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Best Time to Visit Mauritius By Activities and Attractions

Mauritius has just two seasons, a frequently humid, warm summer extending from November to April, and a dry, cooler winter between June and September. If you visit in the winter, it will still be quite pleasant along the coast at around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but the water may be a bit too chilly for swimming, especially in July and August, although it rarely dips below 64 degrees. In the mountains, you may need a sweater. October and May tend to be the best months, with comfortable temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s, and little rain. December through April is the wetter time of year, with January and February getting the most rainfall. Mid-December through March also brings the possibility of cyclones.

With so many different activities and attractions in Mauritius, the best time to visit really depends on what you hope to do.

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Wildlife Watching

Much of the wildlife in Mauritius can be found in the water. From June through September, migratory bottlenose dolphins can often be seen along the east coast. Or, if you embark on a boat excursion to Blue Bay Marine Park they sometimes follow in the wake. Between July and November, humpback whales come to the warm waters to calf. Sperm whales inhabit the ocean year-round, although they’re difficult to spot as the tend to stick to deep water. If you’re a turtle fan, you might see nesting hawksbill or green turtles nesting from November through March, or swim alongside them while snorkelling.

Bird lovers will find a birders’ paradise in Black River Gorges National Park all year long. If you’d like to see migratory European birds too, come between May and September.

Snorkelling, Diving and Other Water Sports

The warm cobalt waters around Mauritius attract a significant amount of migrating fish and the island is nearly surrounded by coral reef, making it an ideal destination for snorkelling and diving, two of the most popular activities here. The water is typically at its clearest in May, and it will be calm and warm, drawing more fish to shallower areas. October through early December can be good too, especially for divers who want to dive with rays and reef sharks. Avoid January and February, the peak cyclone months.

The island’s east and south coasts are two of the world’s best spots for kitesurfing between July and September. Surfing is possible too, best on the east coast with the waves breaking near the shoreline.

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The Flora

There are nearly 300 different species of rare flowering endemic plants on the island, with many seen in the forested interior. Nature trails in the southeast, Chamarel area, a great way to find them. Most flower between August and September, although the national flower, trochetia boutoniana, with its bell-shaped blooms, blossoms from June through October along the slopes of Le Morne. This is the only area you’ll see it growing as it requires pollination from the geckos and rare Mauritius grey white-eye birds.

Many trees bloom on the island too, typically between November through March, with the queen’s flower tree a breathtaking spectacle, exploding like cherry blossoms with pink petals. Year round you can visit the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden which showcases more than 650 plant species, including giant water lilies and famous Baobab trees.

Seasonal Foods

Thanks to the consistent warm climate throughout the year, a wide array of colourful fruits will be available no matter when you plan to visit Mauritius. When visiting the produce markets (the local market in Port Louis is one of the best), you’re guaranteed to see a rainbow of options from green soursops to purple jamblons. They’ll be at their sweetest from November through April. If you want pineapples, they’ll be ready in November, often served with chili and tamarind, or fried with ice cream. The island also has several varieties of guava, like Goyaves de Chine and Chinese Guava), which along with the many citrus fruits, are available during the cooler months, especially good in May.

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