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The 10 Best Things to Do in Mallorca

Surrounded by turquoise waters, dotted with historic settlements, and home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the Mediterranean, the island of Mallorca is a Spanish paradise.

As the biggest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca has everything that a quintessential island escape has to offer and more, with the very best of its sights and attractions never being out of reach during a vacation here. From meandering through the bustling city streets of Palma de Mallorca to relaxing on the blissful beaches that lie on every corner of the island, regardless of what type of traveler you are, Mallorca is guaranteed to have something to suit your deepest desires. 

So, if visiting Mallorca is on your travel bucket list, you’ll be wanting to know exactly what the best areas, attractions, and experiences are that you shouldn’t miss during your stay. And that’s exactly why our experts here at Unforgettable Travel have collated the very best things to do in Mallorca that will have every visitor falling head over heels for the island. 

Whether you’re an active-lover looking to explore the island’s mountainous regions, which are renowned worldwide, or you’re a wine connoisseur that wants to savor the crop of its sumptuous vines, stick around to see the wealth of opportunities in store for you when you next visit Mallorca.

Oratori Beach
Tramuntana Mountain Range

Visit One Of The Most Famous Beaches On The Island

You can’t come to Mallorca and not experience one of its spectacular shoreline locations. With 262 beaches spread across its coastline, totaling a length of 50km, the island is home to more than its fair share of golden sands, hidden coves, and beautiful turquoise bays. 

And whilst many beaches have won the hearts of locals and tourists alike over decades, there’s one beach that stands out from the crowd that you can’t afford to neglect during your next vacation. 

Portals Nous Beach, more commonly known as Oratori, is a spectacular seafront spot nearby to the town of Portals Nous on the southwest of the island. Offering crystal clear and calm waters, as well as a beautiful stretch of golden sand, it’s a truly handsome beachfront location. Here, you can tan, swim, and indulge in a selection of watersports to your heart’s content for a varied and exciting day out by the shore.

Go Hiking In The Tramuntana Mountain Range

Stretching from the southwest to the northeast of the island, the Tramuntana Mountain Range, locally known as the Serra de Tramuntana, is a towering mountainous region that forms the northern backbone of Mallorca. 

It is 90km in length, with some of its peaks reaching over a kilometer in height, and is one of the most impressive aspects of the island’s natural landscape which makes it a must-see whilst visiting Mallorca. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for those looking to immerse themselves in Mallorca’s untouched scenery, the Tramuntana Mountains are an exceptional place to start. 

Thousands of people visit the island every year to hike through this magnificent mountain range, and if the thought of doing so excites you, it’s more than possible to pull your hiking boots up and indulge in a range of routes within the mountains yourself.


Try Your Hand At Watersports

Some of the most popular activities in Mallorca make the most of the island’s unbeatable coastal spots, such as a variety of watersports. The island is ideal for anyone who is a fan of, or who wants to get involved with, watersports activities such as diving, kayaking, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, and more. 

Depending on your experience, some of these activities will require training or a qualification, such as open water diving. But, other than this, the majority of watersports activities in Mallorca do not require any formal training and you can get stuck in almost immediately with no advanced knowledge.

You can trust the assistance of experts and locals to get you started with your chosen watersport activity. Soon enough you’ll be able to dive straight into experiencing the underwater world that surrounds Mallorca’s shores or explore its breathtaking coastline from the surface.

Discover The Island’s Capital – Palma de Mallorca

Palma is Mallorca’s thriving capital city which is situated on the south of the island. It’s the most bustling settlement in Mallorca and is bursting with culture, history, and life that is waiting to be discovered by visitors from far and wide. 

Whether you’re looking to sample Mallorca’s authentic culture, savor the tastes of traditional Mallorcan gastronomy, or simply immerse yourself in the beautifully preserved streets of the capital, Palma is for you. 

You can easily spend a day getting lost within Palma’s streets, with many of the best sights and attractions in Mallorca always around the corner, wherever you may be. Mallorca Cathedral, for example, stands proudly towering over Palma’s rooftops and is an outstanding example of historical and artistic heritage in the Balearics. 

The beautiful Plaça Major, on the other hand, is the beating heart of the city center and a prominent public landmark in the city. Erected in the 19th century, it is one of the most recognizable parts of Palma. Soak in this thriving area’s atmosphere, as well as its traditional Spanish architecture, from the sanctuary of the many bars and restaurants that line its borders.

Market 13
Cap de Formentor

Explore Santa Catalina Market

What many travelers visiting Mallorca fail to realize is that, within only a short walk from the old town of Palma, you’ll find one of the best-hidden gem settlements on the island. 

Santa Catalina was once a fishing village situated to the west of Palma’s old town. Nicknamed ‘Santa Cat’, this is now a thriving community, with its fresh food market attracting visitors from all corners of the island. 

As Palma’s oldest food market, Santa Catalina Market is home to around 50 local vendors with stands bursting with fresh fruits, fish, cheeses, and meats, and stalls that serve up some of the most authentic and delicious Mallorcan tapas. Whether you visit this market to satisfy all of your senses, or to simply soak in the atmosphere, this is one of the best things to do in Mallorca.

Go To The Cap De Formentor

As the northernmost point on the island of Mallorca, the Cap De Formentor is one of the most beautiful vantage points that people can visit during their vacation here. Surrounded by breathtaking geographical landscapes, including the Tramuntana Mountain Range, visitors can expect panoramic vistas of the vast Balearic Sea and rugged mountaintops.  

Many visitors choose to drive, or even cycle, to Cap de Formentor. Driving is much more accessible and easily done from different parts of the island and the most common cycling route is from Pollensa or Puerto Pollensa to reach the northern point. However, for cyclists, the route is considered to be quite challenging, so this would be a journey better suited for those that are more experienced. 

Once reached, visitors can admire spectacular views and also visit the lighthouse, which lies at the very tip of the clifftop. The building has a cafe where you can purchase snacks and beverages, which is the perfect accompaniment as you soak in the surrounding vistas.

Palma Soller Train
Calvari Steps Pollensa Old Town

Ride On The Famous Palma-Soller Train

Connecting the capital of Palma to the traditional Mallorcan town of Soller is one of the country’s favorite locomotive attractions. Originally introduced to transport locals through the Soller Valley to the capital, now, this quaint wooden train is loved by residents and tourists alike, transporting its patrons back in time as they enjoy breathtaking scenery in the Western part of the island. 

The train line has its own dedicated stations in both Palma and Soller, and it takes roughly an hour to reach either destination. Running year-round, apart from in January, you can expect to cross bridges, view viaducts, and pass through tunnels within Mallorca’s landscape. You can also indulge in spectacular inland vistas as you trundle along this historic transport route.

Amble Through Pollensa Old Town

Founded by the Catalans in the 13th century, Pollensa old town is a scenic area of the northwestern settlement of Pollensa. This charming settlement is renowned specifically for its beautifully preserved old town, which has a number of Roman features that showcase the island’s deep-rooted history.  

Here, you can meander along the charming cobblestone streets and marvel at the traditional stone architecture that lines the old town’s roads and alleys. One of the best attractions in Pollensa old town is the Calvari Steps. Bordered by cypress trees and composed of 365 steps in total, one for every day of the year, you can walk up these steps lining Calvari Hill to reach Calvario Chapel and have spectacular views over the town and its surrounding landscapes.

Mondrago National Park
Wine Vineyard

Go Birdwatching In Mondrago Natural Park

Mondrago National Park is a pristine and remote coastal reserve in Mallorca that showcases the island’s best natural beauty. Composed of wetlands and beaches with golden sands and turquoise waters, these untouched natural landscapes are exactly what has gained this natural park its reputation. 

Many of the beaches within the park are perfect for swimming and sunbathing, and its forested areas are ideal to spot some of the island’s native wildlife species. Regardless of what season you’re planning on visiting Mallorca, there’s no bad time to head to Mondrago National Park, with the diverse scenery offering something beautiful at any time of the year. 

Birdwatching is a particularly popular activity here, especially as Mallorca lies on the Western European migratory route. Equally, many visitors love the walking routes and cycling trails available to explore every nook and cranny of the park. 

Raise A Glass At A Local Winery

Mallorca is considered to be a lesser-recognized wine destination in Europe, overshadowed by its neighboring competitors, such as mainland Spain and France, which have developed their names in the industry. However, with over 70 bodegas on the island, and vineyards lining its hillside landscapes, this makes Mallorca a hidden gem for wine lovers and connoisseurs alike who are hoping to discover the simple beauty of this under-the-radar wine location.

A number of the island’s wineries and bodegas offer tastings and tours in which you can learn more about the art of winemaking and the history that surrounds Mallorca’s wine scene. Imagine holding a glass in hand as you meander through the vines, savoring the delicate and rich flavors of native Mallorcan wines to get a real taste of the island.

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