Meet Christy Kranjec

Christy Kranjec, Latin America Specialist

I am a first-generation Croatian-American who is continually rediscovering the beauty and vitality of the world. Whether visiting off the beaten track destinations or immersing myself in cultural experiences, I make every moment an opportunity to discover unexplored corners and connect with the people around me. I thrive on adventure. With an extensive background in luxury concierge services and trip designing, I draw on my intimate knowledge of the world to seamlessly orchestrate a travel experience full of depth and wonder for my clients.

In addition to my passions for adventure and immersive cultural experiences, I am dedicated to offering active travel suitable for all levels and interests. Each trip reminds me that travel can rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit. As a yoga teacher, rock climber, and naturalist, I am endlessly exploring land and sea. Whether hiking in the mountains or luxuriating on a beach, I seek to find balance and rejuvenation with each meticulously designed itinerary. My enthusiasm for sharing my travel experiences grows with each trip and I am eager to facilitate experiences that allow travelers to personally connect to places that capture my heart.

Q&A with Christy

What is your favourite childhood travel memory? 

I still remember bits and pieces from that first trip to Croatia of the matriarchs and patriarchs of my family, our food and simple traditions, and my first summer on the Croatian seaside. I remember my great aunt baking bread in our village and the first time I dipped my toes in the water at Krka National Park. The park hasn’t changed much since and is as rustic as it was 30+ years ago. 

Your most annoying travelling habit?

I have to travel with a full-size feather pillow. I literally cannot sleep without it and I can’t risk not having it!

What 5 things do you always travel with?

Besides the usual toiletries and necessary chargers, I always travel with: a converter, bug spray, ear plugs, a bluetooth speaker (in case you need to play DJ), and of course, my pillow!

What is on your bucket list?

So many places are on my bucket list but closest to the top are: Russia, Mongolia, Iceland, Morocco, Turks & Caicos, and Tahiti. However, I have a real love for the US and our magnificent national parks. We used to go on road trips when I was a kid and it really taught me to appreciate the vast natural beauty we have right here in our own country. It’s just incredible! I’d like to revisit Grand Teton and check out Glacier National Park. Also, Alaska!

Which 2 celebrity travel companions would you choose to travel with and why?

Anyone with access to private yachts and over-the-top luxury experiences. 🙂

Destinations I Specialise In

  • Palacio Del Inka in Cusco

    My Favorite Hotel

    My favorite hotel has to be the Palacio Del Inka in Cusco, Peru. It’s so luxurious! It’s a historic property from the 16th century that was built for the Spanish conqueror and first governor of Peru, Francisco Pizzaro. It was constructed on the foundation of what was once the site of the chosen Inca Virgin of the Sun. The rooms make you feel like a governor yourself and the meals at the in-house courtyard restaurant are decadent.

  • Truffle hunting

    My Favorite Experience

    My favorite experience has to be truffle hunting in Istria with a local family. They are incredibly sweet and have been hunting truffles in Istria for generations. You really get a sense of the reverence and connection they have with the earth. After truffle hunting, the matriarch of the family makes you lunch on their idyllic outdoor patio surrounded in views of the Istrian hinterland. You leave feeling like you’re part of the family–truly a treat!

  • Rizman winery

    My Favorite Winery

    My favorite winery has to be Vinarija Rizman perched high above the Pelješac Peninsula in Croatia. Like many Croatians, winemaking is a way of life, but the Stimac family can trace it back in their lineage to the early 1900s. The current tasting room has only been there a few years but they couldn’t have chosen a more heavenly location because of the jaw-dropping views. The wines are refined and they also make their own olive oil that’s excellent and worth the extra weight in your suitcase to bring home.

  • Korcula

    My Recommendation

    Croatia is the perfect place for families because family really is at the heart of the culture. Kids are surrounded by close and extended family from birth and are included in everything. Casual restaurants are inexpensive and have pages of menu options. There are also many activities both on land and sea for families to enjoy. My favorite are the coastal pebble beaches with no waves. They’re perfect for kids to swim, snorkel and explore, and for parents to relax.