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10 Best Things to Do in Seville in 2 Days

As the fourth largest city in Spain, Seville offers much to mesmerize and fascinate those who visit its architecturally impressive sights and venture through its vibrant districts. 

Journey through its cobbled streets and you’ll be in awe at its array of ornate buildings and palaces, with vibrant tiles covering every wall, and be stunned by the grandeur of its important sights steeped in Spanish heritage and tradition.

Venture along its backstreets to sample the traditional cafes and eateries that are the heart of the city’s gastronomic scene, where a glass of crisp Spanish wine and a selection of freshly served tapas never go amiss. And, come nightfall, experience its iconic nightlife filled with dancing, laughter, and entertainment amidst its bars, theatres, and restaurants. 

Between the sweet aroma of orange in the air, its picturesque verdant parklands, and plazas full of musicians and dancers, it’s hard not to become completely infatuated with the romantic ambiance of Seville. This makes it a solid contender for couples looking for a romantic getaway, or even a honeymoon, in a beautiful Spanish destination. 

If visiting Seville has always been on your bucket list, here at Unforgettable Travel, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best things to do in Seville in 2 days to satisfy your wanderlust during a Seville vacation, ideal for those looking for a short city break.  

Sampling the variety of Seville attractions and sites on offer is more than possible during 2 days in the city, and they are guaranteed to leave you yearning for its cobbled and colorful streets long after you’ve returned home.

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Day 1

During the first of your 2 days in Seville, you can discover some of the city’s most popular and must-see locations. You’ll stay central as you get your bearings and focus on some of the most exceptional landmarks in Seville that conveniently lay within the city’s historic center, which is the largest in all of Europe. 

Climb The Giralda At Seville Cathedral 

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Catedral de Sevilla is one of the top sights in Seville and never fails to astound all that lay eyes on it.

Also known as the ‘Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See’, this architectural marvel boasts a miraculous artistic heritage. It also stretches 135 meters in length and 42 meters in height, making it the 4th largest cathedral in the world.

And its Giralda, or ‘bell tower’ is just as impressive. Towering over the city and dominating its skyline at a height of 103m, it was originally created as the minaret (used to project calls to prayer) when the cathedral was historically a mosque.

Whilst you will only find 17 steps on the way to reaching its highest point, you have to venture up 34 steep sloping ramps. Whilst tiring, this is certainly worth it, offering some of the most rewarding and unrivaled panoramic views of the city’s skyline, making it a must see in Seville. 

More details for booking tickets and the opening times of the Giralda and Cathedral are available on the Cathedral’s official website. 

Visit The Real Alcázar

In Seville old town, another unmissable attraction that happens to only be a short stroll away from the Giralda is the Royal Alcázar. 

Also known as Seville palace, the Real Alcázar is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed building originally constructed in 913 AD. The iconic structure perfectly displays the beauty of the medieval Islamic heritage of Seville, with breathtaking halls and courtyards filled with marble pillars, decorative embellishments, and brightly colored walls. 

The Seville Palace also features sensational courtyards filled with water features and gardens with immaculately trimmed shrubbery and exotic horticulture. 

It’s a unique blend between the Muslim, Moorish, and Spanish Christian cultures that have, over thousands of years, embedded themselves into Seville, which has contributed to it being one of the most famous sights in Spain. 

The Real Alcázar is open from 9:30 am until 5 pm every day of the week and details of ticket prices can be found on its official website

Catch A Glimpse of the Plaza de Cabildo 

Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the Avenida de la Constitución, on which the Seville Cathedral is located, you’ll find a hidden square that many wouldn’t even know exists. But, during the first day of your Seville vacation, we’d recommend seeking out this lovely refuge that provides a peaceful setting away from the noise of Seville’s historic center. 

This semi-circled white-walled town hall square is a tranquil spot with a beautiful fountain in its center where you can perch for a moment of peace. But, should you be visiting on a Sunday morning, you’ll find one of the city’s most famous antique markets to be held here. 

With bits and bobs amongst antiques, artwork, and other miscellaneous tangibles being sold here on market day, the square burst to life, offering a lovely contrast to its usual tranquil atmosphere. 

Explore The Jewish Quarter

Also known as Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville’s Jewish quarter is a labyrinth of cobbled backstreet alleyways dotted with charming squares and bars to grab a bite to eat or drink at during a day of Seville sightseeing. 

Historically, Barrio Santa Cruz was one of the areas of Seville that housed the Jewish population when the city was conquered by the Christians in 1248. Unfortunately, the Christian reign led to years of tension, destruction, and death for the Jews and now, the Jewish Quarter harbors this somewhat dark history within its walls. 

Its white-washed homes and ochre-colored walls broken up by traditional shop fronts and eateries make for one of the most picturesque places to go in Seville, making for a perfect morning or afternoon activity. 

Venture Through The Plaza de España 

The Plaza de España was originally built for the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929. This was a world fair and multinational event held to showcase the twinning between Spain and the U.S. Brazil, Portugal, and Latin America. 

Arguably the most impressive square in the city, its semi-circular structure is an artistic masterpiece formed of a palace-fortress, a small canal sheltered by charming bridges, and a huge fountain, enclosed within the verdant greenery of Seville’s Maria Luisa Park. 

The most impressive part of this attraction, which is a must see in Seville, is the delicately crafted tile art motifs hidden within the alcoves of the plaza. With 48 in total, each represents a different province in Spain in its full glory. 

You’ll often find performances and entertainers gathering in the plaza showcasing some of Seville’s artistic talents, such as Flamenco and Spanish guitar playing.

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Day 2

Spend your second day in the city partaking in other magical things to do that showcase the best of Seville. From discovering more breathtaking historic sites to uncovering some of the city’s most iconic neighborhoods. 

Ascend The Torre de Oro 

This 10-sided watchtower straddles the River Guadalquivir and was historically used to control the city’s waterway activity. It was constructed in the 13th century and is now one of the most popular Seville tourist attractions, nicknamed ‘the Tower of Gold’ after originally being covered in gold tiles. 

You can walk up to the top level of the tower and savor splendid views of Seville beside the river. There’s also an exhibition on its mid-level that explains the history of the landmark. 

The attraction is open from 10:30 am until 6:45 pm daily, and tickets can be purchased at the site itself.

Tour The City Bull Ring

The Plaza de Toros symbolizes a deep-rooted artistic form and cultural element of Spanish culture that has been around for hundreds of years. Located next door to the Torre de Oro, the bullring still hosts bullfights that are watched by residents and visitors from far and wide. 

It is one of the oldest bullrings in the world, and one of the largest in the country. Its whitewashed exterior with yellow detailing is an iconic sight in the city, and inside, its golden sand arena is hugely impressive, able to host up to 12,000 people. 

There are exhibitions in its rooms that have various memorabilia and shine a light on the history of bullfighting in Seville and Spain. 

The bullring is open from 9:30 am until 7:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, is open from 9:30 am until 2:30 pm on Thursday and Saturday, and is closed on Sundays. Tickets can be purchased online, or at the venue.

Wander Through Triana

Showcasing the beauty and charm of Seville’s residential areas, the neighborhood of Triana is a charming blend of thriving parades brimming with bars and restaurants and peaceful backstreets. 

The area is known historically for its ceramics and for being the home of several iconic flamenco artists and bullfighters in the city. 

It’s well worth a visit to Triana Market, housing several local grocers, artisanal food stalls, butchers, and more, creating a burst of color in Triana. This is open from 8 am until 6 pm every day apart from Sunday when it is open from 9 am until 6 pm. 

Travel Along The Guadalquivir

The vast expanse of The Guadalquivir River is the only navigable river in Spain and the second-longest with its entire stretch within the country. 

So, why not take in the Seville sites and scenes from a new perspective here? There are a number of river cruises that allow for a relaxing saunter along the river and for partaking in Seville sightseeing with ease. 

Equally, for those in search of something more exciting, you can hire kayaks or paddleboards from local companies and shopfronts in Triana which neighbor the river. Most of these offer sunset outings, regardless of your proficiency, offering an opportunity for adventure during your 2 days in Seville. 

Watch A Flamenco Show

Seville is the birthplace of Flamenco. Having originated between the 9th and 14th centuries, this unique art form is thought to have come about thanks to Indian migrants, who brought songs, dances, and a selection of musical instruments over from India to Spain.

What better place to see a flamenco show than in its original city? Triana, which is where many famous flamenco artists were born, is a fantastic option to view this artistic masterpiece. However, there are numerous flamenco bars and theatres dotted throughout the city where you can experience this exceptional art form during your final day in Seville.

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