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Best Places to Travel in November

Where Should I Travel in November?

November is the start of the short rains in East Africa however, this should not put you off. Early November, before the rains arrive, is a hidden time of the year to go on safari because the camps offer low season rates which makes it a more affordable experience. In Thailand, the rains have just ended, so the mountains in the north are lush and vibrant green. European destinations are starting to get cooler but there are fewer crowds – something to consider if you are planning on visiting key sights in European cities.

November San Jose Costa Rica 1

Costa Rica

Where to stay – San Jose, Manuel Antonio

Although the peak season to travel to Costa Rica is December through to April, November is still a good month to visit to make the most of lower accommodation and excursion rates, before they jump up to peak rates in December. There is still plenty of sunshine and warm (slightly humid) weather in November, but the only downside is that you are likely to get caught out in a tropical thunderstorm or rain shower. In remote areas, this can be tricky as roads could become impassable, so we’d recommend sticking to the more prominent tourist destinations during November, such as San Jose and Manuel Antonio. There is a wealth of things to do in Costa Rica, and with species like the sloths,

November Abu Dhabi 1

Abu Dhabi

Where to stay – Abu Dhabi

The summer months in Abu Dhabi are extremely hot and unbearable in some cases. The temperature is much more manageable in November (around 68°F) and there is guaranteed sunshine throughout the day. Located off the Arabian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is a destination that has grown and expanded exceptionally quickly over the past few decades. Before the skyscrapers and luxury hotels, this spot on the Persian Gulf was no more than a fishing village. Now, there is a wealth of landmarks and attractions to see, as well as an array of cultural experiences. For example, see Islamic worships at the Sheik Zayed Mosque which is home to 80 domes. For adventure seekers, Abu Dhabi also offers a range of experiences like quad biking, dune buggy safaris, and even sky diving over the Empty Quarter.

November Barbados 1


Where to stay – Barbados

Barbados experiences tropical climates and although storms are less frequent in November, it’s always worth always having a waterproof jacket with you as there is still a fair amount of rainfall at the start of the month. We’d recommend the west coast of the island, which offers the calmest waters in November, and some of the most luxurious hotels. As well as picturesque white-sand beaches, tropical palm trees, and crystal-clear waters, Barbados has a lot of history and culture to it. With more than 8 hours of sunshine every day and temperatures at a high of around 88°F, it’s certainly an idyllic place to head for some winter sun.

November Mexico City Mexico 1


Where to stay – Mexico City

Although the period of November to December can be cool (temperatures average around 50-72°F), November is a great time to visit Mexico City as the start of the month features the Dia de Muertos (the Day of the Dead) between the 1st and 2nd November. During these days, families honour their dead relatives by building beautiful altars and decorating them with candles, sugar skulls, and tequila. In Mexico City, this is a real eye-opener as many of the local people dress in skeleton outfits and have exquisite and dramatic face paints. It’s fantastic to see, but you will have to book well in advance as accommodation usually fills up with other travelers looking to do the same thing.

November Leon Nicaragua 1


Where to stay – Managua, Leon

The period between November and April is often regarded the driest, warmest, and best time to visit Nicaragua. Located in central America, bordering Costa Rica and Honduras, Nicaragua is a beautiful tropical island, home to colonial towns, white-sand beaches, palm-fringed jungles, and an abundance of native wildlife. There are also some amazing landscapes to see – including 26 volcanoes, some of which are active. These landscapes and diverse topographies allow for a wealth of activities, such as volcano boarding, river kayaking, and zip lining. Nicaragua is also exceptional value for money, so it really appeals to couples, honeymooners, and families who want an adventurous holiday without the price tag. Key destinations to include on your Nicaragua itinerary include the capital Managua, Leon, and Lake Nicaragua.

November Hong Kong 1

Hong Kong

Where to stay – Hong Kong

November is one of the best times to visit Hong Kong, as it is in the middle of the dry and warm period (October to December). The period to avoid for Hong Kong is the June to September period which is home to heavy rains and possible typhoons. November is a great time to sight see around Hong Kong, with clear blue skies and plenty of hours of sunshine. The Special Administrative Region of China is renowned for its high-rise skyscrapers. From viewpoints, it is certainly an impressive concrete jungle. Although Hong Kong is a popular ‘stop over’ on route to another destination in Asia, there is so much to do and see here, and should be considered as a destination in its own right. For active travelers, there are plenty of great hiking paths and routes to do, such as the MacLehose Trail.

November Helsinki Finland 1


Where to stay – Helsinki

For those who want to experience the white-covered landscapes in Finland, November is a great time to visit because it’s the start of the winter months. Snow showers start early in November, but as temperatures are still relatively mild, it’s only possible to ski in some areas, like Ruka in the north. However, November is a good time to explore the capital, Helsinki, as temperatures are not at their absolute coldest yet. Although the month is relatively dark, with little sunshine, it brings a real atmospheric experience to the city. Embrace this and hop into a Finnish sauna to warm up or enjoy a local wood cabin with a log fire. At the same time, try the local food such as creamy salmon soup, or the local craft beer.

November Goa India 1


Where to stay – Goa, Kerala

The southern states and destinations in India in November have warm and bright weather. Goa and Kerala offer temperatures around the 89°F mark, with plenty of sunshine. For those looking to relax on the beach, Goa offers some idyllic spots and hotels with well-appointed rooms and amenities. It’s also a good time to trek around the Western Ghat mountains, if you are looking to be more active during your trip. For Kerala, we’d recommend the Old Harbour Hotel in Fort Kochi, or the Neeleshwar Hermitage Hotel in Nileshwaram. For Goa, there are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from, but specifically Ahilya By The Sea, and the Alila Diaw in Goa.

November Victoria Alfred Hote Cape Town SA 1

South Africa

Where to stay – The Cape Grace, The Victoria & Alfred Hotel, Compass House

While most of South Africa is warming up as it heads into their summer months, Cape Town in October is a particularly nice time to visit. The peak months in Cape Town are December to February, so being just outside of this allows you to experience accommodation and excursions at lower rates, as well as saving time on queueing for attractions like Robben Island and Boulders Beach. That said, they will still be popular at this time, but far less than December which is heaving with travelers coming over for Christmas and the festivities. Cape Town is a cosmopolitan hub – full of bars, cafes, and al fresco restaurants serving some of the most delicious food and wines. For wine lovers, South Africa is the place for you., and visiting wine regions and sampling the local bottles is a must-do.


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