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Expedition Cruises 2024/25

The Polar extremes conjure the most mesmerizing images of our beautiful planet: cinematic landscapes draped in blankets of pristine white, awe-inspiring spectacles of natural wonder, ideal destinations for even the boldest of adventurers. On a tour of the Arctic, you’ll journey to some of the world’s last truly unexplored regions, where a medley of ice-filled terrains and miles of beautiful isolation will deliver unforgettable travel experiences. Expect unequaled landscapes of icebergs, vast islands of sea ice, and towering volcanoes unique to the Arctic zones, where intimate encounters with wildlife as varied as penguins, caribous, arctic foxes, and polar bears are all but guaranteed.

Cruising into Arctic waters is an experience in itself. You’ll sail amongst some of the earth’s last areas of untamed, natural beauty, transported in comfortable luxury aboard one of our purpose-built ships to a remote world teeming with wonder and tranquility. In these remote polar regions, you travel as a spectator, watching as the cycles of nature and the lives of Arctic wildlife intertwine, unfolding before you as unchanged natural phenomena visible only at the extremes of the earth. Sail north to the Svalbard archipelago to enter the kingdom of the Polar bear and explore stunning scenery via indigenous communities and breathtaking wildlife in Greenland, the largest island on earth. Or sail south to the Antarctic for a vast landscape of remote bays, sprawling icebergs, and the unforgettable sight of penguins and albatrosses plunging into Arctic waters as whales breach.

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  • Godafoss Waterfall Iceland 1


    Sailing the rugged Arctic Coast of Iceland, immersed in all that magnificent untouched nature is a sublime experience. You’ll sail into some of Europe’s most otherworldly landscapes — experiencing everything from snowy mountaintops, hot springs, and mesmerizing waterfalls to lava fields and fjords — all achingly beautiful and abundantly photogenic. Slow down to explore Viking settlements in ancient valleys and alpine trails cutting across craggy mountains. Experience the midnight sun in Honningsvag, breathe in the exquisite Icelandic landscapes from Reykjavik’s Blue Lagoon, and witness the stunning panoramas of Kirkjufell Volcano, its landscape besieged by waterfalls and ancient lava flows, even better when lit by the magical throbs and undulations of the Northern Lights.

  • Chinstrap Penguins in Antarctic


    As trips and tours go, Antarctica ranks as one of the most adventurous and surely the most life-changing. Follow the footsteps of some of the world’s best-known explorers into the rough waters of the infamous sea crossing, The Drake Passage — where the Pacific, Atlantic, and Southern oceans converge. Whales like humpbacks and Orcas can be seen at sea here, but go to land to hike amongst colonies of gentoo penguins and Weddell Seals, as a backdrop of vibrant blue glaciers breaks up from the sea. In-between wildlife sightings, activities such as paddle boarding, wildlife lectures, and ice camping add to the seemingly infinite adventures possible on a tour of Antarctica.

  • Patagonian Fjords

    Chile & Patagonian Fjords

    The southern coast of Chile is home to hugely impressive cinematic fjords that dive into crystal waters stretching from Cape Horn to the Reloncaví Estuary. Chile’s incredible landscapes inspire, with seemingly infinite snow-covered mountains, narrow passages, glaciers, and volcanoes tumbling down to icy channels, islets, and beaches filled with Arctic birds. The remote southern tip of the fjords are accessible only by boat, affording them a sublime solitude soundtracked by rippling waves, the rumbling of ice, and the snaps, squeaks, and crackles of marine life. The Chilean Patagonian fjords are always sublime, particularly when touring by small ship, sailing around Cape Horn, passing the Garibaldi and El Brujo glaciers, and visiting charming ports at Puerto Williams, Quemchi, and Talcahuano. 

  • Polar Bear in Spitsbergen Svalbard

    Norwegian Svalbard

    There is perhaps no better showcase for arctic beauty than Norway’s Svalbard. Here, vast glaciers, otherworldly mountain topographies, and sublime fjords combine in a setting of complete wilderness for one of the world’s most hypnotic cruise destinations. Remarkable landscapes dominate the entire Svalbard archipelago — from glaciers and snowy mountains to mossy tundra and ice in a state of constant flux. The area boasts countless nesting birds’ colonies, dancing across the water in search of fish but mostly taking refuge in the cracks of its steep cliff faces. Elsewhere, you’ll have ample opportunity for glacier and snowmobile safaris, ice cave tours, polar plunging, and dog sledding.


Our Expedition Cruise Ships

  • 450 x 220 Greg Mortimer

    Greg Mortimer

    Custom-built to offer sublime comfort while sailing, to be exceptionally safe and eco-friendly, and for incredible views of the destination she sails to, the Greg Mortimer boasts everything a modern sailor could want in a Polar cruise ship. As a small ship (104 meters long), the Greg Mortimer carries no more than 160 passengers in its 79 extraordinary staterooms and suites.

  • 450 x 220 Sylvia Earle 1

    Sylvia Earle

    Custom-built to take on the extreme conditions of Antarctica and beyond with exceptional stability and comfort on ocean crossings, the Sylvia Earle is a splendid expedition ship, perfectly suited to journeys deep into the Polar extremes. Bright, spacious rooms look out onto glorious Polar views through floor-to-ceiling windows.



  • Hike the breathtakingly beautiful scenery

    Hike the breathtakingly beautiful scenery

    With no trails to follow, hiking in the Antarct is an exercise in adventure. You’ll follow our knowledgeable and fully experienced guides through rough terrains crowned by mountains, hiking crisp snow, yielding tundra, and unyielding rock to find scenic viewpoints and see Polar wildlife in their natural habitat.

  • Enjoy Lectures on wildlife our environment history and destinations

    Enjoy lectures on history, wildlife, and environment

    Traveling to the polar regions is an excellent opportunity to enhance your understanding of these fascinating places. Onboard lectures by scientists, destination experts, and fellow explorers will deepen your insight into polar wildlife, the history of polar exploration, the destinations you’ll uncover on your journey, and the impact of environmental factors on the poles.

  • Zodiac past blue glaciers and through stunning fjords

    Zodiac past blue glaciers and through stunning fjords

    See whales, seabirds, and more from inflatable Zodiacs – specially designed for up-close, intimate expeditions, taking you where your ship cannot. Your experienced driver will maneuver you over sea ice and through mazes of sculpted ice to experience picturesque bays and staggering viewpoints with unending polar vistas, impossible to see any other way and stunning in every way.

  • Watch for Arctic Birds

    Watch for seabirds

    An Expedition cruise offers an unmatchable opportunity to see a diverse collection of fascinating seabirds in their natural habitats. From seeing the huge wingspan of the albatross, and the snow-white plumage of the snow petrel, to the charm of witnessing the waddle of a penguin on land or an Arctic tern, flying over your ship, an expedition cruise is an ideal opportunity to observe the birds of the polar wilds.

  • Make the Most of Photography Opportunities

    Make the most of photography opportunities

    There are few places as photogenic as the Arctics. Towering icebergs and rugged cliffs, blocks of ice as big as a town, and those phenomenally clear waters act as a stage for rarely-seen wildlife and as a backdrop for photographers hoping to capture the uniquely beautiful panoramas of the Arctic and Antarctic.

  • Take a Polar plunge

    Take a polar plunge

    Exactly as it sounds, a Polar Plunge is your opportunity to plunge, semi-naked into freezing Polar waters for absolutely no reason other than to do it and brag about it. Jump in, swim — hope for some of the rumored health benefits (more energy, better circulation, etc.,) and then jump back out and warm up in the onboard hot tub with a shot or two of vodka.

  • Enjoy Trips ashore

    Enjoy trips ashore

    Shore excursions take you from the observation deck to the landscapes you want to observe. You’ll encounter penguin rookeries and bits of Polar history in the form of huts leftover from the Antarctic Heroic Age, and you’ll visit pebbly beaches and hike to vantage points to look over the vast expanse of oceans fragmented by so much ice. 


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