shoes of a gaucho, that’s a possibility in the Argentine Pampas which hosts several original estancias providing all-inclusive accommodation. Speaking of which, you’ll find many upscale hotels and resorts throughout the country, including more all-inclusive options.

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    It's the little details that matter most

    When it comes to planning your dream honeymoon it is the little things that make it truly unforgettable, like private experiences, complimentary couples’ massages, champagne sundowners, candlelit dinners, and sunset sails. Our travel experts can help create these unique experiences and even add a little extra through our contacts for that extra special honeymoon.

Suggested Argentina Honeymoon Itineraries

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Where to Go in Argentina

  • Buenos Aires Argentina

    Buenos Aires

    A city like no other, you’ll find many opportunities for romantic moments in the Argentine capital. As you stroll the streets, you might catch an impromptu tango performance while exploring the many shops, cafes, wine bars, and steakhouses. In the hip district of Palermo, there is a multitude of art galleries, museums, and markets, along with some of the best dining and nightlife in all of Buenos Aires, while colorful La Boca is home to a waterside artists’ street that’s enjoyable to wander. If you’re looking for upscale dining along the waterfront, head to Puerto Madero, with its many fine view restaurants.

  • Mendoza Argentina 1


    Mendoza is the heart of wine country, nestled in the Andes foothills. It’s home to over 1,200 wineries and nearly 400,000 acres of vineyards. It’s a high desert oasis that gets little rain, under 10 inches on average annually, but the snowmelt flowing from the mountains provides the grapes with pure water. Combined with the high-altitude sunshine, with more than 300 sunny days a year and cooler nights, the wine has become some of the most sought-after in the world. The city of Mendoza is a great base for sampling it with wide streets lined with a mix of modern and art deco buildings.

  • Iguazu Argentina 1

    Iguazu Falls

    Iguazu Falls is made up of over 250 waterfalls, making even Niagara seem like a drip. In fact, former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed “Poor Niagara” when she first saw it.  The cascades sit along the Iguazu River straddling the border of Argentina and Brazil, stretching as far as the eye can see, over almost 1.7 miles of rainforest-swathed cliffs. Many feel the Argentine side of the falls is the best as you can get a closer look and feel of the mist on your skin. Boat rides are available to get you even closer, although you’ll have to be prepared to get drenched.

  • Lake District Bariloche Agentina

    The Lake District

    Located at the northwestern tip of Argentinian Patagonia, the Lake District is home to dense forests, glacier-fed lakes, snow-capped volcanoes, and endless toothy mountains. The area has a number of interesting cultural influences with many Austrian and German immigrants settling here from the mid-1800s to the early 20th century, perhaps attracted to the similar landscapes and opportunities for a more outdoorsy lifestyle. You’ll see their influence in the chocolate shops and wooden chalet-style architecture, with the town of Bariloche characterized by it. The artisanal food scene started here long before it became a trend, with a myriad of fresh-caught and fresh, locally grown foods.

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When to Visit Argentina

As such a vast country with many different ecosystems, the best time to visit Argentina for your honeymoon depends on the destinations you plan to visit and what you’d like to do. At the southernmost end, Patagonia, summer (Mid-December through March) brings optimal weather for outdoor activities along with the crowds. By visiting just before or after this peak season, it won’t be as busy and temperatures are likely to be comfortable. Around Iguazu Falls, in Mendoza, and Buenos Aires, it will be very hot, making those spots best visited from mid-September through mid-December or April through June when temperatures are mild.

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