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Editor's Letter: Gemma D'Souza on Issue Nine

Gemma D’Souza introduces issue nine of the Unforgettable Travel Magazine

Issue 9 UTC magazine

Dear Travellers,

I’ve met some incredibly interesting people this year on my travels. In Mozambique, I met a marine conservationist who had spent over five years studying the movement of the humpback whales. In France, I met an artist who created sculptures from litter he collects from the streets of Paris. In Scotland, I met a couple who take their three young children cold-water swimming every morning before school, to help improve concentration and start the day grounded, present.

I’ve written about this before: the importance of people, and how people often shape your trip more so than the destination.

After some time reflecting, it occurred to me that these surprising and unplanned encounters left me feeling the most inspired and the utmost creative, which is a beautiful thing. In some shape or form, we all have creativity, and travel reignites that for most of us.

I recently visited the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition in London, hosted in the nations much-loved Natural History Museum. The exhibition showed a phenomenal collection of photographs of the natural world – from the smallest of dormouse that lay under a disused railway, to the powerful tiger hunting mysteriously in the dense jungle.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is a meticulously planned exhibition, showcasing the planet’s habitats, from ever-growing urban metropolises, to the deepest and darkest of our untouched oceans.

The collection shows how we coexist on this incredible planet, and how human – both good and bad – are shaping the future of our wildlife.

Each photograph has a story behind it.

So much relies on the perfect photograph. The right weather conditions. The right temperatures. The right mood, for both guide and photographer. The right wind direction. For wildlife photography, patience is key.

In this edition, I spoke with one of the finalists of the ‘Photograph of the Year: The People’s Choice’ to find out more behind his image – definitely give that a read!

So without further ado, we’d like to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year, and invite you to enjoy issue 9! Here’s to another unforgettable year of travel.


Gemma D'Souza

Gemma D’Souza


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Issue nine now available

Read issue 9 of Unforgettable Travel Magazine: January 2024. Features include exploring Switzerland’s Glacier Express experience, enjoying Scotsch in Scotland;’s Edinburgh, sleeping in luxury safari lodges in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, and introducing India to our portfolio, among much more!