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Our Favourite Undiscovered Destinations in Italy

With everything from sparkling lakes, soaring mountains and beautiful beaches, to hilltop villages and spectacular cities. Italy is a favourite among many travellers. While it may seem that there are no undiscovered places left. Surprisingly there are still some mostly untouched destinations that you probably don’t know about.

Enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine and magnificent scenery without the crowds by visiting these spots.

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This small fishing village may be close to one of Italy’s most popular destinations, Cinque Terre. Mostly overlooked yet it also offers colourful buildings with a backdrop of forest covered hills and a dazzling waterfront. It stretches crescent-shaped along the edge of a tranquil bay. With the view from any of the surrounding beaches or harbour something that one could spend all day admiring. Simply enjoy relaxing while sipping coffee or wine while enjoying the scenery is unforgettable.


While more people are discovering Matera, one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited towns, for now it’s still mostly off the beaten path. The earliest settlers arrived at least 9,000 years ago. Living in natural caves in the canyon walls that surround it. Extending them until eventually there were thousands of caves. Today you’ll still find cave dwellings, with many transformed into stylish hotels and elegant restaurants. The entire area is fascinating, filled with historic churches and beautiful buildings, making it a wonderful place just to wander.

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Medieval Erice sits atop a mountain overlooking the port of Trapani and the magnificent Sicilian coast. The 12th-century walled village is ideal for a summer visit, providing a cool respite at its higher elevation. The ride on the cable car to reach it is worth the experience aloe. Once there, enjoy the views and get lost in the atmospheric labyrinth of stone-paved streets that wind between the centuries-old buildings.

Tiber Island

The world’s smallest inhabited island, Tiber Island is located in the middle of Rome’s Tiber River. While few visitors explore it, instead heading to famous landmarks like the Roman Colosseum, it’s a place of mystery wrapped in legend. Connected by the mainland by two bridges, it’s been associated with healing since the 3rd century BC when the Romans built a temple here to the god of medicine. Today it serves as a tranquil oasis from the busy streets of Rome.


This isolated village is nestled high in the mountains overlooking Positano. Despite commanding some of the most breath-taking views on the entire Amalfi coast, few tourists visit, making it feel as if it’s worlds apart from touristy Positano. There isn’t much that happens here, providing the chance to experience Italy’s more authentic side along with timeless beauty.

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This charming Tuscan hamlet gets overlooked for Florence and Cinque Terre, receiving far fewer tourists than its famous neighbours. Dating back to the 12th-century, Collodi is well-worth a visit, cascading down the hillside providing a well-preserved example of medieval architecture. It’s anchored by a fortress/castle and is also home to beautiful gardens, elegant villas and a Pinocchio Park, the place where author Carlo Collodi dreamed up his fantastical tales.


Most visitors to Lake Como head to popular towns like Como and Bellagio, but Laglio is not only incredibly picturesque, it provides a much more tranquil spot for enjoying the scenery and is also connected to Hollywood royalty. This is where actor George Clooney owns a luxury villa and it’s also home to the Bear Hole, a karst cave with stalactites and stalagmites.

Porto Selvaggio (Wild Harbor)

Porto Selvaggio translates to Wild Harbour and sits within a natural park, providing unspoiled scenery with craggy cliffs and gnarled olive trees that surround a beach. As it’s relatively secluded, few tourists head here, visiting nearby cities like Lecce or other more popular beaches instead. It’s a great place to enjoy a day on the sand and explore the area with a walk on one of the meandering trails.

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Venetian Ghetto

While Venice is one of the most popular cities among visitors, the Venetian Ghetto is often missed, with most heading to landmarks like the Bridge of Sighs and Piazza San Marco. It was established when the Jewish population was segregated from the rest of the city in the early 16th-century and still has a significant Jewish presence, home to the Jewish Museum of Venice, synagogues, and Jewish bakeries. Enjoy getting lost among the tiny streets and bridges that cross the canals.

The Oltrano Quarter in Florence 

Few visitors to Florence are even aware that Oltrano exists. This quarter of the city is a true hidden gem, located across the Ponte Vecchio on the other side of the Arno River. It offers a stunning view of the city from atop Piazzale Michelangelo along with attractions like Boboli Gardens, the imposing Forte Belvedere and Palazzo Pitti.

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