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A family safari can be the most memorable trip of all time, if planned correctly. Of course there will be more logistical planning involved, for example the time of year, the age of the children, what activities to focus on, and the budget.

For destinations, South Africa is also a good destination to consider for families with young children as most of the safari parks are malaria-free. Kenya is a fantastic family safari choice. The Masai Mara for example, has private conservancies with extra activities such as cultural experiences with the Masai, bush walks and private family safaris.



A safari camp or lodge is so much more than just a place you rest your head. It is the guiding, activities and ambiance that will make make your safari special. Get in touch to start planning your perfect family safari.

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Family Safari Itinerary Ideas

All of our safari itineraries are curated and designed with you in mind. To give you some inspiration, here are some of our family itineraries that have been booked by past clients. Our specialists can customize everything and make the whole planning process smooth and fun!

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Which safari destination is best for our family?

Choosing where to go on your family safari can be very much led by the age of your children and safety precautions in place to protect them. Please see our guide below on the best safari destinations to explore based on the age of your children.

  • Safari under 6 1

    Children under 6

    For families with children under the age of 6, we would not recommend children under the age of 6 enter a malaria area. Several fantastic game reserves in South Africa are malaria-free and are home to many lodges that specialize in children.

    South Africa
  • Safari 7 11

    Children age 7-11

    In this age bracket, we would recommend South Africa or Kenya for families. At this age, the children will really be able to interact with their guide and learn to track animals by their footprints and experience the local tribal life.

  • Safari 11 plus

    Children 12+ years

    With older children, the whole of Africa becomes an option for them as they are able to be more adventurous. Places like Victoria Falls offer a huge range of activities guaranteed to appeal to teenagers, rafting and kayaking are very popular.


Why a luxury Africa safari is the perfect family trip

Gemma 184


Africa Specialist

South Africa is the best option for families with younger children looking to go on safari. There are several national parks and reserves which are malaria-free, such as the Eastern Cape Reserves. The benefit of these parks is not only that children do not need to take malaria medication, but also because the journey times are shorter and more comfortable. The safari guides in these family-friendly camps will make a real effort to connect with the children, and encourage them to interact with them. There is a safari experience for everyone, its just about choosing the right safari camp, and we can do that for you!

The Best National Parks for Family Safaris

With hundreds of national parks, reserves and conservancies to choose around the continent, we have put together a few of the best options for family safaris. Covering East and Southern Africa, get in touch with our specialists to design your perfect trip here.

Eastern Cape Kwandew 2

South Africa

Eastern Cape Private Game Reserves

These reserves are easily accessible and malaria free. The reserves are a 90-minute drive from Port Elizabeth Airport but many families will do a self drive from Cape Town along the coast to the Eastern Cape Reserves. It combines the sights of Cape Town, the stunning beaches of the Garden Route and safari. The area is made up of several private reserves, each reserve has its own lodges. This area is less ‘wild’ and more commercial but still offers a great safari and is a good choice for people with younger children. Our favourite reserves in the area are Kwandwe Private Game Reserve ad Amakhala Private Game Reserve. These reserves offer excellent game viewing (including the Big 5), and the lodges are well run offering guests a great experience. Image credit: Kwandwe

South Africa
Serengeti 2


Serengeti National Park

Located in northern Tanzania, the Serengeti National Park offers vast savannahs filled with an indescribable amount of wildlife. The park is accessible by flying into one of its many airstrips but for families, the best option is to do a driving itinerary which starts from Arusha through the Ngorongoro Crater into the Serengeti National Park. The benefits of this is that you will have your own 4×4 safari jeep and private guide, which is ideal for families with younger children. The Serengeti offers the opportunity to see the Big Five, as well as the wildebeest migration which is definitely a special sight, even for children! Many lodges and camps in the park are family friendly and offer facilities like swimming pools and bush schools.

Serengeti National Park
Masai Mara 2


Masai Mara Greater Conservancies

The Masai Mara is often described as the jewel in Kenya’s safari crown, and rightly so! In fact, the Masai Mara is regarded as one of the best safari destinations in all of Africa because of its dense and concentrated wildlife numbers. While the National Reserve itself is thriving with wildlife – elephant, lion, cheetah and giraffe aplenty – we would recommend that families stay in the Greater Mara Conservancies bordering the reserve. These conservancies, such as the Mara North and Naboisho Conservancies) are private which means that activities offered are more varied. These include day and night game drives and bush walks.

Masai Mara National Reserves
Laikipia Plateau 2


Laikipia Plateau

Located in central Kenya, the Laikipia Plateau is a great destination for family safaris off the beaten track. Although the wildlife isn’t as dense here as somewhere like the Masai Mara or Samburu National Reserve, the Laikipia Plateau is a destination offering much more than game drives. The area is known for its traditional farms and expansive land, and a benefit of such space is that it becomes an immersive travel destination. Children can enjoy a range of activities, from horse and camel riding, tubing on the Ewaso river, quad biking and visiting the nearby dog tracking units. The remoteness of the reserve however, is often reflected in the price. Image credit: Loisaba Tented Camp

Madikwe 2

South Africa

Madikwe Game Reserve

Located about 4 hours from Johannesburg by car, the malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve is a great safari destination for families. It has a wide range of child friendly lodges that specialise in a family safari. The 75,000 hectare reserve borders Botswana and is lush due to Marico River and is home to the Big Five (Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo and Leopard) as well as being known for its Wild Dog and Cheetah sightings. Madikwe offers a more remote, high end safari experience than the Eastern Cape for those families looking to get away from it all. The price of a safari in Madikwe, does reflect this.

Reviews From Our Clients

Gemma 184


The Bialek Family

I asked Unforgettable to arrange a once-in-a-lifetime safari vacation to Tanzania and Zanzibar for my family and their partners. And what a trip. Gemma, their African Specialist, was absolutely amazing. She planned a truly ‘bucket list’ trip for us all and was there with the booking, post-booking, pre-vacation, and during the vacation, checking in regularly. Everything we asked for was delivered – amazing resorts, small planes flying into dirt airstrips, tent lodges with bucket showers, the best guides in wide open jeeps who took us to see all the best animal sightings in the area including wildebeest migration crossings, and every other Africa animal you can think of.

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Your family safari questions answered

What age is best to take my kids on safari?

This very much depends on the maturity and interests of the children. As a guide, most kids from 4/5 years old will enjoy being in a reserve and seeing the wildlife. For those who are a little more nervous about taking their kids on safari, we would say 8-10 is a great age where the children have lots of questions and are engaging with the safari itself. Teenagers on safari may be trickier these days as many safari destinations do not have WiFi. The amount of times we get asked this question is huge, but for those who do need and want it, we can recommend particular lodges that provide it.

How far in advance should you book your family safari?

We would recommend planning your family safari at least 9 months in advance. The reason being is that for many families, there is a much smaller window of opportunity to travel due to school holidays. This means that safari lodges and camps tend to get booked up quickly, particularly in the summer months and over the Christmas period. If you have a specific lodge or camp you would like to stay in, then we would always advise booking this as far in advance as you can. For example, Giraffe Manor in Kenya is famous for its immersive experience especially eating breakfast while the giraffes stick their heads through the window. Because of its popularity, this hotel is booked up approximately a year and a half in advance! Similarly, if you are looking to do a specific experience like a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti plains (for older families), then we would also recommend booking this in advance to save disappointment.

Are some safari lodges better than others for children?

Yes, definitely! There is so much choice of safari accommodation that it may seem overwhelming. Many lodges only permit children of a certain age to stay as they are an adult-focused lodge. Different lodges have different age limits on the standard game drives that are included in the price.  If your children are younger than this limit, you will be required to pay for a private vehicle. Not all lodges offer two bedroom rooms which are so important for families.

Another important thing to consider with safari lodges is what experience you want, and how much you want to spend. There are some safari lodges and camps that we would not recommend for families, as they are focused on honeymooners, adult groups or photographers. Some lodges have an age limit for children too. We have a list of our favourite, and recommended safari lodges that we have personally stayed in with our families on safari.

Can I do a multigenerational family safari?

Yes, absolutely. It’s worth noting that safaris are becoming increasingly popular with multi-generational families. Staying in a safari lodge with three generations (grandparents, parents and children) is definitely a great experience and there are lots of safari destinations we would recommend for this. A great choice is to stay in a private safari house that offers its own dining room and chef, its own swimming pool and private guides and vehicles. In Tanzania, we would recommend somewhere like Mkombe’s House in the northern Serengeti, and Jabali Ridge Private House in Ruaha National Park (southern Tanzania). For more adventurous multi-generational families, somewhere like Robin’s House in Zambia is a fantastic choice.