According to data, there are 2 million swipes made on Tinder every minute. That works out at over 2 billion swipes each day. And with everyone feeling the wanderlust of two years of travel restrictions, we were interested in what type of travel would be most likely to earn you a swipe right.

Putting five different types to the test, we wanted to reveal which travel experiences are most attractive for both men and women. These included active travel (hiking/running), adventure (unique/less-visited destinations), beach getaways, city breaks and winter holidays (skiing/snowboarding). 

Want to know which were the most popular? Read on to find out the winners of this tongue-in-cheek study. Our experts have also handpicked some Unforgettable Travel trips where anyone interested can get those elusive swipe-worthy photos.  

What Type Of Travel Experience Received The Most Swipes For Men?


# TypeMatches per 100 Swipes

1. Active Travel16

2. City Break12

3. Adventure9

4. Winter Holiday – 8

5. Beach Getaway6


This study revealed that men who take part in active travel experiences are the most likely to gain matches on the dating app. The image of our male model having hiked to the top of a hill and overlooking the coastal view proved popular, receiving around one match in every six swipes.

And for those who fancy themselves a bit of active travel, we recommend our ‘Western Canada Self Drive’ Experience. Heading from Vancouver to Calgary, this tour offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and being active in Canada’s breathtaking Rockies and National Parks. It is also the perfect chance to take a photograph that might take someone else’s breath away too!

Claiming second place for our male model was a city break image of him exploring the streets of Rome, with the travel type receiving 12 matches per 100 swipes on the platform.

For anyone who would like the recreate this dreamy Italian image, we recommend our best-selling ‘Highlights of Italy’ tour. The one-week-long trip starts in the country’s capital, Rome, where you will be able to wander the historic and charming streets for the perfect photo opportunity – in and around exploring the city’s renowned museums, chapels and fountains of course!

Interestingly, the least attractive type of travel for men was found to be beach getaways, with only a measly six matches per 100 swipes.

What Type Of Travel Experience Received The Most Swipes For Women?


# TypeMatches per 100 Swipes

1. Beach Getaway42

2. Active Travel35

3. City Break29

4. Adventure23

5. Winter Holiday18


Surprisingly, the results of our female model were in complete contrast to those of our male model, with the beach getaway profile proving to be the most swipe-worthy. In fact, almost half of the swipes resulted in a match, which was interesting as the swimwear shot was by no means risque or revealing. It actually leaves a lot to the imagination, with the female model having her back to the camera as she gazes out from an infinity pool with her hair slicked back from the water. 

At Unforgettable Travel, we have ‘Our Beach Collection’ that showcases some of the most stunning sandy destinations around the world, but one of our expert’s suggestions would be what we call our ‘Ultimate Vietnam Honeymoon’ tour. But don’t let the name fool you – the South East Asian trip is perfect for anyone who wants to spend almost two weeks exploring the mesmerising beaches along the coast of this fascinating country. Although, take a few photos and you never know, next time you return you might have a ring on your finger!

The second most attractive type of travel for women was active travel, with 35 matches per 100 swipes. In fact, this is the most attractive type of travel for men and women combined, with 51 matches out of 200 swipes overall. 

And coming in at last place overall? Winter holidays. Perhaps due to the fact that both models are wearing helmets in their photos so you can’t see their smiling faces! 

Well, the dating apps have spoken. And whilst they might have given some people something to think about, we know that people really travel for themselves, not because it’s going to get them a date. So we say keep travelling. Keep exploring news places. You never know where you’re going to meet someone after all…



For this tongue-in-cheek study, we decided to use Tinder as it is one of the biggest and most well-recognised dating apps. We created male and female dating profiles for each travel experience, with stock images of one male and one female taking part in each.

To find out what travel experiences were considered most match-worthy, Tinder profiles were then created for each type and the number of matches gained from 100 swipes was collated for each.

To ensure that no one was emotionally impacted by the study, no matches were engaged with and profiles were deleted as soon as the data was collected.