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Best Places to Travel in September

Where Should I Travel in September?

September is a great time to head on safari, especially later in the month as school holidays have ended and the parks are a little quieter. The wildebeest migration herds are in the Masai Mara National Park so Kenya is a good place to go to see this wonderful spectacle. The southern parks of Tanzania – the Selous and Ruaha – are excellent during September as the vegetation is less dense, and the animals congregate around the permanent water sources. For beach destinations, the Seychelles, the Maldives and Mauritius offer hot and balmy weather conditions.

September Garonga Safari Camp SA 1

South Africa

Where to stayGaronga Safari Camp, Jaci’s Safari Lodge, Sea Five

September is the start of spring in South Africa, and it’s a wonderful time to visit as the temperature starts to warm up, and the rainy days become less frequent. After the rains, most of the safari parks are green and vibrant. This makes game viewing a little more difficult as the grasses and vegetation is longer, but within a few weeks, the landscape starts to dry up and the animals begin to congregate slowly around permanent water sources. With spring comes new life and an abundance of blossoms. The west of the country is festooned with wildflowers, the Kruger and Madikwe Reserves offer good safari experiences, and the southern right whales gather off Cape Agulhas. There is plenty to do and see in September in South Africa – get in touch today and our specialists can start curating your luxury trip.

September Loisaba Camp Kenya 1


Where to stayLoisaba Camp, Loisaba Starbeds, Giraffe Manor

Although the Masai Mara is often the ‘classic’ safari destination in Kenya, there are some other national parks and reserves which deserve recognition. The Laikipia Plateau is in central Kenya and is a fantastic option for families who are looking to go on safari – whether it’s the first time or not. The landscape is made up of rolling hills and valleys, and with such space and wilderness around you, there is plenty of opportunities to do activities beyond the classic game drive. Here you can go tubing on the Ewaso Ngiro River, camel riding, horse riding, hiking, and even sleep under the stars in a luxury ‘sleep out’. Early September is a good time to visit for families as it falls within the school holidays. Combining the Laikipia Plateau with the Masai Mara, or some time on the beach in southern Kenya is very doable with light aircraft transfers.

September Whitsunday Islands Australia 1


Where to stay – Whitsunday Islands

Located off the east coast of Australia is the Whitsunday Islands. Made up of 74 individual islands, the Whitsundays offers fantastic weather – with an abundance of sunshine and temperatures averaging around 78°F. For those keen on snorkeling and diving, September offers good visibility in the waters, with the chance to see reef fish, sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, and manta rays which feed on surrounding reefs from May to September. You will be outside of the ‘stinger season’ which is when both Irukandji and box jellyfish populate the waters. Approximately 90km east of the Whitsunday Islands is the Great Barrier Reef. This takes around 2 and a half hours by boat, so it’s definitely doable to combine both destinations in an itinerary. The Great Barrier Reef is often regarded the number one thing to do in Australia so it’s a must-do when it’s so close.

September Infinity Croatia 1


Where to stay – Croatia small ship cruise

September is coming towards the end of the summer for Croatia but fear not! The weather is still very warm (average temperature around 78°F) and an astounding 13+ hours of sunshine. This makes it a very pleasant time to explore Croatia – both on land and by sea. Our small ship cruises sail from May to October, so it’s still possible to hop on a luxury cruise and sail the Croatian coastline. On land, some destinations like Dubrovnik and Istria may be slightly less busy towards the end of the month, as children will have returned back to school. The temperature in the Adriatic Sea is around 74°F – one of the warmest in the year. This makes it very enjoyable to jump in, especially off the back of the boat. Our Croatia travel experts have spent years traveling, working, and living in the country, so please do get in touch.

September Madeira Portugal 1


Where to stay – Madeira

September is a transitional month for Portugal. It is the end of the summer and the start of the autumn period. However, with warm temperatures and still an abundance of sunshine, and without the crowds that come with the July and August months, it’s no surprise that Portugal is a very popular place to head to in September. For warmer weather, head further sound to the Algarve, or even the archipelago of Madeira. Although it’s still part of Portugal, Madeira is made up of four islands off the northwest coast of Africa. It’s actually closer to Morocco than it is its motherland. As a result, it has a subtropical climate which is thoroughly enjoyed by many in September and October, as mainland Europe starts to cool down. Madeira has an wine celebration in early September which is very fitting considering the island is famous for its wine – especially eponymous fortified wines.

September Lima Peru 1


Where to stay – Lima

Although Lima can be visited year-round, the hottest and driest period is between April and October. September falls within this period, which means it experiences a mixture of warm and humid weather. On average, temperatures are around 65°F which is relatively mild but, with only a couple of hours of sunshine each day, it’s worth packing layers to make sure you are warm enough. There is plenty of things to do and landmarks to see in Lima, including the colonial gems and museums of Centro, the catacombs of the Monasterio de San Francisco, and the pre-Columbian ruins at Pachacamac. It’s also a great place to combine in a Peru itinerary, either starting or ending your trip.

September Dublin UK 1


Where to stay – Dublin

September is a great time to visit Ireland because the weather is still relatively mild from summer, but autumn brings the crisp mornings and the foggy starts to the day which make for atmospheric photographs. For your first visit to Ireland, you simply have to spend a couple of days in it’s capital, Dublin. With average temperatures of around 63°F, Dublin is a little quieter in September because it doesn’t fall within the school holidays. Renowned for its Guinness, of course a visit to the Guinness factory, while sampling a few pints on route. Other attractions include the Dublin Castle, other breweries and distilleries, and an array of comedy, theatrical and music concerts. Our specialists can personalize a trip to suit your needs – from accommodation to flights – so that everything is seamless.

September Santorini Greece 1


Where to stay – Santorini

September is regarded a ‘shoulder’ season for Greece, but with fewer crowds, warm weather and more than 12 hours of sunshine, we’d argue it’s actually one of the best months to travel in. The oceans have had months of hot summer weather reflecting on it, so the water is still warm and pleasant to swim in, and the beaches become less crowded as children are back at school and families are not traveling as much. This is a great time for couples to visit Greece, on a romantic island like Santorini. During the first three weeks of September, you can enjoy the International Music Festival which features top artists, orchestras, piano duets, and up-and-coming solo artists. It’s a period of energy and excitement across the island, but be sure to book your availability well in advance during these weeks to save disappointment.

September Rioja Spain 1


Where to stay – Northern Spain (La Rioja region)

Autumn, which September falls into, is regarded as one of the best times to visit Spain. Located in southern Europe, Spain often has warm weather until around October time when it starts to cool down and, although September is still warm, the scorching temperatures that July and August experience has dissipated. In the La Rioja wine region (in northern Spain), there is a wine festival which takes place around the third weekend of September. As the name and location suggests, the festival is centered around the harvest of the grapes, and the making of the wine. The grapes are pressed by local men wearing traditional clothing. It’s certainly a sight to see, and an atmosphere worth being part of!


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