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Best Places to Travel in March

Where Should I Travel in March?

March Roatan Bay Islands Honduras 1


Where to stay – Santa Rosa de Copan, Bay Islands

Honduras is a country in South America, featuring tropical and fluctuating climates. The summer months are between November and April, which is regarded the dry and peak season to travel to Honduras. The country is home to a diversity of landscapes and topographies, so you will find that each place has its own microclimate. The highlands will feel cooler in the mornings and evenings, but hot and humid during the day. Honduras also sits on the Caribbean hurricane belt, so no matter what time of year you travel, expect short and sporadic downpours. The Easter Holy Week also falls in March so you may experience colorful and joyous festivals on the Bay Islands during this month. Some of the most beautiful spots in Honduras, and certainly worth visiting, include the ancient Mayan ruins at Copan, a visit to the Pico Bonito National Park, and the Bay Islands – a tropical spot with crystal clear waters.

March Compass House SA 1

South Africa

Where to stay – Compass House, Great Fish River Lodge, Ecca Lodge

March is a great time to visit the Eastern and Western Cape in South Africa. It is regarded a bit of a hidden month to visit Cape Town, as the crowds have disappeared from the peak months (between December and February), so excursions like hiking Table Mountain are quieter and offer good hiking temperatures. The Eastern region includes Addo Elephant Park, and then private concessions around it, such as Kwandwe Private Game Reserve, Lalibela Private Game Reserve, and Kariega Private Game Reserve. A South Africa safari in these national parks is like no other – with opportunities to see the Big Five (elephant, rhino, cape buffalo, leopard, and lion), as well as an abundance of other flora and fauna. Accommodation in these national parks varies – from smaller, intimate tented camps to larger properties with more facilities. Get in touch with our travel experts to find out which camps we’d recommend for you!

March Seville Spain 1


Where to stay – Granada, Seville, Malaga

Although Spain’s coldest months are generally December to February, March is the start of spring in Spain. As a result, temperatures slowly start to rise, the sunshine makes more of an appearance, and many of the trees start to blossom. This makes it a good time to visit the country, especially if you are combining multiple cities and destinations in your itinerary because you can avoid the crowds that arrive during the summer months. The further south you go in Spain, the warmer it will be. Historic cities like Granada and Seville are beautiful in March, and conditions are great for sightseeing. For those interested in art and architecture, Granada is a fantastic choice – with a collection of renowned buildings of Islamic period, and some of the best examples of Nasrid art. For a beach vacation, head to Malaga for warm weather and a relaxing break with few crowds.

March PH Artist Room Tokyo 1


Where to stayPark Hyatt Tokyo, Hoshinoya Kyoto, Grand Hotel Arimoto

Generally-speaking, the spring period (between March and May) is one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit Japan. Along with warmer temperatures and longer hours of sunshine, you will see a carpet of stunning cherry blossom in the cities, towns, and parks. This period – with an abundance of bright pink and red tones – is a photographer’s dream. However, the cherry blossom season is one that everyone clings to, so you’ll need to book well in advance as hotels and excursions book up quickly. Although spring is generally warmer than previous months, it can still be quite cool, so make sure you bring layers and warm clothing for early mornings and evenings especially. Tokyo temperatures in March average anywhere between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. For an authentic experience, our travel experts would highly recommend staying in a traditional ryokan. Characterized by sliding shoji screen doors and matted tatami floors, it is an experience you won’t forget in Japan.

March Manuel Antonio National Park Costa Rica 1

Costa Rica

Where to stay – San Jose, Tortuguero, Manuel Antonio

March is a great time to visit Costa Rica as it falls within the dry season between January and April. Because of the tropical topography and environment, you can always expect some sporadic rainfalls or showers, but March is month with one of the lowest rainfalls. With an abundance of warm weather and sunshine, it is a great time to visit the beaches and national parks in Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio is one of the smaller but most popular national parks. Home to vibrant jungles, beaches, and sparkling blue ocean views, it’s no surprise that hundreds of tourists include it in their Costa Rica itinerary. Here, you’ll get the chance to see the resident animals including over 100 species of mammals, and approximately 200 species of bird. Whether you’re interested in wildlife, beaches, or hiking, our Costa Rica travel experts can curate your perfect Costa Rica trip.

March South Ari Maldives 1


Where to stay – Karumba Maldives, Velassaru, Baros

Visiting the Maldives in March offers you an abundance of blue skies, warm weather, and sunshine. During the dry season, there is no better time to visit this tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. Temperatures average around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, never dipping below 75. If you’re a keen diver or snorkeler, the sea conditions and ocean visibility is fantastic during this time – with roughly 20-30 meters visibility on the eastern side, and 15-20 meters on the western side. With optimal conditions between January and April, you will have the opportunity to see a host of tropical fish, sharks, and marine life. Water temperatures average around 78 – 84 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it comfortable to dive throughout the day. Our Indian Ocean travel experts can recommend the best places to stay in the Maldives – whether it’s an luxury ocean villa or a larger, lively resort, you will experience the panoramic picturesque views from all types of accommodation.

March Petra Jordan 1


Where to stay – Wadi Rum, Amman, Petra

March is the start of spring and the high season in Jordan, and the Middle East generally. The wet and cool weather in winter starts to fade, making way for warmer temperatures and more hours of bright sunshine. Much of Jordan’s landscape is arid, dry desert so visiting these destinations before they get too hot and uncomfortable is important. Temperatures in March are around low to mid-70s Fahrenheit, dropping down to around mid-50s at night. This is a comfortable temperature to explore the desert and the unforgettable experiences you can do here – such as sleep in a Bedouin Camp under the stars in Wadi Rum, discover ancient Petra by day or night, go canyoning in Wadi Mujib, see the Dana Nature Reserve, visit the ruins of Jerash, or even hike Mount Nebo. There is no shortage of things to do in Jordan, and our Middle East travel specialists are more than happy to start curating your trip.

March Marrakech Morocco 1


Where to stayRiad El Fenn, Sahara Stars Camp, Inara Tented Camp

March is the start of spring in Morocco and, with much of the cold weather passed, it is a great time to visit and explore the country. The summer months in Morocco (May to September) are sometimes unbearable hot for travelers, so visiting in spring, when temperatures are around 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit, is much more comfortable for sight-seeing around Marrakech, or hiking in the Atlas Mountains. The landscape is much greener at this time of the year – a result of the winter rains bringing the trees and plants to life. Towards the end of March, bear in mind that the Sirocco winds can whip up small sandstorms out in the desert. Our Morocco specialists can discuss the weather patterns and conditions with you in more detail, and advise you on what to pack, wear and bring during your Morocco adventure

March Porto Portugal 1


Where to stay – Lisbon, Porto, Madeira

Portugal in March is a beautiful experience; It is the start of spring, so wherever you travel to across the country, you’ll experience pleasant temperatures and lots of sunshine. With that in mind, it’s still regarded one of the low seasons, so you will escape the crowds and the influx of tourists who arrive from June onwards. You may even get to walk across iconic landmarks like Lisbon’s Charles Bridge without having to squeeze through groups of people. Cafes and restaurants will start to offer outdoor dining. You may experience celebrations or festivals that are in place for the Holy Week, Semana Santa. This sunny Mediterranean climate is enjoyed by those who have come from cooler conditions back home.


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