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Borneo is an island shared by Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), Indonesia (Kalimantan) and Brunei, renowned for its idyllic beaches and dense tropical rainforest inhabited
by abundant wildlife. Jam-packed with extraordinary biodiversity in relatively compact and easily accessible areas of jungle, there is no better destination in Asia for spotting and observing exotic species
of wildlife, from orangutans and pygmy elephants to proboscis monkeys, wild cats and hornbills.

If you’ve always wanted to experience an equatorial rainforest, the jungles of Borneo conjure up a vision of both adventure and remoteness. Winding rivers flow through dense foliage while lowland forest is dotted with orchids and pitcher plants. While global deforestation is a serious threat and issue
for both the natural environment and human populations, much of the Bornean rainforest has managed to remain largely intact. This is due mainly to the many conservation projects which have been implemented, funded largely by revenue from tourism.

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Where to visit in Borneo

Our travel experts have collated their top recommendations of where to visit in Borneo.

  • Kinabatangan river, Borneo

    The Kinabatangan River

    The Kinabatangan River stretches for nearly 350 miles through the jungle in eastern Sabah, an area with unique and exceptional ecosystems. Millions of animals live in the lush jungle that surrounds the muddy water, including endemic proboscis monkeys – of which only around 7,000 of the unusual long-nosed primates remain in the wild. The smallest Asian elephant species, pygmy elephants, can be spotted here too, known for their plump bellies and oversized ears. During your explorations of the island, you’re not only very likely to spot these animals, but you might also see a clouded leopard or slow loris, along with all sorts of unique plant life and insects.

  • sunrise scenery in Danum Valley, Sabah Borneo

    Damun Valley

    Located in central Sabah, Danum Valley is a breath-taking conservation area which houses a wealth of flora and fauna. Watered by the Sungai Segama River, the Danum valley is extremely dense and moist. The trees here are primary rainforest and can stand at 70 meters high – towering over the forest floor. In terms of wildlife, the jungle is home to pygmy elephants, snakes, bearded pigs, flying squirrels, and a wealth of primate species like orangutans, red-leaf monkeys and proboscis monkeys. They valley is also known for its wild cats, including the clouded leopard, the leopard cat and the marbled cat.

  • Riverfront at Kuching Borneo


    Regarded as one of Malaysia’s most charming cities, Kuching is a great place to take in the culture, history, art and nightlife of Borneo. Kuching is Borneo’s key cultural destination: a jumping off point to explore Sarawak’s Iban tribal culture and potentially take in a longhouse stay. Kuching can also provide your wildlife fix – as you have the chance to see semi-wild orangutans and proboscis monkey. If you are looking for history, explore galleries and museums preserving Borneo’s historic legacy like the Brooke’s family. Like most of Borneo, Kuching offers exquisite cuisine experiences – flavorsome curries, fresh seafood and local delicacies.

  • Gaya Island Beach in Malaysian Borneo

    Gaya Island

    Gaya Island is the largest of five islands which make up Borneo’s Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. Situated just off Kota Kinabalu, the island’s secluded resorts can be reached in just a 20-minute speedboat transfer from the city. As with most of Borneo, Gaya Island also boasts its own wildlife ecosystem, housing monitor lizards, wild boar, and a collection of primates including macaque monkeys. The shores of Gaya Island are also exceptional for watersports such as diving and snorkeling. Some resorts, such as Gayana Resort, has its own marine ecology research center which is pivotal for research and education of Borneo’s marine life.

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