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Botswana Travel Guides

Botswana is a land locked country, surrounded by Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and is home to some of the best game viewing on earth. Botswana’s most famous attraction is the Okavango Delta. This UNESCO World Heritage site is an inland Delta, this is a rare natural phenomenon, most rivers will end at the sea. The Okavango Delta is vital for providing the water for huge numbers of endangered species and has remained undeveloped due to its remote location. It is one of the last areas of the world where wildlife takes priority over man.

There have been hundreds of wildlife documentaries made in the Delta and its surrounding areas, focusing on its eco system, conservation efforts and wildlife. The Delta is an outstanding safari destination, its waters bring huge numbers of animals during the dry season. However, it is important to note that there is much more to Botswana than just the Delta area in the peak dry season. We are experts in Botswana and have traveled extensively through the areas. We know that if you travel off peak, to the right areas, you can still have great game viewing at a fraction of the price. That the more arid camps in the south of the country offer some outstanding game viewing in the rainy season.  We recommend our clients explore the Chobe National Park by house boat to avoid the crowds in this very popular park. We are keen to share our personal experience to help you create a once in a life time trip to Botswana.

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There is so much to learn about the exhilarating world of safari and the country of Botswana. Therefore we have put together a collection of travel guides for you to read, whatever you may be interested in. Our specialists are always available to discuss all things Botswana, so do get in touch.

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