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With over 7000km of coastline covered with blissful beaches, Turkey is a much coveted transcontinental vacation destination for a seafront getaway. From its inland down to its sands, visitors can find culture and beauty at every turn. But, it’s the turquoise coast of Turkey, alongside its coastal resorts and towns, that harbor some of the very best of this. 

Travelers from around the globe flock annually to the beaches, bays, and coves of Turkey to swim in their crystal-clear waters and relax in their peaceful atmospheres beside the sea. So, if you’re one of the many keen travelers who have been captivated by Turkey’s beaches, hoping to set foot on its glorious sandy shorelines or uncover off-the-beaten-track coves, the country is home to more than its fair share of these which are waiting to be discovered by you.

But, given the sheer array of beaches, it’s difficult to decipher which excels the most. This is why our experts at Unforgettable Travel have revealed a selection of the best beaches in Turkey that many travelers may not even know exist when they arrive in the country, but that are well worthy of your attention for a multitude of reasons. 

From stretches of long, golden sands to bays perfect for viewing wildlife, and areas where you can raise a glass to your vacation whilst feeling the sand between your toes, these are the best beaches to visit in Turkey for all those looking to discover its seafront pleasures.

Bodrum Beach
Kumluk Beach

Bodrum Municipality Public Beach, Bodrum

Some of the best beaches in Turkey can be found in the Bodrum Peninsula, which stretches from the Southwest coast of the country to the Aegean Sea. Bodrum itself is a city located on the peninsula, with its own historic landmarks, a castle, and two beautiful bays.

Bodrum Municipality Public Beach is one of the beaches that lie closest to the city center, only a short walk away from it and its marina. 

The beach boasts a long swathe of golden sandy shoreline, mixed with small pebbles, which is bordered by the turquoise sea, offering the ideal location to relax. The beach is within easy reach of a number of eateries and establishments, including local restaurants, shops, and fast-food stores nearby to refuel and grab anything you may need during a trip here.

Facilities can also be found within walking distance from the beach, such as showers, public toilets, and changing rooms which are available for visitors to use. And to offer some shade at warmer times of the year, umbrellas can be found on the beach and are available for all visitors to use. 

In the summertime, the beach can get particularly busy. But during the shoulder season in Turkey (from April to May and September to October) the weather is still pleasant and the beach can be very peaceful as fewer tourists visit at these times of the year. 

Bodrum is one of the best cities in Turkey to experience some of the country’s most delightful beaches, and Bodrum Beach is one of these that we would recommend to all.

Kumluk Beach, Datça

To soak in the culture and nightlife of Turkey, Kumluk Beach, which is located in Datça, is the seafront destination to do so. 

Datça is a port town in southwest Turkey, home to charming and colorful streets radiating a chilled-out and easy-going atmosphere for its visitors and residents. Here, you’ll find many pretty roads lined with eateries, boutique shopfronts, and cafes which visitors love to explore. 

Kumluk Beach, whilst not offering the typical sun, sea, and sand experience to its visitors, offers a unique way to make the most of Turkey’s shorelines without sunbathing or swimming along the coast. 

The beach is only a thin strip bordering the edge of the town and its seafront promenade. But it is dotted with white tables and chairs upon which diners can savor some of the best Turkish cuisines as they smell the salty sea breeze and listen to the water lap beside the shoreline. 

And at night, this is when this Turkish beach truly comes to life. The sands and seafront are illuminated by the lights of local eateries and shopfronts, and the breathtaking sunsets that can be observed from the beach’s shore melt into the sky. Spend an evening here tasting delicious dishes and raising a glass to your vacation so far on one of the best Turkish beaches in the country.

Ekincik Bay
Aga Limani

Turtle’s Beach, Ekincik

Within the remote Ekincik Bay is a hidden haven for vacation goers and cruisers. Offering a quiet atmosphere alongside flora and fauna-filled surroundings that radiate tranquility, the bay is nestled away from the grasp of many regular tourists. 

It is situated between Dalyan and Marmaris, in the southwestern part of the country, and is home to a few beautiful, small beaches with shallow waters and sand or pebbled terrain. But, Ekincik Bay’s beauty isn’t just limited to its charming beaches, as there’s a plethora of diverse wildlife that frequents its shores, offering a perfect slice of paradise for creatures great and small. 

Turkey is home to several species of sea turtles and the beaches of the country are particularly important in helping the species thrive and reproduce. Whilst visiting Ekincik Bay’s beaches, you’ll find the lovely Iztuzu Beach, which is a valuable breeding ground and nesting site for loggerhead turtles, giving it its apt nickname of ‘Turtle Beach’.

Whilst the beach is off limits at night in order to allow the loggerhead turtles to nest in peace, the beach is open during the day for swimming and sunbathing, as long as special care is taken by visitors to not disturb the nearby nests. 

This is a truly unique beach showcasing the native wildlife in the country, making it one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, in our opinion. 

Aga Liman Bay Beaches, Aga Liman

The bay of Aga Liman is situated south of the Göcek Islands region in Turkey, nearby to the mouth of the Gulf of Göcek. It offers an ideal anchorage for vessels exploring Turkey’s coastline and neighboring islands, and a perfect opportunity to indulge in some of the best Turkish beaches. 

The bay is home to crisp, clear, and clean water, meaning the conditions are second-to-none for swimming and also snorkeling. So much so that it’s more than likely that you’ll spot a turtle or two as you paddle through the sea here!

The bay is dotted with pine trees along its borders which stretch upwards into its hilly coastal landscape, and the only signs of civilization that you’re likely to come across include moored boats, hikers on nearby trails, or those visiting the ancient Lydae ruins. 

The bay itself has two gorgeous beaches. From their sands, you can relax and soak in the views of Aga Liman’s verdant landscapes and crystal-clear waters. One of the beaches is situated on the ancient road to Lydae, an area of historical interest featuring Byzantine and Roman ruins, tombs, cisterns, and more. If you’re intrigued by visiting this spot of varied history, it’s around a 30-minute hike uphill. 

And secondly, Aga Liman’s other beach is shaded from the sun by the nearby fauna, just what you’d need in the heat of the day as you’re spending time in this oasis.

Ciftlik Bay
Palamutbuku Beach

Ciftlik Bay Beaches, Eski Datça

The area of the Datça Peninsula is home to a selection of the best sandy beaches in Turkey. It is an 80km-long peninsula in the Southwest of the country bordered by the Aegean Sea and is known for its gorgeous stretches of shoreline. 

Partway up the Peninsula you’ll find Ciftlik, a quaint village situated beside its bay of the same name and surrounded entirely by verdant mountaintops. Ciftlik Bay is a real pocket of natural bliss in which visitors can find pleasant sandy areas and coves along its half-moon stretch. Yachts and small boats often harbor or visit the bay, and the nearby village has hotels and places in which visitors can spend the night. 

The bay itself offers a main beach at its base, where visitors can relax in close proximity to eateries and shops in Ciftlik village. This is often a busier spot in which those staying nearby, or those visiting on day trips, will congregate. But, nonetheless, it’s a beautiful location in which you can indulge in the backdrop of pine trees flooding the nearby mountains and views on either side of the curving bay. 

The marbled blue and green waters of Ciftlik are ideal for swimming and snorkeling too. So, for these reasons, Ciftlik Bay is featured on our list of the most breathtaking Turkish beaches that you shouldn’t miss. 

Palamutbuku Beach, Mugla 

Often regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the South of Turkey, Palamutbuku Beach is situated in the Mugla region of the country at the end of the Datça Peninsula. The area of Palamutbuku is one of Datça’s largest bays, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

Olive, pine, and almond trees line the border of the bay and stretch upwards to the sloping mountains that cascade through the coastal landscape. The seas are a blend of deep blue and bright turquoise, offering crystal clear conditions to view the local ocean wildlife. 

The beach itself is long, with a mixture of sandy and flat pebbled terrain. Visitors can expect spectacular views of the surrounding hilltops and outwards to the ocean, where the outline of nearby islands is scattered in the distance. 

There are plenty of bars and eateries along the beachfront and nearby Palamutbuku Beach. The partial covering of shade from the nearby trees offers some respite from the Mediterranean sunshine during a day out here. But, equally, the beach has shelter beneath its umbrellas, which have sun loungers too, that visitors can use. 

Showers, toilets, and changing rooms are also available at the beach. And, besides sunbathing or swimming, visitors can try their hand at a range of watersports activities including sea kayaking, snorkeling, and stand-up paddle boarding.

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