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The Most Missed Foods Around The World

Food. Something that we all need to survive, but also something that has the ability to shape your journies and define your memories. 


Let’s be honest. It’s all too easy to visit a new country or city with every intention of exploring all of the main historic and cultural sights but, instead, just spending the majority of the trip exploring the local culture through food and drink.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


At Unforgettable Travel, we even have a range of tours designed specifically for culinary-focused travel and, as big advocates of exploring by mouth, we were intrigued to find out which foods around the world people miss the most, particularly during the last two years of restricted travel.

And, now, thanks to Reddit, we know! So, wherever you’re heading on your next culinary vacation, we’ve got you covered with exactly what food you need to try!

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Key findings:

  • There are a number of ‘most missed’ foods on our map that are quite, well, unsurprising – like rare steak in Argentina and Pasteis de Nata in Portugal – but it is interesting to see some of the more unusual ones cropping up.
    • For example, Eggs Benedict was the ‘most missed’ food from Australia – although, this might not be that surprising for anyone who has experienced the outstanding Australian brunch culture!
    • In Iceland, for example, it is the wonderfully simple Hot Dog that is ‘most missed’ – and what sets these sausage sandwiches apart from others is that they’re made from organic, free-range Icelandic lamb and topped with both crispy and raw onions, sweet mustard, apple ketchup and remoulade.
    • And in Italy, the home of world-favourite pizza and pasta, it is Gelato that won the title of the food that people ‘miss the most’. A lighter yet richer flavoured version of ice cream.
  • Interestingly, the food ‘most missed’ from the United States is a dish that does not actually derive from the country but instead from its Southern neighbour. Yet Tacos have filtered into America over the years and now the tasty snack can be found in many establishments around the country. 
  • And, if you’ve ever been to Great Britain’s seaside, you will certainly have tried the Nation’s ‘most missed’ food – Fish and Chips. Smothered in salt, soused with vinegar, and wrapped in newspaper… it’s clearly left an impression on many.


We scoured multiple Reddit communities on the topic of travel, searching for threads that included phrases such as ‘most missed food’ and ‘most memorable food’ and translating accordingly.

The food that was included in the most comments was then taken as the most missed food item in that country.

Countries, where data was not available, were omitted from the study.

Data correct as of April 2022.