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Editor's Letter: Gemma D'Souza on Issue Five

Gemma D’Souza introduces issue five of the Unforgettable Travel Magazine

Issue 5 UTC Magazine

Dear Travellers,

January is often a month inundated with promises. For many of us, our January promised and new years’ resolutions often focus on getting fit and healthy. While many many the effort to visit the gyms every day, others look further afield for their inspiration. It’s a great thing – our modern-day world of influence.

We have so much inspiration readily available – from magazines like ours, to the creative world of social media. As we scroll through beautiful imagery and videos, we start to build a collection of experiences and destinations that we would like to visit one day. I’ve found that this little pocket of inspiration – saved for a rainy day – comes out in January, and it is here that I create my own promises.

The promise to stop daydreaming, and start exploring. Let’s get out and make up for lost time. With the help of this issue, I invite you to do the same. You might have noticed this issue has been given a little makeover?

 As we step into 2022, we wanted to showcase some aspects of travel that interest many of you. In each issue of our quarterly travel Unforgettable Travel Magazine, we will include regular features including Explore, Experience, Sleep, Eat and Cruise.

In this issue, we explore the wild parks of Zambia. We collaborated with conservationist and photographer Pie Aerts towards the end of last year, and helped facilitate his exploratory trip across the Lower Zambezi and the South Luangwa National Parks.

We experience the treasure of Angkor Wat. Modern-day Siem Reap is Cambodia’s leading destination and sees the vast majority of its international arrivals. Angkor Wat is the big draw – and with good reason; the ‘mother of all temples’ is a genuinely breath-taking experience.

We will sleep in the most beautiful of mountains. The Dolomites in north-eastern Italy. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a photographer’s and an outdoor adventurer’s dream. Among the world’s most photographed mountains, their majestic pinnacles look as if Mother Nature hired a master sculptor to create them. In this issue, with the help of our very own Italian specialists, we share with you Forestsis – a luxury above-the-clouds retreat in the beautiful South Tyrolean Valley.

Our last issue – which was focused entirely on food and wine – was enjoyed by many of our travellers, so we have decided to continue this feature. In this issue we explore why Greek food is one of the world’s favourites, in particularly food from the island of Crete.

And finally, join us on a cruise through the Galapagos Islands in South America. The Galapagos is a one-of-a-kind destination, a microcosm of evolution situated 600 miles off the Ecuador mainland. Cruising is arguably the best way to explore this eastern Pacific archipelago, and a fantastic way to see the Big 15: a collection of marine and land animals which can be spotted in these islands.

As always, all of the destinations in our magazine can be booked, and although we do feature some sample itineraries, all of our trips are completely tailor-made and can be personalised to you. Our travel experts really are experts in their destinations, and are more than happy to turn your January daydreams into realities.

For now though, sit back with a glass of lemon water (for those on your January health kick), and enjoy issue 5 of Unforgettable Travel Magazine. Oh, and Happy New Year.

Gemma D'Souza

Gemma D’Souza


Forestis Italy

Issue five now available

Read issue 5 of Unforgettable Travel Magazine: Winter 2022. Features include exploring Zambia’s safari destinations, eating across the Greek island of Crete, experiencing the incredible Angkor Wat in Cambodia, cruising the breath-taking islands of the Galapagos, and sleeping in the luxury retreat of Forestis in the Italian Dolomites.