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What to pack for Italy


When it comes to packing, there are two types of people. The ones who pack the night before – calm and composed yet with an element of urgency about the task. Or the ones who spend weeks (or months) laying things out on a spare bed, meticulous about the planning process. Whichever you fall under, we’re here to help. We have put together an essential packing list for your Italy trip but as always, feel free to get in touch if you have specific questions.

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When packing for Italy, it’s important you pack appropriately for the weather. In the summer months, the temperatures across Italy – especially southern Italy – can sometimes reach a sweltering 109˚F (43˚C), so it’s important you pack light-weight and comfortable clothing. T-shirts, shorts and dresses are a good idea for casual daytime wear. Evenings may also stay warm late into the night, but light-weight linen clothing is a good option. For women, taking something like a shawl is a great option if temperatures cool down, as they do not take up much room in your handbag/ rucksack. Some restaurants may have clothing requirements such as long trousers, or a smart shirt, so it’s worth packing too. Also make sure you pack a cap/ hat, sunglasses and swimwear.

For footwear, we’d recommend a comfortable pair of trainers, especially if you are doing lots of walking and tours. Other footwear to consider would be flip flops or sandals (especially in the summer months), and smarter shoes for the evening.

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Toiletries are one of the things that often add a significant weight to your luggage. However, almost all of the hotels that you will stay in across your luxury Italy trip will provide body wash and soap, shampoo, conditioner, and often moisturizer. With that in mind, we would recommend that, should you want to bring your own, invest in travel-size toiletries. You can also buy toiletries in all cities and towns across Italy – stocking most recognizable brands. Most hotels will also have a hair dryer in the room, so no need to bring one.

Make sure you pack plenty of sun screen – especially with a high factor for the summer months (30 or 50 SPF). Of course, make sure to pack essentials like your toothbrush, toothpaste, make-up and any medicines you may need throughout your trip.

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As your luxury Italy trip approaches, we will put together all of your final documents in one centralized place. We use an App called Axus, and you will get your own unique log in. Inside the app, you will find your travel itinerary, all transfer times and details, any tickets, emergency numbers and more. It is a great app and can be used without Wifi signal. Other than the App, we recommend you take a hard copy of your Covid vaccination certificate, and any travel insurance documents. We also recommend taking local money (Euros for Italy). Small change is useful for tipping. Of course, you’ll also need your passport and visa if you are required to get one.

Italy what to pack

Other things to pack

Of course, make sure you have a camera and chargers with you (camera charger, phone charger). Make sure you also bring enough memory SD cards with you if you are bringing a camera. You will also need an adaptor – Italy use plug type C (two round pins) and type L (three round pins). Some hotels will have USB ports which you can charge phones through. It’s worth bringing an umbrella, just in case. And although there may not be many covid restrictions in place, always bring a face mask and hand sanitizer (travel size) with you. Other things to consider: headphones, earplugs, kindle or a book.

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