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Chile is a long, thin expanse of land stretching for nearly 2,700 miles along the west coast of South America. Incredibly diverse, it’s home to everything from beautiful beaches, magnificent fjords, glistening glaciers and vast wine regions to the driest place on Earth. A nature lover’s and an outdoor adventurer’s paradise, it’s one of the few destinations where you can still find miles and miles of untouched wilderness. Vibrant culture and a rich history await as well, providing something for every traveller. The entry point to Chile for most is the capital city of Santiago with its old-world charms and soaring skyscrapers that stand out against the snow-capped peak of the Andes. Some of the top wine regions are an easy day’s trip away while a major international airport provides connections to the country’s remote reaches.

Chile’s four natural borders make it especially unique, with the Andes running down its spine to the east. The south is a hiker’s paradise with Torres del Paine and its remarkable granite spires that rise from the Patagonian steppe while wildlife like guanacos, condors, and pumas can be spotted, if you can take your eyes off the rest. Even further south, it holds a section of Antarctica, the world’s last frontier. Atacama, the world’s driest desert sits to the north with its unrivalled opportunities for stargazing led to NASA setting up a base here. The Pacific coast is to the west with white pebbly beaches leading down to volcanic black sands and off the mainland some 2,500 miles is mysterious Easter Island with its giant Moai rock statues.

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My love for South America started when I was living in Lima, Peru, and family and friends came to visit. That year I went to Machu Picchu 5 times! I do not have one drop of Latin blood in me, which is painfully obvious if you see me dance, and yet without realizing it for the past 15 years South America has been my home.

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Our experts know Chile like the back of their hand and have traveled extensively around the country. We have put together some trips and tours to get you inspired.

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Here are some of our favourite places in Chile. We have been to all of these hotels so please get in touch to discuss your trip!

Sarah Deutsch

Sarah our Latin America Specialist

How do you travel around Chile?

Traveling in Chile is easy, inexpensive, and comfortable as compared to traveling in North America or Europe. There’s an outstanding network of roadways and driving is relatively stress-free, making it a good way to get around. While most Chileans travel by bus, which is an affordable and reliable option, there are many domestic flights available that are ideal for covering long distances in a hurry. That makes it ideal for visitors who want to cover multiple areas of this diverse and beautiful country. The distances in Chile are vast – it’s over 3,121 miles from Arica to Punta Arenas, which means flying is by far the most convenient and fastest way of discovering both the northern and southern regions in just one trip. LAN is the primary long-haul carrier and the leading airline with the widest range of domestic flights and the only one that offers flights to Easter Island.

Is Chile good for honeymoons?

As a honeymoon is all about finding that idyllic romantic hideaway where you can escape the ‘real world,’ Chile may be the perfect destination for newlyweds. That’s especially true if you want to be surrounded by spectacular scenery, from soaring mountain peaks, crystal-clear lakes, glaciers and fjords to secluded beaches. It’s also for you if spending your days tasting and touring at world-class wineries and nights spent learning to tango sound appealing. Chile truly offers a little bit of everything whether you want outdoor adventures, the opportunity to soak in hot springs, or discover world-class cultural and historical attractions. In the Atacama Desert, you can discover blue lagoons, an active geyser, and remarkable salt flights before enjoying an evening of romantic stargazing under one of the world’s most brilliant night’s skies. If you’re looking for wilderness and seclusion, head to Patagonia in the south where you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty.

What is the food like in Chile?

Despite what you might think based on its moniker, Chilean food isn’t particularly spicy. It’s influenced by the Spanish who originally settled here as well as immigrants who arrived later, including Germans, the French, and British. With its lengthy coast along the Pacific, there’s plenty of fresh seafood which frequently shows up in dishes from stews like cazuelas and sopas to soups. An abundance of fish can be found in fried and grilled preparations, including one that may be a bit unusual to some visitors, congrio, or conger eel. But most people here don’t live near the coast and tend to dine on more chicken or beefsteak, a “poor man’s steak” usually topped with onions and a fried egg, served with a side of fries. Breakfast is often just toast and tea or coffee, sometimes with yogurt or fruit too, with lunch the biggest meal of the day, and dinner is eaten late.

What currency do they use in Chile?

Chile uses the Chilean peso but US Dollars are accepted widely across the country. For the local markets, you will need to have cash but cards are accepted in most larger establishments.



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