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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Rome?

Rome, the capital of Italy, is a city steeped in rich history and culture going back thousands of years. With sights like the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Vatican City, it’s no wonder that visitors come from all over the world. 

The best time to visit Rome is usually from April to October, as you can enjoy the summer heat alongside the city’s magnificent attractions. In this article, we will give you an idea of what to expect when visiting Rome at different points in the year, with suggestions about the best activities and major events happening each month.

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Rome in Spring

Rome in March 

March can be a wonderful time to visit Rome as the city begins preparing for the tourist season. The warmer days are perfect for sightseeing and there are some amazing annual events to take part in. 

Weather in Rome in March

Rome welcomes the warmth of spring in March with brighter days and higher temperatures. Days will be 14°C, with highs up to 17°C towards the end of the month. The expected rainfall for March is around 65mm so rainy days are still to be expected. 

What to Do in Rome in March

Rome will still be fairly quiet in March as the high season is yet to start. This is a great time to see sites like the Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona as they won’t be swamped with tourists. 

Key Events in Rome in March

One of the most iconic events in March is the commemoration of Caesar’s death. Celebrations will take over the Forum near the statue of Caesar and you can attend a reenactment of the assassination at Largo Argentina square. 

Easter week can also fall in March, so expect lots of religious celebrations and events. It all begins on the  Sunday before Easter, the Pope will hold a mass in Vatican City. Further masses will be held throughout the week, including the Via Crucis, which is a  moving experience even if you aren’t religious. 


Rome in April 

The shoulder season is in full swing by April so expect the city to be busier than previous months. April brings color back to the Eternal City as flowers begin to bloom so this is a good time to traverse the city on foot and explore off the beaten path. 

Weather in Rome in April

April brings in the height of spring with mild sunny days and clear skies. Temperatures get as high as 20°C with lows of 10°C. Precipitation is still at 68mm so there will be some showers. The sun will set at 8 pm most nights, giving you plenty of time to see the highlights of Rome. 

What to Do in Rome in April

With the warmer weather, April is a great time to explore the big landmarks like Palatine Hill which will offer incredible views of Rome on a bright spring day. As the city blooms with flowers and greenery, taking a walk through parks and gardens can make an excellent afternoon. Villa Borghese is a great place to explore, as its gardens are lush with color in April and you can discover incredible masterpieces in the Borghese Gallery. 

Key Events in Rome in April

Settimana della Cultura, or Culture Week, is a massive event in mid-April where state museums and archaeological sites will be open to the public with free entry. This is a great time to explore the rich history of Rome. 

April 21st marks the founding of Rome nearly 3000 years ago. Museums will be offering free entry once more and you can enjoy events across the Eternal City like concerts, parades, and street performances. It’s not one to be missed!


Rome in May 

May brings warmer days and lots of tourists to Rome. The major sights will be very popular this time of year but the high season is still yet to start. 

Weather in Rome in May

May brings the heat, with highs of 24°C and precipitation dropping to around 50mm. Long days mean you’ve got plenty of time to soak up the sun. The end of the month can get much warmer but the nights will be chillier so a light jacket is a must. 

What to Do in Rome in May

The warmer May days are perfect for outdoor dining and strolling along the river Tiber. The tourist season will start to pick up so be prepared for crowds. When visiting sites and monuments, be sure to arrive early. 

Key Events in Rome in May

International Workers Day is the 1st day of May and is celebrated throughout Italy. In Rome, there is an annual concert held at Piazza Giovanni that plays late into the night. Be warned that some businesses may be closed, so plan your day accordingly.

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Rome in Summer

Rome in June

The high season has begun, so Rome will be very busy in June. The streets will be bustling with tourists and locals alike. Rome comes alive with so much excitement and has some great events to complement the usual attractions. 

Weather in Rome in June

June brings some of the best weather of the year to Rome. At the beginning of the month, days will be bright and pleasantly warm. Towards the end of June, temperatures can increase to highs of 27°C. Rain is rare in summer with only 40mm of precipitation over 8 days. Be sure to pack lightweight clothing and a sun hat.  

What to Do in Rome in June

June is a great time to enjoy food tours across the city. Traditional Italian gelato is a great way to beat the summer heat. The Rose Garden is also open to the public from May till the end of June and is an excellent stop for your vacation itinerary. 

Key Events in Rome in June

Republic Day is a significant national holiday in Italy. There is a large parade that takes place throughout Rome, accompanied by musical performances and fireworks. Later on in the month, you can enjoy the Gay Village Festival, which is a massive celebration over the summer with open-air dance floors and music performances. If you are seeking vibrant nightlife, this is the event for you. 


Rome in July 

July will be just as busy, if not busier, than in previous months. The Forum and other monuments will be filled with locals and tourists alike. July is the best time to explore the local scene and join in the summer festivities. Rome hosts multiple music events for the summer so there’s so much to get involved in. 

Weather in Rome in July

July is the hottest month in Rome, with temperatures soaring to highs of 30°C and lows of 18°C. There will only be around 20mm of rainfall in less than a week so rainy days are few and far between. The days can be scorching hot so pack clothes that will keep you cool. Don’t forget your swimsuit either, since the ocean will be the perfect temperature for swimming. 

What to Do in Rome in July

July is perfect beach weather in Rome. A short train or bus ride could have you at the coast in under an hour! The heat can be overwhelming, so July is a good time to break up your trip with some indoor activities to keep yourself cool. 

Key Events in Rome in July

You can enjoy multiple summer festivals in July, like Lungo il Tevere, Rock in Roma, and Giardini di Luglio. If you’re a big music fan, this is the best month to go to Rome.   


Rome in August 

August is just as warm as July but brings with it the slow end of the summer high season to Rome. Attractions will be just as busy, but towards the end of the month, things may start to quiet down. If you want to visit Rome in the peak season, this is a great time for it. 

Weather in Rome in August

August is just as warm as July with temperatures up to 31°C. Fortunately, the weather begins to cool by the end of the month into the mid 20’s. Rainfall increases up to 30mm, so expect some rainy days. The climate will be hot and humid, particularly in the middle of the day, so try to stay out of the sun when it’s at its peak. 

What to Do in Rome in August

Many summer events are still in full swing for August, meaning there is still so much to see and do. The Baths of Caracalla are alive with opera performances well into the evening. If you find the heat too much, why not take a tour of the catacombs beneath the city?  

Key Events in Rome in August

Ferragosto is the official start of the Italian summer holidays. It commences with music and dance performances all throughout the streets of Rome in a wonderful display of culture. However, many Italians go away on vacation, which means for the last 2 weeks of August many shops and restaurants will be closed.

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Rome in Fall

Rome in September 

The high season starts to wind down by September, with milder days and fewer crowds. This is a great time to go see the sights as there will be much shorter queues to enter churches and museums. As summer moves into fall this is an excellent time to explore local markets and sample traditional Italian produce.  

Weather in Rome in September

Things start cooling down in September making the weather much more pleasant. Temperatures will reach highs of 27°C in the day and nights drop to a cool 16°C. You might want to bring a jacket, as rainfall does increase to nearly 70mm over 8 days. 

What to Do in Rome in September

By the end of the month, the summer crowds will have dispersed as the high season comes to a close. This is a great time to hit the main attractions like the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. The cooler evenings are perfect for strolls through the different districts. 

Key Events in Rome in September

Notte Bianca, or the ‘White Night Festival’ is an amazing display of dance and music held in the Forum. Many shops and restaurants stay open late into the night, so you can make an entire evening of the event. 

One of the most important events for Rome in September is Sagra dell’Uva. This is a harvest festival that begins at the end of the month and honors the grape. Visitors can indulge in wine while watching spectacular performances over 6 days. Head to Marino, just 40km outside of the center of Rome, for the full experience.   


Rome in October 

October is part of the shoulder season in Rome, so it will still be busy but much more manageable. This is a great time to visit if you want to avoid the heavy summer crowds. The mild weather is much more tolerable than the summer heat and there are some great local events to take part in. 

Weather in Rome in October

October is an idyllic time to visit Rome as the heat fades to 22°C on hotter days. Towards the end of the month expect temperatures to drop to a crisp 15°C. The average precipitation is 94mm over 12 days, so the majority of days are sunny.  

What to Do in Rome in October

October is the perfect time to dive into all Rome has to offer. Alongside the main attractions, you should take time to explore the different districts, like Trastevere, and get a real taste of the authentic Italian atmosphere. 

Key Events in Rome in October

Roma Europa is one of the most prestigious cultural festivals in Europe. It brings together multiple cultures from across the world to showcase amazing art, music, and dance. It takes place from September to November so October is the best time to attend to make the most of the events on offer. 

Rome also hosts an International Film Festival in October at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. This is a very high-brow event, attracting celebrities from across the globe. It features exhibitions and movie premieres, as well as concerts and other live performances.  


Rome in November 

November is a very quiet month in Rome, which is perfect for those who want to see the sights at a more relaxed pace. You can enjoy hearty Italian food like carciofi alla romana after a long day exploring the artistic and cultural highlights of the Eternal City. 

Weather in Rome in November

Winter starts to settle into Rome in November bringing temperatures down to 18°C at the highest. By the end of November the temperature can be as low as 10°C, so be sure to back some layers. Precipitation increases to 130mm spread out over 15 days, so be prepared for rain. 

What to do in Rome in November

November is a great time for city and food tours as the high season is long over. You can take time exploring as you don’t need to worry about crowds. November is also artichoke season, so why not sample some of the local cuisine

Key Events in Rome in November

The first of November is All Saints Day, which is a national holiday in Rome. Locals will be honoring their deceased loved ones and spend time in churches and cemeteries. 

In the second half of November, Rome hosts the Roma Jazz Festival which brings together local jazz musicians as well as performers from around the world. For fans of Jazz, this is a spectacular time to visit Rome. 

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Rome in Winter

Rome in December 

There is a special charm to Rome during December. As the Christmas season takes off, the streets are buzzing with a festive atmosphere. Visiting Rome around this time of year will make your trip much more intimate as there will be fewer crowds. Attractions like the Spanish Steps will be decorated for the holiday, which can make the experience all the more unique. 

Weather in Rome in December

December brings some of the lowest temperatures and shortest days to Rome. High temperatures only ever hit 10°C and can be as low as 7°C. Rainfall remains similar to November with 111m expected across the whole month.  

What to Do in Rome in December

Christmas season is in full swing and Rome lights up with decorations and displays for the holidays. You should spend time exploring the city and taking in the transformation. The first few weeks will be very uncrowded, so this is a really good time to check out museums and churches as you’ll likely have the entire site to yourself. 

Key Events in Rome in December

Christmas markets pop up all over the city in December. Head to Piazza Navona and spend hours shopping between stalls, buying handmade gifts and delicious treats for yourself and your loved ones. 

If you are spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Rome, be sure to check out the nativity display in St. Peters Square and attend the celebrations in some of the most important Christian churches in the world. 


Rome in January 

Rome in January offers a more intimate experience of the city as there are fewer crowds, so you can really take in the sights and spend time exploring. This is also a great time for a budget trip because prices for flights and accommodation will be much lower than usual. 

Weather in Rome in January

January is the coldest month of the year, with an average temperature of 10°C. Temperatures can get as low as 2°C – 3°C, so pack plenty of warm clothes. Around 14 days of the month will have rain, totaling approximately 83mm of rain over the month. 

What to Do in Rome in January

The first week or so will be busy as people wind down from Christmas celebrations which officially end on the 6th of January. During this time locals are often seeing family and or taking advantage of the winter sales, so it can get pretty crowded. Once things return to normal, you will have your pick of sites and museums to visit, since it’s the quietest point of the year. 

Key Events in Rome in January

La Befana is an important national holiday in Italy that marks the end of the Christmas season. Italian children wake up to gifts, parades fill the streets, and there is a midnight Mass led by the Pope. 

You can also attend the Festival of Saint Anthony. Taking place on the 17th of January every year, the feast is a smaller celebration. Locals flock to churches and bring their pets for blessings. If you want to experience authentic local culture and customs, this is not one to miss.  


Rome in February  

February in Rome is much the same as January, as the high season is yet to begin. The weather improves slightly, but you should still expect to spend time indoors due to rain.  

Weather in Rome in February

February is still quite cold, with highs of 13°C and approximately 85mm of rainfall throughout the month. Pack for chilly weather and bring a rain jacket. The days are starting to get longer by February, with about 8 hours of sun in a day.

What to Do in Rome in February

February is a great time to visit Rome as you can enjoy the freedom of the low tourist season and the milder weather. This is a good opportunity to visit the major sites like the Colosseum and the Vatican Museum and dive into the history of Rome.

Key Events in Rome in February

Carnivale is a huge celebration that takes place just before Lent. The streets are filled with masked characters, firework displays, and musical performances, making it a great time for families to visit Rome. 

February is also a very romantic time to visit Rome. Couples can enjoy rustic Italian dining as well as a two-for-one deal on all tickets for museums and archaeological sites in the city. Date night really doesn’t get much better!

The best time to visit Rome is from April to October. The crowds are thinner and the weather is warm but not overwhelming, making it a great time to see the sights. 

Even so, the winter months are still a great time to visit for a budget holiday, as accommodation rates and flights will be much cheaper. There are also fewer visitors this time of year so you can enjoy your vacation itinerary at a relaxed pace.

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