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Things to Do in Cambodia

Enchanting Cambodia is most famous for its magnificent, UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor.  The charismatic capital of Phnom Penh with its world-class restaurants. Siem Reap is not only home to iconic Angkor but to a buzzing nightlife and hip cafes, while Battambang offers charms without the big tourist crowds. Find here our selection of things to do in Cambodia.

Sunset Angkor Cambodia
Angkor Cambodia 1

Watch the Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is one of the world’s most famous spots for watching a sunrise, with its reflection in a still pool against a backdrop of pinks, oranges and red, a favourite of many. The iconic moment when the colours start to dance above the ancient temple spires attracts photographers and travellers of all types from across the globe.

Explore Magnificent Temples

While Angkor Wat is the top destination on most traveller itineraries, there are many other magnificent temples throughout Cambodia, including right in Angkor Archaeological Park, spread over 155 square miles. Many ancient monuments can be explored on your own, on foot or bike, including Angkor Thom which lies in the shadow of Wat, showcasing a series of impressive ancient buildings.

Street food Cambodia 2
Street food Cambodia 1

Sample Street Food in Siem Reap

Cambodia offers mouthwatering cuisine, including unique options you probably won’t find back home. Siem Reap is no exception, with its market stalls a gastronomic delight. Discover everything from amok, the fish soup made with a red Thai curry paste and coconut milk to fried noodles topped with meat and fried vegetables, and “alternative” street foods like lime and chili crickets or deep-fried tarantulas.

Angkor Cambodia 4
Chnok Tru Cambodia

Learn About Cambodia’s Khmer Past

Cambodia has a complex and turbulent history along with deep cultural roots. After nearly a century of French colonial rule, it gained independence in 1953, but by the mid-1970s, it was suffering under Khmer Rouge, with mass executions taking place. There are many sites that recall this barbaric past, including memorials and museums that honor victims like the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.

Discover Floating Villages

The floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake are a must-visit for Siem Reap visitors. This is where many of Cambodia’s fishermen have lived for decades and are still relying on this large body of freshwater to earn their livings today. Visitors can learn about the locals way of life and find out how to help them sustain their long-time traditions.

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