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Top 10 Cooking Classes in Japan

Japanese cuisine is one of the most revered in the world. Japanese restaurants have become an increasingly popular feature in towns and cities worldwide, bringing favorites such as sushi, teppanyaki, ramen, and gyoza to a global audience. 

Many visitors to Japan now consider food tours and an absolute must-do. Join a knowledgeable host in a traditional local home or established cookery school to create a full range of authentic Japanese dishes. After your class, you’ll be taking home skills as well as memories…and a full belly!

We work with a wide range of food tours and cooking classes across Japan. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Japanese cooking classes across the country, offering a range of experiences and culinary specialisms. Ask your dedicated Japan specialists if you’d like to include any of the below in your luxury tailor-made tour!

Making Gyoza generic

Mayuko’s Little Kitchen

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Currently the top-rated cooking class in Japan on Tripadvisor, this welcoming school is a real all-rounder. Situated in the heart of Shinjuku, it is one of our favorite cooking classes in Tokyo: great for couples, friends, and families alike.

A range of courses are available. Learn to cook hearty staples such as teriyaki chicken and gyoza, refined classics such as sushi rolls and wagashi sweets, and the full range of typically Japanese side dishes.

Japanese knife and sushi generic

KAI House Japanese Cooking

Akihabara, Tokyo

Japanese knives are heralded by chefs and home cooks worldwide as among the strongest and sharpest around. The KAI corporation is a world-leading knife manufacturer – so you’d expect their onsite cooking course to be an equally premium experience. 

A rotating menu of courses is available at their head office in Tokyo’s ‘electric town’ – Akihabara. This course comes highly recommended by the Michelin Guide as one of their top five in Tokyo

Tsukiji market Tokyo

Tsukiji Cooking

Tsukiji, Tokyo

Tokyo’s renowned Tsukiji fish market is a premier travel experience in itself. Tour the outer market early morning watching producers and suppliers at work, and dive into one of many fresh sushi restaurants all around the market for a truly exceptional breakfast. 

The simply-titled ‘Tsukiji Cooking’ is the best class in the market area. Their premier sushi-making classes make a fantastic combination with a market tour – altogether one of our absolute favorite ways to experience Tokyo.

Mochi Japanese sweets generic

Art Sushi & Mochi Making Class

Ginza, Tokyo

Japanese food is known for its quirkiness just as much as its great flavors. Sushi rice and mochi – rice cakes formed into a wide variety of shapes and colors – can be formed into intriguing shapes and patterns which are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds! 

This class, in the bustling Ginza district, teaches you how to use typical Japanese ingredients to produce delightful displays – particularly fun for families with younger children. 

Like many of these operators, Art Sushi has temporarily moved to online cooking classes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tea ceremony in Japan generic

Sakura Experience Japanese Culture


We like to include a visit to Sakura for all our guests in Kyoto. This class presents Japanese food as a cultural experience, in an alluring, traditional backstreet setting in Kyoto. 

Sakura runs our favorite tea ceremony in Kyoto. You’ll be educated on this most intricate and unique Japanese past-time, accompanied by kimono-wearing and typical snacks. Other activities available here include calligraphy classes and ikebana flower arranging.

Houses along Kamo River Kyoto

Haru Cooking Class


There’s no better place to learn how to cook delicious Japanese favorites than in a typical local home. Haru Cooking Class, in an authentic residential setting in northern Kyoto, offers just that. 

Visit the family in their traditional Japanese house overlooking the Kamo River. The class is highly welcoming and unpretentious, focusing on home-style favorites. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus are available – the latter focusing on mouthwatering Kobe beef.

House on Lake Biwa Japan

Tour du Lac Biwa

Day trip from Kyoto

Looking for a scenic alternative to the standard cooking class itinerary? This class takes place in a traditional Japanese house in Otsu district, on the banks of Lake Biwa. 

An easy day trip from Kyoto, the serene setting sees you join the local family and their small team in activities such as mochi making, farm and rice field visits, cycling tours, tea ceremonies, and of course – truly authentic rural Japanese cooking classes.

Eat Osaka

Eat Osaka


A visit to Osaka is an invitation to kuidaore – eat yourself to ruin! Osaka is the established food capital of Japan, and Osakans love nothing better than eating, thinking about eating, and talking about eating!

Osakan food is hearty and filling, befitting of this hardworking city. Eat Osaka specializes in typical Japanese street food dishes such as handmade udon, yakitori kebabs, miso soup, and pickled side dishes.

Okonomiyaki Osaka

Otafuku Okonomiyaki Museum Class


Hiroshima is the home of Japan’s most famous and revered street food: Okonomiyaki. This Japanese-style savory pancake – made with batter, eggs, cabbage, and a huge range of toppings – is a filling, lip-smacking dish at any time of day. 

Visit the head office of Otafuku Corporation – producer’s of Japan’s leading okonomiyaki sauce; a staple in any Japanese family home – for a hand’s on cooking demo of this most treasured of Japanese dishes.

Hakata Ramen Fukuoka

By Food Ramen and Gyoza Home Cooking


Ramen nerds will well know that Fukuoka, the principal city of southern Japan’s Kyushu region, is the home of Hakata ramen – arguably the most satisfying broth of all! As such it’s considered the outright spiritual home of ramen…although that’s a fiercely contested debate all across Japan. 

Should you make it down to Fukuoka, learning more about Hakata ramen is an essential experience. This class in downtown Fukuoka takes you through the whole experience from start to finish – including building your broth, making handmade noodles, and preparing accompaniments.

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