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Top 5 Safari Activities for Kids

With so many different options of accommodation on safari, we know that the planning process can be a little overwhelming. Our safari specialists have travelled extensively around the continent, staying in all types of accommodation – from larger, more structured lodges in South Africa, to mobile tented camps in Kenya. They have also travelled on safari with their families, so they understand the concerns and questions that come with booking a family safari.

Your safari accommodation is, in our opinion, the most important part when it comes to planning a family safari. Of course, when and where you go is also high on the list, but it is the safari accommodation that will make or break your safari dream. A safari lodge is responsible for the guiding, the food, the safety and ultimately, the overall experience.With this in mind, we have put together some of our favourite, and highly recommended safari lodges and camps for family safaris. All of our safari itineraries are tailor-made and curated with you in mind.

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Kwandwe Photo
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Nature Walks, Junior Ranger Training and Local Village Tours

Nature Walks

Many lodges will offer the children a chance to go out on a nature walk with one of the rangers. The walks are normally around the lodge and the ranger will focus on the eco systems of the area. Children can learn which plants can be eaten, the medicinal attributes of plants and watch the incredible insects that live in the reserve. Most kids love to see a dung beetle! Dung beetles roll dung into round balls, which are then used as a food source or breeding chambers.

Junior Ranger Training

This is a great experience for older kids who love the outdoors. Your ranger will take you out and teach you the skills to be a ranger in the bush. This will include how to track animals using their foot prints, how to survive in the reserve without modern equipment and learn about the animals behaviours.

Local Villages

Most lodges have a local village near it and there is often the opportunity to visit. The experiences available varies but will include: a trip to the local school, making traditional bows and arrows, learning the local crafts – beading, crafting and painting, try local food and see how different the way of life is.

Image credit: Kwandwe Private Game Reserve (left) and Young Explorers Camp Ker & Downey (right)

Dung beetle
Nature Walk Impodimo Camp

Get Close To Nature and Conservation Programs

Getting close to the wildlife

Africa is full of experiences where children can get close to the wildlife. Two of our favourites are: feeding the giraffes at The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi and getting very close to the penguins at Boulders Beach in Cape Town.

Conservation Programs

Many of the reserves run conservation programs, this allows children a great opportunity to learn about wildlife that is under threat and what can be done to preserve them for future generations. The project ranges from helping to tag elephants for tracking, protecting turtle nests, counting wild dogs or darting rhinos to record their data.

Image Credit (right): Impodimo Game Lodge

Ready to Start Planning?

Gemma is our African safari specialist and is happy to design the perfect trip for you. Please feel free to get in touch today

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