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Books to read, and films to watch before Greece

Although you will soon be there in person to experience the picturesque islands and the delicious cuisine of Greece itself, it’s always nice to build excitement. There is so much literature on Greece, so whether you’re interested in Greece’s architecture or the in-depth history of the Greek Empire, or whether you are simply just looking for a novel or a film about love and adventure across the Greek islands, there is something for you. To whet the appetite, we’ve put ten iconic films and novels for you to get stuck into.


Books to read

  • The summer house in Santorini (Samantha Parks)

Anna says goodbye to her boring and unfulfilled life, and moves to one of Greece’s most iconic islands – Santorini. As she explores the island full of blue-domed buildings, untouched beaches and hidden coves, she falls in love with Nikos, and has the summer of her lifetime.

  • My Greek Island Summer (Mandy Baggot)

Set in Corfu, this novel tells the story of a woman named Becky who lives on a villa overlooking the ocean. When she meets Elias – a Greek businessman – the two of them travel across the Greek islands from Athens to Kefalonia. This novel paints a great picture of different Greek islands.

  • Little Infamies (Panos Karnezis)

This is a short collection of short stories which take place in an unnamed Greek village. The characters all have something about them – be it wit, humor or mystery –Panos Karnezis writes with such creativity and character.

  • Scorpionfish (Natalie Bakopoulos)

Set in Athens, Natalie Bakopoulos writes about a Greek-American woman who moves back to Greece after sadly losing both of her parents in a tragic accident. Athens becomes a place of rediscovery for her and it isn’t long before she is inspired by her new neighbors and surroundings.

  • Our summer in Santorini (Sandy Barker)

This is another romance novel, set across the serene Cycladic islands. Looking for long-lost serenity and to find her true self, Sarah sets off and doesn’t look back.


Films to watch

  • Mamma Mia (2008)

Set on the island of Skopelos, Mamma Mia is a classic! This musical – sound tracked by the great ABBA – is such a feel-good movie, following the story of newlywed Sophie trying to figure out who her father is. You can’t but want to visit Greece… and sing along!

  • Arcadia Lost (2010)

Showcasing the beautiful Greek landscape, Arcadia Lost follows two American teens named Charlotte and Sye, as they travel around Peloponnese – the southern tip of mainland Greece. The movie was filmed entirely in-country, through the Arcadian mountains and the mountain range in central Greece named Mount Parnassus.

  • Boy on a dolphin (1957)

This was the first ever Hollywood movie filmed in Greece! The storyline follows a diver who, whilst in the Greek waters, comes across an ancient Greek statue of a boy on a dolphin. The movie was filmed in several Greek destinations and islands including Rhodes, Athens, Poros, and Mykonos.

  • Shirley Valentine (1986)

Shirley – an English housewife, unfulfilled with her life – jumps at the opportunity to travel to Mykonos in Greece with her friend. As circumstances chance, Shirley travels alone, but begins her exciting love affair with both a Greek, and Greece as a country.

  • My big fat Greek wedding (2002)

This hilarious film tells the story of a Greek American, named Toula, fall in love with a non-Greek named Ian. Their romance is kept secret until they’re ready to tell the family. Toula’s big, loud Greek family have to learn to accept Ian, showing lots of comedy and culture along the way.

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