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Editor's Letter: Gemma D'Souza on making up for lost time

Gemma D’Souza introduces issue two of the Unforgettable Travel Magazine

Going into 2021, we continue to take each day, week and month as it comes. While Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the face of travel, we must recognise that, with a vaccine coming  into play, there is already hope on the horizon.

For many, travel has become an escapism. Outside the four walls that have made up our home office or lives, we have a whole world ready to be explored. We have near and far countries to be reached. We have people to meet and new experiences to be enjoyed. We have oceans to swim in and mountains to trek across. We have drinks to be shared and sunsets to be  watched and appreciated. We have memories to be made.

The world hasn’t gone anywhere. During 2020, we have had time to sit still and consider what we really wanted to do. Along with “you’re still on mute”, one of the most common phrases
that we said in 2020 – be it on zoom or over the phone – was “life is too short”.

Some people will make a conscious effort to cross off items on their travel bucket list. Be it Africa, Europe, Asia or Latin America, our travel experts are here to curate your oncein-a-lifetime trip. Along with destinations, it is likely your bucket list will also be made up of experiences: swim with whale sharks, drink champagne in Champagne, watch the Northern
Lights dance through the sky, fall in love on the white sand beaches of the Maldives.

While some pack their bags with pace to tick off their lists, others take a considered approach. While the concept of ‘slow travel’ has been around for a while, it is re-emerging now.

Instead of rushing around the country to tick off its highlights, travelling ‘slow’ is all about travelling in a serene and thoughtful manner. Stay in a place for a longer period of time.
Get to know the local people. Opt for a scenic train journey instead of a quick flight. Spend a morning just enjoying your coffee overlooking and appreciating the landscape around you.

In the words of Norman Carr – a pioneer in the African safari industry – “you do not know a place until you have walked it”. We are all so adamant to get to our ‘destination’ as quickly as we can and through that, sometimes we forget to enjoy the journey. I have taken the cable car up Table Mountain. I have also hiked Table Mountain. Which did I prefer? The hike. Why? Not only did it burn off my huge breakfast but it was also a lot more satisfying. I enjoyed the journey...

In this issue, we embrace some of our favourite, and most recommended, slow travel experiences including European river cruises, the Rocky Mountaineer across Canada, and off-the-beaten-track journeys across rural Japan.

I hope you enjoy this issue – making up for lost time. Whether it’s in three, six or twelve months’ time, the moment you take your first step onto a plane will be a moment to remember. Life is too short. Get exploring – the world is waiting for you.

Gemma D'Souza

Gemma D’Souza


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