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Visiting Bali provides adventures both on and off the beaten path. While many tourists will only see the excellent beaches of the south coast, we believe that there is so, so much more to the Island of Gods. 

With a tropical center rich in lush green natural beauty, and a 360-degree coastline of stunning black and white sand beaches, Bali is an unrivaled tropical paradise. Within the island, you’ll find dramatic waterfalls, jaw-dropping temples, gorgeous landscaped gardens, and intricately plotted rice terraces. 

With so much to see and do, there is certainly no shortage of hidden gems in Bali. Read on for our overview of the very best sites and attractions which might not make it into a typical tourist itinerary.

Southern Bali

South Bali

Melasti Beach sits at the foot of a steep cliff on the southern base of the Uluwatu peninsula. This isolated beach has some of the clearest waters and best sunset views on the whole island. 

Nusa Penida is a large island off the southeastern coast of Bali. The island is sparsely populated and is a rugged, untamed wilderness that has many hidden gems of its own! Day trips taking in its dramatic cliffs, caves, and isolated beaches can be taken from southern Bali beaches. 

Sukawati Canyon – also known as the ‘Sacred and Secret Canyon of Beju Guwang’ – is an incredible natural ravine. For a small entrance fee, visitors can descend into an otherworldly landscape, sculpted entirely by natural erosion.

Central Bali

Central Bali

Journeying just north of Ubud you’ll find the Gunung Kawi Temple. Set in a lush valley, this 11th-century temple has 10 impressively carved ‘candi’ cut into the sheer rock face. It is believed to be dedicated to ancient King Udayana and his various queens. 

Situated in the rural Tembuku district of central Bali, the Tukad Cepung Waterfall is a spectacular cascade tumbling through an open rock cave. Accessed by a challenging forest hike, the falls are especially spectacular in the rainy season from November to February. 

As a volcanic island, it is no surprise to find natural hot springs dotted all across Bali. The Angseri Hot Springs in Tabanan is sufficiently off the beaten track to be both pristine and unspoiled, and a perfect temperature for natural bathing. 

West Bali

West Bali

The laidback village of Pemuteran sits right on the northwestern tip of Bali. With a long strip of black sand beach and just a handful of quality hotels, it is a fine jumping-off point for exploring Menjangan and the West Bali National Park. 

You’re not short of epic rice fields in Bali, but we particularly love those in Soka. The fields spill down to the equally impressive Soka Beach, a pristine strip of coast on the little-visited southwestern coast. 

Driving through the isolated villages of Mangissari in Pekutatan you might pass through Bunut Bolong: a sprawling, banyan tree which the road literally cuts right through. Locals believe the tree to be centuries old and protected by spirits.

Northern Bali

North Bali

Northern Bali is a typically beautiful patchwork of dense forests and emerald rice terraces and houses some of the very best waterfalls in Bali. The Gobleg region has some of the best hiking on the island, with trails taking you from falls to falls. 

In a similar vein, Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall is one of the most photogenic in Bali. Reached by a 10-15 hike through the jungle, you’ll find a set of gently cascading waterfalls with several pools to dip in. 

Found just 15 minutes back inland from the northern city of Singaraja, the Sambangan Secret Gardens are a delightfully untouched wilderness. A trek of around 30 minutes from the road brings you to dazzling falls and natural pools, with lush foliage and pristine rice terraces all along the way.

East Bali

Eastern Bali

Its sheer scale and visibility all across eastern Bali mean that Mount Batur couldn’t exactly be described as a hidden gem – but precious few take in the volcano up close. Stay in Pinggan Village, which sits above the clouds and directly opposite the peak, offering one of the best sunrise spots on the island. 

Sidemen village is fast becoming Bali’s latest traveler hotspot, but for now, it remains deliciously unspoiled. The village and surrounding Undisan district are a throwback to traditional rural Bali and offer incredible hikes. 

Finally, for an alternative beach location in southern Bali, try Candi Dasa. Found on the southeastern coast, the area offers all the typical Balinese experiences – snorkeling and diving in the ‘Blue Lagoon’, hiking in the interior rice fields, and access to nearby temples and palaces – but with a fraction of the visitor numbers.

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