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Honeymooning in Japan

Japan offers honeymooning couples everything from culture and history to spectacular scenery, including soaring mountains and white sand beaches. While it’s not the place to go for the typical beach holiday spent lounging around with a drink in hand, there are endless settings for romance, like an enchanting boat ride along Kyoto’s cherry blossom-lined Okazaki Canal in the spring.

Japan Ryokans
Yubatake Hotspring

Accommodation in Traditional Ryokans

Instead of an all-inclusive resort, you can stay in a traditional ryokan, immersed in the Japanese way of life. A Japanese inn, most are small, family-run operations, providing an intimate stay that makes them especially enjoyable for honeymooners. Some even include a private onsen, or hot spring bath, attached to your room. They all offer impeccable, personal service, with an evening meal included as part of your stay, often served in the privacy of your room. It’s normally done kaiseki style, made up of small dishes, all locally sourced and gorgeously presented.

Traditional Pastimes

In Kyoto, the historical and cultural heart of Japan, not only can you enjoy that romantic spring boat ride, but you can stroll through beautiful gardens and explore ancient temples, traditional wooden architecture, and shrines. You might take part in traditional tea ceremonies, learn the art of kimono wearing or delve into samurai culture with a kembu experience, including a lesson on sword techniques.

Chidorigafuchi park Tokyo
Okinawa Beaches

Capital City Delights

Tokyo is a place of striking contrasts with soaring skyscrapers sometimes found next to ancient shrines. Easily explored on foot and via public transport, this lively metropolis is home to a wide range of restaurants serving everything from mouthwatering Japanese dishes to international fare. There are more Michelin starred restaurants here than anywhere else in the world, but some of the tastiest and most innovative foods are often found in the streets, available in ornate stalls, bustling fish markets and ramen stands. The drink scene is impressive too, Park Hyatt hotel’s New York Bar is ideal for pre-dinner drinks among all the neon lights and was featured in the movie “Lost in Translation.” One of the most exciting themed eateries can be found in Tokyo – the epic Robot Restaurant is uniquely Japanese, featuring a raucous pop culture show with dancers, lasers, and robotic monsters.

Amid the bustling atmosphere in the city are plenty of green spaces for peaceful strolls among a tranquil oasis of calm with beautifully preserved temples, shrines, and colourful gardens.

Okinawa Beaches

For those who don’t want to miss spending time on the sand, Okinawa is an archipelago of more than 160 islands with pristine white sandy beaches, turquoise water and a sub-tropical climate. The main island is Honshu, but Miyako Island may be especially ideal for honeymooners with intimate beachfront boutique properties and opportunities to soak in natural hot springs surrounded by tropical flowers. Ishigaki Island is another great pick, a place that offers activities like scuba diving and snorkelling among vibrant coral reefs with colourful fish. Day trips to nearby Irimote Island can also be enjoyed from here, with mangroves and swamps popular for jungle hikes.

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