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As a city renowned for its over-the-top luxuries from incredible penthouse suites to massive shopping malls, and fun in the sun, with glittering white beaches and warm turquoise waters along the Persian Gulf, to ensure you make the most out of your time here, you’ll want to know when is the best time to visit Dubai.

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Overview of the Best Time to Visit Dubai

Dubai only experiences two seasons, hot and hotter. The best time to visit Dubai, if you hope to spend any time outside, is from November to March. During this period you won’t have to endure intense heat, with the mercury sometimes rising to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or above, but it will still be quite warm, especially for people travelling from a more northern climate with temperatures ranging from about 76 to 87 degrees. Scattered showers provide further relief making outdoor activities much more enjoyable.

Between April and October, it gets unbearably hot, with daytime averages over 100 degrees. Between June and September and temperatures of 110 degrees or higher not unheard of. The highest recorded here was 127 in July of 2019. Of course, if participating in outdoor activities isn’t high on your priority list, especially in the desert or on the beach. You can then enjoy all the indoor attractions as everything is air-conditioned. Travelling this time of year also means discounted accommodation and airfare. Making for a more affordable trip than if you were to visit during the peak season.

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High Season: November to March

This is the peak tourist season in Dubai, thanks to the pleasantly warm weather. With temperatures typically in the upper 70s to 80s, making it ideal for spending time on the beaches or in the desert.  There may be some rainfall, with a higher chance in December or February, but showers are generally short-lived. For those who plan to spend nights out in the desert, temperatures can dip quite low after dark, so you’ll need to pack some warm clothes.

There are a number of events worth taking part in. Including the Dubai Shopping Festival which runs for four weeks between February and March. The Dubai World Cup Carnival leading to Dubai World Cup Day, the richest day of racing in the world, typically held in early March. If you visit Dubai during high season, you won’t be alone on those pearly white sands. Sun-seekers from around the world visit now to take advantage of the weather. Which means you’ll need to book your hotel reservations well in advance to ensure availability.

Low Season: April to October

The low season is the sizzling hot season with virtually no rain to bring relief from the heat. During the peak of the season temperatures are consistently well above 100 degrees. Sometimes hot winds blow in too. This also means few other visitors will be here. So you may not have to worry about crowds or long lines when visiting popular attractions like Burj Khalifa. You might also score discounted rates on accommodation.

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